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Team Australia

The moment Tony Abbott coined this phrase it was yet another “suppository of wisdom” coming from Tony Abbott’s mouth.

It had ‘memebait’ written all over it. Fortunately SMH was on the job.

Team Australia Meme run by the SMH (Sydney Morning Herald) more or less what I would have done with the comment 'Team Australia'.

Team Australia Meme run by the SMH (Sydney Morning Herald) more or less what I would have done with the comment ‘Team Australia’.


For those too young to know what this all means allow me to explain. (Adult themes and language)

Relevance? Today is the first day Australian warplanes began flying armed over the regions disputed by Syria, Iraq and Kurdistan (and of course the boogeyman ‘de jour’; ISIS).

In case there is any blow back, remember no one outside of the Australian political system voted for military intervention, If you want to blame anyone blame a politician.

150 years of the Geneva Conventions


Being that we have three active armed conflicts occurring at the moment (Israel v Gaza,  Ukraine v Russia, and finally ISIS v anyone it can find ).

I would seem pertinent to point out multilateral treaties on conduct during war specifically pertaining to treatment of wounded individuals and non combatants, known as the Geneva conventions.

Without being too cynical in the fact that civilian deaths over the last century have proportionally increased relative to military personnel deaths, a set of agreed minimum standards of conduct were accepted  in  geopolitical struggles.


In a nut shell:

Much of the convention covers who is a soldier or can be treated as such, and given certain protections (such as a right to medical treatment if captured), and obligations (such as to state name rank and serial number) and what weapons and tactics can be employed.

Curiously despite certain weapon being banned, (chemical, biological, nuclear, fuel air bombs) many signatory states  keep such weapons in vast quantities and occasionally deploy them.

Importantly mercenaries, snipers and spies have no protections.

Soldiers must have standardized equipment, wear uniforms and have identification and be a citizen of the state they are fighting for.

Civilians must not fight and cannot be killed or mistreated when captured.

Certain locations such as schools, hospitals and places of worship cannot be attacked.


So while it is a diplomatic agreement, breaches regularly occur, with some states being notorious for breaches of the convention.


Some excerpts from the convention relating specifically to treatment of civilians and prisoners.

The third Geneva Convention (“Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War”) covers members of the armed forces who fall into enemy hands. They are in the power of the enemy State, not of the individuals or troops who have captured them

Prisoners of war MUST be:

– Treated humanely with respect for their persons and their honour.
– Enabled to inform their next of kin and the Central Prisoners of War Agency (ICRC, the International Red Cross) of their capture.
– Allowed to correspond regularly with relatives and to receive relief parcels.
– Allowed to keep their clothes, feeding utensils and personal effects.
– Supplied with adequate food and clothing.
– Provided with quarters not inferior to those of their captor’s troops.
– Given the medical care their state of health demands.
– Paid for any work they do.
– Repatriated if certified seriously ill or wounded, (but they must not resume active military duties afterwards) .
– Quickly released and repatriated when hostilities cease.

Prisoners of war must NOT be:
-Compelled to give any information other than their name, age, rank and service number.
– Deprived of money or valuables without a receipt (and these must be returned at the time of release).
– Given individual privileges other than for reasons of health, sex, age, military rank or professional qualifications.
– Held in close confinement except for breaches of the law, although their liberty can be restricted for security reasons.
– Compelled to do military work, nor work which is dangerous, unhealthy or degrading.

The fourth Geneva Convention (“Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War”) covers all individuals “who do not belong to the armed forces, take no part in the hostilities and find themselves in the hands of the Enemy or an Occupying Power”.

Protected civilians MUST be:
– Treated humanely at all times and protected against acts or threats of violence, insults and public curiosity.
– Entitled to respect for their honour, family rights, religious convictions and practices, and their manners and customs.
– Specially protected, for example in safety zones, if wounded, sick, old, children under 15, expectant mothers or mothers of children under 7.
– Enabled to exchange family news of a personal kind. – Helped to secure news of family members dispersed by the conflict
– Allowed to practise their religion with ministers of their own faith. Civilians who are interned have the same rights as prisoners of war. They may also ask to have their children interned with them, and wherever possible families should be housed together and provided with the facilities to continue normal family life. Wounded or sick civilians, civilian hospitals and staff, and hospital transport by land, sea or air must be specially respected and may be placed under protection of the red cross/crescent emblem.

Protected civilians must NOT be:
– Discriminated against because of race, religion or political opinion. – Forced to give information.
– Used to shield military operations or make an area immune from military operations.
– Punished for an offence he or she has not personally committed. – Women must not be indecently assaulted, raped, or forced into prostitution.

From :

More info at:


What would be the point of wining a war, if your society lost its humanity in doing so?

Gulf war 3 begins USA vs ISIS

Kurdistan begin selling oil to Turkey, but not via Iraq.

Kurdistan begin selling oil to Turkey, but not via Iraq.

After ISIS got too close to Kurdistan (and all that delicious oil) Obama decided it was time to make a pretext for war to defend the OIL.

Suddenly Obama cares about people since they are close to major oil supplies and some US interests.

Of course there are some calls that ISIS is just another CIA backed false flag movement, a damn convenient excuse to put troops back into the middle east and more money in the war machine.

Here are some ‘highlights’ from gulf war 2:


MH17taggedPerhaps one day we will know the truth and have closure, perhaps we will not.

One thing is certain now though, this war will not be ignored much longer.

Logic is the second casualty of war


For ease of translation:

Man 1:

According to the map, this is the imaginary line which marks the property boundary between the oligarchs who own us.

So now we have to try to kill each other to change this line.

Of course neither of us have anything to gain from this and we risk death.

Man 2:

We would have to be insane to do that.

All wars are Banker wars -Michael Rivero


Islam: a religion of peace?

iraq and iran war stats memeIran- Iraq war 1980 – 1988

Australia Decides


The next australian election.
Looks like a catholic erection.
Make us swallow their selection.
A choice between fabian masons.
The country is losing its reason.
We are about to be screwed without condoms.
No first date, or flowers, just game on,
It must be the silly season..
We are voting for who is in charge of the looting,
the border patrol, the police control, the racist buffooning.
No rhyme or reason for voting, the people are turning,
Out to vote for a mooning, a screwing, a tax shaving.
No policies meant for the caring, their shit we are eating,
The coming weeks will see a giant blood letting,
As the neo-con nut jobs give us a george bushing,                                                                          Hope no skyscrapers start falling.                                                                                                  Vote for the pirates or greenies, not the nationalist weenies,                                                        The religious intolerant bigots, the left is about to be screaming,                                                   as the war that is building comes calling.

The situation is the USA’s doing, by the president of droning.

So he can stand in the sun preening, while feeding us lies and becoming,
the thing that he’s fighting against, the worlds biggest terrorist, by bombing
A people into submission, they have done no wrong,
Better to build a world trading.
Than killing and invading and regime changing.
In the end we are all the same under the stars gleaming.

Bitcoin price rallies on war fears?

Bit Coin prices for the 5 days leading up to September 1 2013.

Bit Coin prices for the 5 days leading up to September 1 2013.

2013 – The Lucky Number?

Rumours of war and destruction of all.
It feels like the world is about to fall.
The future is cloudy as we hit the wall.
Slow collapse, empire of the mall.

If bombs don’t get you Fukushima will.
It is spewing radiation into the pacific at will.
Ignored by the masses but alternative media shrill.
Telling those who wish to hear about the X-ray pill,
that we are all about to take, making the water boil, all life ill.
Do you think the sea life is edible, whales killed off by radioactive krill?
The lesson from history is that too much greed kills.

Bee colony collapse is happening still.
Accelerating away, plant species are killed.
It’s rumoured Monsanto’s to blame, it was their evil deed.
If bees die off there will be no grain, bees, who can’t breed.
How they have kept it quiet but if all the bees die theres no feed.
The masses will starve, culprits make profits, and then they flee.
Even the lord needs bees to make flour for bread.

They want to resume the hunting of whales, a failed historical plan.
The whales are massive victims of man, luckily theres the Steve Irwin.
Once its started will it open the floodgates of the dam?
No moral license even if its the official meat of Japan.
Antarctica is not your dominion or your land,
These seas are not yours to plunder, I am no fan,
Of those who steal from the rest and create their own brand.

Like Nestle who wants to control all the water.
The CEO says it belongs to the corporates.
No human right for clean water but its ok to pay us,
Litter the planet by plastic bottles consumed by tonnes.
The pacific garbage patch will be melted by the earth’s anger,
when its had enough of abuse and brings forth volcanoes.

You see they are fracking and cracking the earth’s crust.
Chemicals down, poisoned water remains,pumped onto roads and runs off
Into the river, bubbling from broken wells and seeping methane gas.
The rich will not pay it will fall on the rest of us.
They will probably escape into space, or in a tardis

No regard at all for us.
The last ones on the bus.
But I will keep fighting till the planet is lost.
No miracles here, no messiah on toast.
Just us, the brave, the few, the last gasp.
Riding the Titanic down by clinging to the mast.
But the band is still playing the party is not over.
Rip out the cancer and a new future we can craft.
The people are going to have the last laugh.

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