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Teigan Evans officially supports fascist elites

OM dictatorship class of 2013- a portrait series.(L-R) Nick Carson, Teigan Evans, Carl Scrace (seated)

OM dictatorship class of 2013- a portrait series.
(L-R) Nick Carson, Teigan Evans, Carl Scrace (seated)

Straight out of the Facebook jungles:
The artist specifically stated ‘its not cyber bullying’
Clearly we are not the only people who have noticed the isolationist dictatorial nature of the OM media team, that has a secret closed Facebook group ironically called ‘Iceland’.

Being that Teigan Evans booted 5+ long stand OM members from the Iceland group, who had only beenĀ  part of the Iceland group for a month (some had been in for only days), he could only expect to be seen as part of the Marxist ‘eastern bloc’ controlling the media team on Facebook.

Strangely he didn’t have any reason for doing so, just apparently a big dummy spit. Really it’s just that Teigan along with he rest of the Iceland ‘eastern bloc’ bleat about democracy, but don’t believe in it.

It just sounds good, aural opium for the unwashed masses.

All hail the dear leaders.

Because some animals are more equal than others.

Nick Carson hypocritically complains about not being listened to by Robert Doyle

Nick Carson just fails to see the hypocracy of his actions; complaining about tyrrany above, when he creates tyrrany below.

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