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Scott Bennett US Psyops whistleblower

In this radio interview from May 2015 Scott Bennett accurately predicts the flood of Syrian migrants to the EU.

He also explains his view on US geopolitics and foreign policy in relation to oil and the middle east.

In true whistle-blower fashion  he has been imprisoned  on trivial charges relating to a housing application.


Scott Bennett has a website;

which include this reference.

 In Mel Gibson’s masterpiece film “Braveheart”, there is a scene  where the “nobleman” who betrayed William Wallace on the battlefield—abandoning him during the fight in favor of bribe money and political title—is asleep in his subsidized bed, tossing-and-turning as he’s tormented by the nightmare of a blue-face-painted, sword-swinging Wallace galloping on horseback against a backdrop of flames, chasing after him; startling him awake with terror. 

As he whimpers relieved that it was just a dream,  the bedchamber doors suddenly burst open with Wallace atop a black horse, as he rides in, steps onto the bed, unfurls a massive iron ball-and-chain, and swirls and smashes it down up on the face of the traitor.

I anticipate this report will no doubt have the same effect on certain people.  For right now somewhere, in the dark, dank cubicles of U.S. Government, there is a nervously twitching cabal of parasitic lawyers and bureaucrats from the White  House, the Intelligence Community, Congress, the media, and the military, who have been dreading and desperately trying to bury and stop this report form ever reaching the American public.  Obstructionists, whose skulduggery must now, with the weight and momentum behind these documents, come to a career-face smashing end; and their deeds are exposed as the acts of treason they are.



Worlds largest organised crime network: Police

But that’s only USA I hear you say…Sorry it’s a worldwide network and largely the same everywhere.


Well lets have at look at the level of criminality and dishonesty in NSW Police.

1 in 40 members of NSW police force have a criminal conviction, we are not just talking about their proclivity for drunk driving. We are talking about serious offending. Why are they still police?

A great story here from Quentin Dempster and Richard McDonald


GIPA document listing criminal convictions held by NSW police officers.

It’s not a good story without a specially crafted infographic to compress the story to a single tantalizing image.

NSW police crimes meme

* Some of the police pictured above may be innocent, yeah its a crazy world, not so long ago we had a Jewish Hitler youth as Pope.

For the whiny police who have a union but spend plenty of time breaking up other protests, offenses were grouped together into rough categories for conceptual simplicity, so don’t cry into your beer while driving home tonight.

“Jam Echelon Day” 1999 – NSA and the Echelon Network.

Typical setup seen around the word in participating countries. The satellite dishes view are protected by the spheres so the positions of satellites can be determined and to protect secret technologies from being seen

Typical setup seen around the word in participating countries.
The satellite dishes (or other) are protected by the spheres so the positions of satellites can’t be determined and to keep secret hardware.

In the wake of the latest information leaked by an NSA employee blowing the whistle on the governments global spying program named PRISM, the Obama administration is scrambling to find ways to deal with the outbreak of information which proves that everyone has had their communications including phone calls, sms, social media posts and messages intercepted and duplicated for decades without warrant or even reason.

Here’s a look back in time.

The echelon system was alleged to have been started in the late 1940s to intercept radio communications around the world. A base near Alice Springs called Pine Gap is on land leased by the U.S government for a period of 100 years as a “joint defence facility”. Governments claim the base is primarily used as a  satellite ground station. The base has mostly U.S NSA and CIA personnel employed there  with very few Australians. It has also been referred to as a critical part of the “global war on terrorism”.

Pine Gap Sign

Pine Gap Sign

It’s a highly secretive base and many reports suggest that the base is used as part of a global communications intercept network. There has been much controversy surrounding the Pine Gap base including the death of an Australian Prime Minister,  Harold Holt who was against the base.

In 1999 “netizens” “trolled” the NSAs echelon network  by deliberately inserting trigger words into emails, phone calls, faxes, pagers, ect.

Check out some of this information, it might help you formulate campaigns to raise awareness about the destruction of privacy and the shift in attitudes on mass surveillance  .
No doubt their technology and access to data has increased though  the NSA conducting business with major telecommunications companies and using other departments like the state department to create direct working relationships with social networking mediums.
Jam Echelon Day Article
Echelon links

If the netizens campaign was effective or not is still unknown, but some  suggest that the programmers at the NSA would just create an algorithms to filter out “obvious” spamming of keywords.It could be done in different ways:

  • Algorithms to determine the context of the keyword is used in.
  •  Ignoring plain text packets.
  • Marking individuals (with their numbers & accounts) and  as “trolls” from existing intelligence databases or association with a particular information source like a social networking group.
  • Ignoring repeated keywords from same source over a duration.
  • Other options could be created in real time by programmers..

Anything could be possible with super geeks, an unlimited budget and access to the latest technologies being developed.

Either way the “jam echelon” campaign spread awareness about privacy and the power of these kinds of systems.

Unfortunately much of this campaign disappeared after 9/11 as people made the choice (under fear and duress) to hand over all trust to government with the full knowledge the government was to seeking to legitimise mass surveillance in order to stop “terrorism”.
The commercial media reassured that everything was being done to protect people from attacks referring to intercepted “chatter”.
The “reality t.v” show “Big Brother” introduced the idea of living openly under surveillance, a world wide following of the show was sure to have changed a few attitudes, after all if “I’m not doing anything wrong” then “why care”.

It is possible to conduct  market research, political polling, forecasting of  changes in political/social attitudes, mapping how information is propagated ect with intercepted data in real time and from storage archives . This would give the agency and others who have access to the data an “unbelievable advantage” over any government, citizen, corporation or other.

While there is much focus on promoting such a system to prevent terrorist attacks, it appears there is a huge interest in finding data about intellectual property such as ideas for inventions and other trade secrets.

An EU Parliamentary report into the wests signals intelligence system in June of 2001 showed that the system being used to steal commercial secrets within the EU.  Report:

2002 How the NSA made deals with AT&T to split fiber cables and duplicate signals into their own network :

What will Obama do now that everyone knows?

More on Echelon from whistle blowing site cryptome:


Echelon was my baby

60 minutes transcript  about echelon

Public Example of Use.

Public Example of Use.

Anti War Protest

Anti War Protest

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