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Them days are gone

Bureau of what? Anyway a very compelling video of what the media has censored out of the immigration debate for years if not decades.





So why do you think Muslims are moving to the west? Their societies are about to crumble under the weight of massive over breeding and dwindling natural resource to exploit. After decades of living from oil these Muslim nations have in most cases not developed any other exports and will simply collapse without oil. We are seeing just the first waves of economic migrants from Muslim dominated failing oil states. Muslims nations currently only produce 5.8% export goods as much as typical non-muslim nations. Woefully in-competitive. So now they will demand welfare from the western world with threats of violence, there are other words for that, mugging, theft, extortion.

In just 4 day we have had major terror attacks in France and Germany, just a few months after the Syrian refugee/invader crisis began.

The attacks will only get worse if people don’t awaken to the true agenda of Islam; to conquer, by any means necessary, all lands it finds its followers on.

The backlash will begin soon.

With gates open


This video has been removed form youtube many times in the past month, but each time it is re-uploaded gains hits even faster than before.

For when it eventually goes down again we have a copy here.

We will add it soon.



Islam effects on Germany

A recent German documentary asks the question “why are recent migrants (particularly Muslim Arabs) not integrating into German society?”


part 2



The conclusions reached were:

Many of the migrants refuse to accept German culture of law and instead wish to create their own parallel society.

In the parallel society they live in they bring their previous prejudices with them and run their own legal system.

Integration support has often been tied up in red tape and services are not reaching the migrants who are wanting to integrate.

Germany has been far to tolerant of divergent and contrary behavior from migrants.

Germany should consider Canada’s system of migration which is more selective and offers more support in integrating migrants


Islamic economic problems

Let’s be as dispassionate as possible and try to be rational. This is hard to do with what has become a polarizing issue in Australia; Islam.

What would Australia be like with more Muslims and Mosques. The best measure would could have is to look at Islamic majority nations.

Of all nations 20% of recognized nations (35 nations in total) have more that 80% Muslim population, there are a further 21 nations in the range of 20-80% Muslim these nations make up about 22% of the worlds population.

So on that basis one might expect these Islamic nation to make up roughly 22% of the worlds GDP. wrong, not even close.

GDP defined:

Just before we go further I will define GDP in a way more easily understandable to normal people. GDP is gross domestic product, which is the grand total of the valuable products and services a country produces and sells in a given year.  It is a measure of the  productivity of a country. If you think of your own household it is the value of work done by the members of the household.

GDP per capita defined:

GDP per capita is a measure of the GDP divided by the population level, which is an attempt to measure the average productivity of an individual in that country. So If Mum and Dad had two children the GDP per capita for that household would be =  (Mums income  + Dads income)/4. The 4 being the total people in the household. Clearly by this approach the more kids you have (which we assume are not earning any significant money for the household) really drag down the average. But this mean you divide you income between even more people. Because of the large size of families in Islamic countries the GDP get spread very thinly. This is made even worse by the unevenness of the distribution of income (and wealth) with a massive share going to elites.

So lets look at this GDP analysis of Islam majority (80%+) countries.


The Muslim share of world GDP is 6.78% less than a third of what we might expect, all other things being equal.

What is worse is recognizing that the overwhelming majority of this GDP come for the Oil trade the extraction and/or transport of oil.

We know eventually the Oil will run out, and then what will that one fifth of the worlds population do to survive?

Without Oil Islamic majority nations will only have 1.28% of worlds GDP and 22%+ of the mouths to feed.

With oil Islamic countries are under-performing, without Oil, they are absolute economic basket cases.

The only real options would be:

To have wars with other Islamic nations to depopulate and take other resources. (Already happening, has been happening for along time).

Move to the non Islamic west. ( The west has taken as many as it can tolerate, and has not worked out well for many western countries, UK, France, Germany, Sweden

Invade Western countries by stealth ( the current Syrian refugee crisis is an example of this and the above.)


What are the reasons for the dramatic under achievement economically of many Islamic majority nations?

There are many but here are a few. Note there are just cultural observations, the Koran is the source of many of these problems. Get a copy of the Koran translated and see if you can search for different issues.


Large families and lack of investment in children’s education.

Compared to the west, Schools are uncommon, universities are rare.

60% of Muslims are illiterate.

It is estimated that half of Arab women are illiterate.

More than half of Muslims don’t know whats written in the Koran because they can’t read, they just believe what someone else has told them, a dangerous level of ignorance.

Because literacy is not common the world is simply a mysterious closed place to many Muslims, who are easily misled by their leaders.

The lack of education is one of the reasons unemployment (and under employment) is so high in Islamic countries.

In the west we talk about computer literacy as being important for business, whereas for more than half of Muslims the written word is a mystery.


Birth control as idea is shunned and multiple wives are common.

Birth rate is high and large numbers of children in a family is common.

Muslim boys are allowed to run wild in the streets, street battles between boys are common.  Muslim girls are under lock and key almost all the time.

This helps create the mentality of the males as adventurers and conquerors and the women as commodities and spoils of war.

Muslim women who shame their families are often at the very least badly beaten and at worst stoned to death.

Population growth is rapid, and often in paces with very infertile land, oil revenues allow for the continuous import of food.

Oil revenues have made Islamic Oil states a ticking demographic time bomb, once the Oil goes, the state collapses.

It is common in many Islamic countries for half of the population to be under 20 years old.

So no only illiterate by also young and naive as well.

Extreme Xenophobia and limited trade relationships:

Muslims seem to hate outsiders. Whatever form outsiders may take

Ancient family/clan/tribal conflicts are still common, the tension between the two major sects of Islam are still festering after 1400, a  problem which started as a family dispute over the inheritance of the first Muslim, Mohammad.

There is the open hatred or other religions which is well documented in the Koran.

Most other religions in the secular west take the view of other religions as this:

Their belief is not correct but its better for everyone if we all just try to get along, who knows if I am a good role model maybe one day they will convert to my faith.

For the Muslim, they wish to kill or subjugate all other non believers, including atheists, and the only thing ever holding them back is lack of numbers.

One cannot really be successful in a modern economic world without trade, and you can’t trade if you want to kill all your potential Trading partners because they are not exactly the same as you.

Also there is significant problems with the level of dishonesty and fraud generally, but especially towards outsiders,  outsiders often feel they will be likely cheated on business arrangements and there is significant history of this.


Most Islamic nations are the result of a military coup, and for many states there have been relatively short lifespans for these revolutions. So each of these states is young ans unstable and because of that have paranoid oppressive leadership. This often gives rise to abuse of office and massive disparity in wealth and income. Many Islamic nations appear to be quite feudal in economic operation with a few despot lords under a tyrant king holding almost all the wealth and power and the rest of the population living under abject poverty.Of course feudalism was abandoned  about 500 years ago by the west for more economically efficient mode of production. This Islamic feudal system means that tyrants are common and money is wasted on the whims of tyrants rather than invested into worthwhile productive businesses. This is an absolute third world mode of operation. Infrastructure spending is only what directly benefits the tyrants and they often see little benefit in a building roads as they travel everywhere by helicopter, for example. The religion itself is equally hierarchical which enforces the same thinking, but only offers the path of being a soldier for a warlord as a path from poverty to wealth. Having such a large pool of poor and ignorant men to fight for you only further enforces the hierarchy’s grip on power. Ironically Arab nations are not very good at wining wars with their neighbors because they are fighting other armed people, they are only ever good and fighting their own unarmed people and that further suppresses any divergent thought.


Women as previously mentioned are reduced to the status of cattle for Muslims, the reason why so few women are in the ‘Syrian’ migration scam is this: women are in short supply in Islamic countries because of honor killings and the wealthy mean in the ruling factions keep them in harems. Remember if every man wants four wives, there is going to be shortage. In refugee camps (and our detention centers) women are raped by Muslim men because Muslim men think  unchaperoned women are whores, and its OK to rape whores. Its sort of like petty theft, something that can be done to those who transgress the faith. It would be difficult to think of any society that treated women worse than how women are treated under Islam. It is mind boggling how any sane woman could advocate Islam without a gun to her head. Clearly the feminists who support Islam are insane, stupid or simply brainwashed. Female genital mutilation, this is more common in the non Arab Islamic nations but is universally encouraged by Islam. FGM is done specifically to eliminate sexual pleasure for women in an attempt to reduce the chance of infidelity. FGM is also done to make women traumatize and brutalize their prepubescent daughters so they do not trust each other. This betrayal mixed with the removal of the organ ( the clitoris) that might create a alternate mental state (sexual pleasure) means the FGM woman will not likely ever think outside of  the hum drum day-to-day grind of feudal Islam.

Utterly unsustainable:

Once the oil leaves the Muslim world one state after an other will fail. This is because the typical Muslim majority state without oil will consume about 20 times as much as it produces, and typically has nothing but sand to then sell. Many Muslim state are in this position and Syria is simply first to fall victim to this economic and demographic cliff. It is believed that much of Syria’s problems stem from former (and possibly currently) US funded mercenaries going rogue and becoming roving groups of bandits and selling oil when they were able to capture oil facilities. This was a consequence of the tribal warfare proclivity of male Muslims. Clearly is better than being starving peasant, well at least while it lasts.  Worst of all the Koran scoffs at the idea of plowing a field, instead advocating war as a more profitable and honorable activity.

In summary:

So this is why even after having a virtual monopoly on Oil for 40-50 years Islamic nations will see everything they ever knew get swallowed by the ergs in Arabia and north Africa, swallowed by the jungle in Africa and south Asia and covered in rubble in the middle east. This is precisely why Muslims are invading Europe and the west  right now, they know its almost game over. They send their peasant army to vandalize and weaken their new proposed feudal fiefdom, Europe.

Of course its the fault of the west that these Islamic nations failed as states.

Because the typical Muslim is young ignorant, xenophobic and warlike.

Of course Muslims are going to blame outsiders for all of his problems and he will use violence, they know little else.


50000 Syrian refugees for Clifton Hill

Stephen Jolly and his agenda.

In documents leaked from City of Yarra, Cr Stephen Jolly has been in talks to receive 50000 Syrian refugees.

Further evidence is from a secret recording of Stephen Jolly in a pub, discussing his plans.

“We have done the preliminary estimates and have determined how much housing we need to build and churn to accommodate the new arrivals.”

“The Victorian  State Government was planning to house them in Bendigo  (in a to-be-build mosque suburb) after the proposed mosque was completed. The completion of the proposed Bendigo mosque is looking questionable after protest groups of significant size and determination have formed to oppose its construction.”

“Its important to us to increase diversity as much as possible.”

“So to show our dedication to Socialist principles we will be removing residents from the housing commission apartments in our area to make room for the oppressed Syrians and other refugees.”

“We will be building new commission housing in Clifton Hill so there will be more housing stock, but it will look unique, unlike the soulless creations of Docklands. I have a lot of connections in the building industry so we can get good prices on the new construction. We will need about 20 new Commission housing blocks and we are already looking at sites to demolish.”

When questioned about the potential problems of such a large influx of people escaping from brutal third world dictatorships being dropped into the center of a secular first world city in a middle class suburb Cr Jolly stated:

“Well I’m a third world immigrant myself, I’m from London and I have worked in Zimbabwe and China, So obviously I know a lot about third world tyranny.  That’s why I’m a socialist living off the public purse and insulating myself from the problems I am creating by adhering to my ideological agenda of ‘Cultural Marxism’.”

“It’s really all about me aggrandizing myself at their expense, while my fellow cult members congratulate me on making the ideologically impure proletariat suffer.”

“I will also be getting a lot of kickbacks from my pals in the thoroughly corrupt building industry, we are looking at a billion dollars of new buildings.”

“I mean, you might wonder why an elected representative from City of Yarra is organizing and funding ‘Bendigo Action Coalition’ my AstroTurf bunch of socialist drones to go to Bendigo, over 200 km away, to push my political agenda. But most people will never wonder about this because the media is told not to investigate and people are too stupid to join the dots together by themselves.”

“Here’s a clue: I’m a socialist politician with ties to the construction industry, and I’m trying to get mosque built, so just figure out who is lining my pocket and you’ve got proof of the corruption”

“Of course no one will bother to check, because proles are all as thick as this pint of Guinness”

“So the fact that I’m interfering with politics in another electorate- while I’m supposed to be serving City of Yarra – is incredibly inappropriate and possibly even criminal.”

“The proles are so stupid and apathetic, they don’t seem to have noticed even half the shit I’m up to.”

“So basically I treat the proles like fools and line my own pockets and amuse my self watching them struggle with the crap I throw at them.”

“I’m really lucky no politically aware observers will figure this out and put it on the internet, because even a parody article of this will have people screaming for blood.”

“City of Yarra is so full of NIMBYs, they will go apeshit if they get wind of this before I program them to accept my tyranny, oops I meant cultural Marxism, no scratch that, we call it diversity right now. Diversity,  yeah that’s the thought terminating cliche we use right now.”

“I mean if you don’t like diversity you must be a racist,

so if a ‘Syrian’ rapes your daughter or son,

well it’s better than being called a nasty name, right?”

The recording ended with the phrase “I hope no one else heard that.”


Some of this article is true, some is completely made up, some is reasonable speculation, some is wild speculation and some is simply not true. It’s important for you all to start asking some questions about the world around you rather than swallow what ever bullshit is fed to you. Some people might find this article offensive, but you are also free to complain about it on the internet. I probably won’t care in the unlikely event that I ever read your objections. You probably will just give the screen an angry look because you are too lazy to even write down your thoughts or even explain why you feel so angry, that’s the cognitive dissonance kicking in. Oh that bastard, he is making a lot of sense and its hurting my head, Why does my head hurt so much, maybe it because its getting very tired from trying to tell you 1 + 1 = 3, 2+ 2 = 5 and 4 doesn’t really exist, its a right wing conspiracy.

In this article you were lied to in places and you might be offended or angry.

Well let me tell you, one day you will look back on that anger with pleasant memories, you’ve been told a lot of lies in your life and one day you might actually figure out a few of them. But we wont ruin the surprise, and you might now be ready for it anyway.

I find apathy offensive. Lets call it even and have a few piña coladas , because that logically follows from all of the above.

WTF?  yeah, exactly WTF!

I’m glad you have started thinking, don’t stop baby, it’s turning me on!

Syrian rape army in Germany

Only a matter of days after tens of thousands of ‘Syrian’ migrants (80% of which have fake passports) invaded Germany chasing generous welfare payments, the inevitable occurred, a wave of rapes of native Germans. What else would one expect when a country foolishly welcomes with open arms an invasion force intent on subjugation, demoralization and destruction of its host.

This rape happened to be particularly chilling, a 7 year old girl gagged and raped at a local children’s playground.

This has happened in Saxony, a PEGIDA stronghold, so there will be repercussions.

Will Germany wake up for it’s politically correct hypnotic torpor before its too late?

Syrian drowned baby hoax


At the very least the body was moved for better PR.

Why? Because the Turkish government is looking for an excuse to offload its refugee camps to Europe.

Other things to note: the pristine condition of the body which allegedly had been in the ocean for 3 days.

A body in the ocean will normally show bloating, discoloration and markings of predation from fish and birds. This body looks only hours dead at most.

The baby’s father had been in Turkey for years, and only wished to go to Europe to get free dentistry and only once the migration had become a difficult to vet flood.

So before you throw all of your logic in the trash after seeing a single disturbing image, keep things in context and perspective. Is one dead baby on a Turkish beach reason alone to change all of Europe’s immigration policy.

No, and less so Australia’s immigration policy.

And don’t think for a minute that a government wouldn’t go to great lengths to make fake footage of events to drive agendas.

Here is the Norwegian government being caught out funding a hoax film of the Syrian civil war. When caught out in the lie, they always revert to attempting to start a conversation about the issue.

Scott Bennett US Psyops whistleblower

In this radio interview from May 2015 Scott Bennett accurately predicts the flood of Syrian migrants to the EU.

He also explains his view on US geopolitics and foreign policy in relation to oil and the middle east.

In true whistle-blower fashion  he has been imprisoned  on trivial charges relating to a housing application.


Scott Bennett has a website;

which include this reference.

 In Mel Gibson’s masterpiece film “Braveheart”, there is a scene  where the “nobleman” who betrayed William Wallace on the battlefield—abandoning him during the fight in favor of bribe money and political title—is asleep in his subsidized bed, tossing-and-turning as he’s tormented by the nightmare of a blue-face-painted, sword-swinging Wallace galloping on horseback against a backdrop of flames, chasing after him; startling him awake with terror. 

As he whimpers relieved that it was just a dream,  the bedchamber doors suddenly burst open with Wallace atop a black horse, as he rides in, steps onto the bed, unfurls a massive iron ball-and-chain, and swirls and smashes it down up on the face of the traitor.

I anticipate this report will no doubt have the same effect on certain people.  For right now somewhere, in the dark, dank cubicles of U.S. Government, there is a nervously twitching cabal of parasitic lawyers and bureaucrats from the White  House, the Intelligence Community, Congress, the media, and the military, who have been dreading and desperately trying to bury and stop this report form ever reaching the American public.  Obstructionists, whose skulduggery must now, with the weight and momentum behind these documents, come to a career-face smashing end; and their deeds are exposed as the acts of treason they are.



Wealthy Arab states reject Syrian refugees

So despite a flood of Syrian refugees to Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, wealthy Arab states simply reject outright Syrian refugees.

European nations are now displacing their own poor people to make way for housing immigrants and refugees.

Fake Syrian passports are now being used by economic migrants and ISIS terrorists to enter Europe.

Whether people realize it or not this will eventfully lead to civil wars in Europe.



Syria,Kurdistan, ISIS, Oil, Pipelines, BRICS and geopolititcs




Some very interesting geopolitical analysis ( treating the world as a chess board) relating to OIL, the middle east and the interested parties.

It hardly looks all that significant , but your quality of life literally flows through this steel pipe. Who controls these pipes ane where they are built or destroyed are what most wars in the last 100 years have been about.

It hardly looks all that significant, but your quality of life literally flows through this steel pipe. Who controls these pipes and where they are built or destroyed, is what most wars in the last 100 years have been about.


Here is a useful map to help you understand current and potential future political borders in the middle east.


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