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Immigration a costly mistake

Black pigeon speaks on immigration citing economic impact from several studies in first world countries.


The Ten Commandments of Centrelink




  1.  What is said in centrelink queues stays in centrelink queues
  2. There is no relationship
  3. There are no jobs
  4. You will be forced to work for the dole at slavery wages
  5. Newstart will be used as a reason to stop boats coming here even though its hardly enough to survive on for one person.
  6. The queue is always longer when you are in it
  7. Centrelink workers will have ipads which are worth more than a newstart payment
  8.  Is the cutoff for single mothers to stay home. After this you need to leave your kids at home by themselves defenseless while you go and work for the dole.
  9. You hate the phrase “Get a Job”
  10. Thou shalt be told you are a ‘customer’, whilst being treated like a completely worthless employee which is effectively what you are.
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