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Bernie Sanders starts porn career

The union of fluffers is predicting a significant windfall on the rumors that Bernie Sanders will begin a porn career on the back of failing in his bid to run for president. Like the cuck that he is, he threw his support behind Hillary Rodham Clinton, the woman who used a myriad of dirty tricks to attack his campaign. The rumor that Sander wishes to start a porn career, is believed to have been invented by a relatively obscure politics blog for no apparent reason.

Australian Geopolitical mindset



This video might help make Australia’s involvement is wars make more sense. It shows we need to be allied with  a powerful navy to be able to trade internationally. If one looks a bit deeper,into the fact all of Australia’s petroleum fuel products are refined in Singapore it explains why the Australian government is is so reluctant to say anything to upset Indonesia, our northern neighbor who has the worlds fifth largest navy and 100 Million Muslims. It’s terror attack by a Muslim demanding an ISIS flag claiming to be part of ISIS but the Australian government says its nothing to do with Islam, because we can’t upset the people between us and our oil.

Saw the video here:

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Trump 300


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Trump likely GOP candidate



Donald Trump, chairman and president of the Trump Organization and the founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts, speaks at a National Press Club Newsmaker Luncheon in Washington, DC, on May 27, 2014. AFP PHOTO/Jewel Samad (Photo credit should read JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton career criminal

unreddit fights reddit censors




If you use Reddit you probably shouldn’t. Reddit users are aware that there is censorship, most internet discussion groups have moderators that decide whats not acceptable or relevant communication. However on Reddit (and some other internet sites) the moderation is heavily biased to push a specific set of narratives.

If you are curious about any think you see on reddit, you can copy the link and add ‘un’ infront of where it says reddit in  he URL and see what has been deleted or censored. It is quite an eye opener, example further below.

Earlier this week a man claiming to be a 92 year old holocaust survivor set up a post on Reddit with the tag line AMA (Ask Me Anything). The questions were heavily censored and some answers were deleted after inconsistencies were discovered.

Some amazing differences occurred when comparing the censored version of reddit…

…with the uncensored version…

…such as questions about  why the man was listed as dead over 70 years ago.


In the official censored version of Reddit this information was deleted twice, and the question remained unanswered. Either he is lying  or the  yad vashem shoah database is wrong, maybe even both. Could this be an identity theft?

A person even attempted to compile a timeline of the mans claims.


Its hard to know what to believe these days, make up your own mind.



The new George Soros funded AstroTurf bowel movement will be pushing the concept of Democracy Spring which will manifest as protests and riots against presidential candidate Trump.

So lets look at and analyses their propaganda.


Democracy spring, all of these spring movements (Arab spring) are false flags funded by oligarchs to get done via violent uprising what they can’t get done through normal bribery and political manipulation.

A red star, the red star is most commonly associated with communism, not democracy, so there is a subtle clue right there. So really the word democracy can be replace with communism. its a communist spring.

“sit with thousands to save ‘democracy’ for millions”

Thousands sitting (doing nothing useful) to save communism millions. That sounds like communist committees being oh so high, noble and entitled as to think their ideas should dictate the lives of others. Of course the brainwashed leftists that will go to theses riots want see past the cognitive dissonance. they are blockading and rioting to disrupt the function of democratic process (a political rally) while claiming to be saving democracy.

1) The United states of America is a republic.

2) Some government officials (such as the president) are elected democratically.

3) Rioting or protesting against a political rally is illegal as it prevents democratic process.

4) These useful idiot can’t see that Obama is a tyrant  they should be trying to remove him not reinstall another leftist tyrant.

5) Democracies are generally politically unstable and tent towards less personal freedom.

6) If a Marxist overthrow is successful the useful idiots will be executed.




George Soros funding John Kasich


Attention this is the trail of bread crumbs that shows a billionaire oligarch who normally pushes left wing causes will pay of any puppet to get what he wants.  Right now what George Soros wants is to get rid of Donald Trump any way he can. Soros funded BlackLivesMatter, he funded the Chicago riots and has pushed TPPA and other globalist agendas. George Soros is one of the major puppet masters.




Trump to audit federal reserve





In a move that has stunned many Donald Trump, Presidential front runner, has openly talked of auditing the federal reserve. This is most likely a pretext to exposing the fraudulent system of monetary creation in the USA and reverting to a system of government issued debt free money.

If this were to happen America could make the turn around it desperately needs, If Donald Trump were to die in controversial circumstances in the next few years, this would be the reason why.


FBI murders Oregon protestor

After the Burns Oregon peaceful armed stand off a Protester was escaping the compound and was ambushed by FBI. While attempting to surrender after plowing into a snow bank next to the FBI road block, FBI agents shoot him. After the first shots he puts his hands down instinctively to the wound site and then is apparently shot in the back by another FBI agent.

Where is the “hands up don’t” shoot rhetoric?

In the USA now there is now a ‘shoot to kill’ policy even for surrendering suspects.

New American revolution when?

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