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Time to wake up

slaves asleep taggedFinding out that fiat currency puts the typical person on a hamster wheel, while allowing banksters to steal everything you produce is not hard.

Realizing that the state is not natural and relies on violence to get compliance seems obvious.

Everything done in the name of ‘National Security’ is just trying to obscure these two facts from public knowledge.

Wake up, its not that hard, a different world is possible.

USA Oil slavery and prison system

A bold claim, but look at the facts:

oil and slavery time line final image and tagged

Exhibit A

us_oil_production_graph 600 x 400USA Oil production per year

Exhibit B

ATF_Logo explainedATF formed in 1972

Exhibit C

state-federal-prison-populations-1925-2011Prison population explosion after 1972

Exhibit D

Incarceration Rate by Gender and Race PNGStrong race and gender bias in those imprisoned

Exhibit E

old south slavery is new south prison slavery final taggedPrisons today seem to be where slavery was most popular prior to US civil war


Yes some will argue that the slaves weren’t freed, and that legally every one in the US was made in to slave post civil war.

War on drugs was a Regan initiative, well really he just expanded it more.

There are as many black men enslaved today in prisons as there were black male slaves before the civil war;

furthermore most of the prison population are in the same places that held the largest populations of slaves pre civil war.

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