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Sweden vs 60Minutes


A great welcome from the religion of peace.

Sweden sword attack



Motives not clear possibly anti immigrant. No manifesto. Attack hastily planned or not planned at all.  No clear political agenda. perhaps a response to the myriad of problems Sweden has  encountered due to high level of immigration for over a decade. No one is talking about the rapes and murder of Swedish girls, unless it is regret sex and the guy was white and politically controversial, Ahem (Assange).


Sweden’s Political Correctness Insanity

It seems that Julian Assange is not the only victim of Swedish Government Political Correctness. When will people understand that just because something is bad (racism) doing the opposite is not necessarily good (Not allowing an opinion on cultural or religious practices of others.) Just because right -wing neo-con -liberals are assholes, it doesn’t mean that left-wing nut-jobs are not dickheads. It’s a bit like the Israel-Palestine conflict, if you are foolish enough to pick a side there, you haven’t understood the problem.

Let’s just blame white males instead. For everything. Because Hitler was a white male. Therefore….

Or , instead of letting yourself be sucked in emotionally like the Germans under Hitler, you could start to  think for yourself:  In the game of life,  the devil always finds a new disguise, and it’s not necessarily  what  you expect.


Here is an update from Pat Condell on the “Insane Asylum” formerly known as Sweden.


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