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Robert Fulton is not ‘Anonymous’

Who goes to a protest advertised as the Million Mask March and doesn’t take any kind of mask or face covering, and they tries to hijack the march to blockade some tram tracks, and then attacks the organizers?

Apparently Robert Fulton does.

This is then followed by pages of mindless bleating on Facebook, and appealing to fellow retards to join in the ePenis jerk-fest.

The whole point of having masks is to prevent the individual ego from subverting the common goal of the group. Its not about you, its about us.

>Robert Fulton

> confirmed as retard

apologies to all other unconnected Robert Fultons.

Just for reference; Anonymous has always had a presence at Occupy, largely in the background. We saw Guy Fawkes masks at City Square on Day 1, Anons have worked behind the scenes for a long time.

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