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Herald Sun lies to public again

If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.

If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.

I will attempt to identify all the lies and attempt to correct them, but it is as difficult task as the picture painted is so grossly distorted.

EXCLUSIVE: OCCUPY Melbourne protesters who shut down the city and vandalised buildings have left the public with a million-dollar bill in legal fees and clean-up and other costs.

1 (Vandalized buildings? Where is the evidence of this, chalk does not count.)

Documents obtained by the Herald Sun under Freedom of Information laws reveal the public cost of protesters suing the city council, police and the State Government in legal action that ultimately failed.

2 ( Occupy Melbourne never democratically voted to be represented by Fitzroy Legal Service:  Nick Carson ( a Greens Party stooge) simply announced this at a General assembly in the first week of Occupy Melbourne at City Square. Nick Carson should be held financially liable for the bills Fitzroy Legal has given to the taxpayer, he certainly attempted to profit from Occupy Melbourne and accepted no liability for his actions)

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said he was outraged authorities had won in court, but the public still had to pay.

The City of Melbourne has paid over $554,000 to Hunt & Hunt Lawyers since 2011 after activists Sara Kerrison and James Muldoon sued, claiming the arrest and eviction of Occupy Melbourne protesters had been illegal.

3 (No one forced The City of Melbourne corporation to relentlessly harass Occupy Melbourne, who firmly believed they were acting within the law. It is also not reasonable to destroy other people’s property and then charge them for the clean- up costs. it is also not reasonable for a vexatious litigant to claim their victims are responsible for their extensive legal costs)

Council had to spend an extra $71,000 on emergency barricades and to clean up the area and remove graffiti.

4  (No one forced the illegal imprisonment of protesters or the locking up of City Square for more than a week. Similarly, no-one forced the wanton destruction of property by police)

Victoria Police’s legal bills are understood to be at least double the  council’s, raising the prospect that  the full bill to the public is well into seven figures.

5 (Victoria Police corporation, while acting illegally, have no right to demand their costs be met by the tax payer, furthermore no right even when acting according to statute, as they are a private corporation , not a legitimate branch of government)

When asked about the costs uncovered by the Herald Sun, Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said: “One, they took us to the Federal Court. Two, they lost.

“Three, costs were awarded against them with very little likelihood that they can pay.

“Four, the bill is $554,000 – that’s legal fees alone to the city. And they are now taking us to appeal.”

6 ( Starting a sentence with ‘And’ is pretty poor form for a professional ‘journalist’ )

The public had also footed the bill for the Occupy protesters’ failed court action.

Fitzroy Legal Service, The Human Rights Law Centre – both partly government-funded – and top barrister Ron Merkel, QC, took on the case.

7 (These parasitic incompetent law services all lined up ready to pilfer the public purse, offered poor advice, collapsed the case and then congratulated themselves on a job well done. Fitzroy Legal Service even received an award from City of Melbourne. Fitzroy Legal also attempted to steal computer equipment from Ocuppy Melboure and actually destroyed some video evidence they were entrusted with. )

Mr Muldoon and Ms Kerrison lost a Federal Court challenge last year after seeking to restrain the City of Melbourne from what they argued was unlawful conduct in regards to compliance notices issued by the council.

8 ( The extremely poor advice caused the loss of the case, the most fundamental constitutional principle,  section 109 was not mentioned. Mr Muldoon ( a law student ) who used his limited and self-serving involvement in Occupy Melbourne to then offer university law lectures on the topic, strangely was told he was not a representative of Occupy Melbourne at the last hearing, leaving Ms Kerrison effectively holding the bag. This was despite both litigants seeking and receiving the blessing from a public general assembly at Occupy Melbourne to represent Occupy Melbourne in federal court. In short Muldoon (a law student from a wealthy family) should be just as liable as Kerrison, but as usual the law society looks after its own )

The court backed the police arrests.

Ms Kerrison has now filed an appeal to the Full Federal Court. She faces a potential $1 million plus legal bill from Melbourne City Council, Victoria Police and the state if she loses that.

The Occupy Melbourne group, which was part of the worldwide Occupy movement, was issued with council penalty notices after it erected tents in the City Square and two CBD gardens in November 2011.

Police clashed with demonstrators when they arrested almost 100 people after ordering them to leave.

9 ( The arrests were illegal, as you have a right to protest, and Ms Kerrison is quite within her rights to appeal such a flawed decision)

Following a WikiLeaks protest at the US consulate in October 2012, Ms Kerrison was fined $1000 without conviction on three charges including hindering and resisting police and theft of police handcuffs.

10 (Victoria Police targeted Ms Kerrison for abuse since the initial tent monster incident in december 2011:  the very next day she was thrown to the asphalt when there was oncoming traffic. At the WikiLeaks protest she was snatched (from the arms of another protester) and abducted by the police for no reason, and dumped in St Kilda.  The handcuffs she was accused of stealing were the handcuffs on her wrists. Police were just too incompetent to realize she slipped them off her wrists and they had gone missing, because dumping abducted activists is a deniable operation and nothing gets written down. Kerrison could easily claim the handcuffs are evidence of a crime and hers to keep until the matter is resolved in court of law)

Melbourne city Councillor Richard Foster, describing the fees as substantial, said: “I would be very guarded on expending ourselves on further proceedings.”

11 (Richard Forster is well-known political opportunist, and former lawyer for a big bank, he campaigned on MCC transparency, and once elected pushed for more secrecy, good example of the people who Occupy are against)

Ratepayers Victoria president Jack Davis said once again the public was left to pay.

12 (Occupy Melbourne, to the best of my knowledge are not demanding public money, greedy incompetent lawyers are demanding money from the public and are using Occupy Melbourne as the scapegoat for their greed. Rate payers are reminded that if they vote for incompetent narcissistic fascists they deserve what they get, a nasty surprise)

Christopher Gillett has grossly misled the public with this heavily biased corporate press release.  It’s no surprise the Herald Sun is part of the Rupert Murdoch /Fox News propaganda empire.

Advice for Ms Kerrison:

Keep on appealing but you need to learn the legal principles that are being used against you. Be aware that the legal system is a façade and that the entire process is in commerce and for profit, sometimes simply wearing them down is the best solution. Be aware that the law society is the lawyers, police and judges all  working together to fleece the public and the court case is a minor squabble among them to decide which of them (not you) gets paid. These minor squabbles are seldom ever interrupted unless the public get too interested or offended by the blatant injustice. Remember the horribly brutalised protesters at the S11 protest still have received no compensation.

Justice is the last thing the justice system is about, look at the giant metal mural on the country court, a woman blind to reason with the scales of commerce tilted in her favour and propped up by and reliant on force, the sword as a walking cane, this should be a clue as to what occurs in the building.

Get real advice about the law not advice from slimy back stabbing lawyers who just see you as a walking pay check and totally disposable. Just like the way Muldoon sold you out behind your back.

Robert Doyle ambushed

During the Protest against Rupert Murdoch’s little 1%er gathering a target of opportunity arrived, Robert Doyle’s car had 4 flat tires, Melbourne’s dissent community took the opportunity to taunt the beached whale.

In an epic moment of cognitive dissonance, the gathering was about freedom of speech hosting a media tycoon  (Murdoch) who actively whitewashes stories out of the media.

Melbourne City Council admits Occupy Melbourne wikipedia edits

A rose by another name could smell as sweet?

A number with other digits could smell as rotten? ?

It’s been just over a month since the editgate cyber war story broke out. The story first ran here, then picked up by boingboing, then the Age, then others.

MCC promised an investigation to find out who did the Occupy Melbourne Wikipedia page edits.  Any competent organization could have clarified beyond doubt what happened with their own IP address.

They could have shown what that IP address was normally used for:

If it was a library computer they would have had video footage of the user.

If it was a staff member they would know exactly who it was.

With the amount of time passed MCC has effectively admitted its guilt.

This clearly shows that:

MCC makes big promises when under attack, and then later on just scurries away to hide in a corner and hopes everyone forgets (and if they don’t forget, just edit history).

doyle mugshot

Robert Doyle: Guilty as charged.



The page itself:

So what has happened to the Wikipedia page in that time, well after a bit of edit ‘to and fro’ a Wikipedia editor ‘Amadscientist’ rolled in and basically junked the whole article.

Wikipedia stand on the neutral point of view (POV) principle. Wikipedia always demands sources from POV. But raises a curious question who had a neutral point of view? The main stream media who are often cited as sources clearly didn’t have a neutral POV, they were (and still are) simply a PR machine for the governments, corporates and banks that hand them press releases to regurgitate. THE very same Governments, corporates and banks we were protesting against. The typical activist won’t give their name to be referenced. This leaves exactly zero people with knowledge unbiased enough to make a meaningful statement.

We complained about 2 significant edits on a Wikipedia page: Wikipedia deletes most of the page.

Wikipedia currently has a project to ‘clean up’ Occupy related pages. Clean up in this case more closely means clean out. Because of this, the only memory people will have of occupy is gutted articles written using very biased mainstream media cited sources.

Remember Nick Carson with his 11,000 Wikipedia edits? Well about 1,000 of those edits were to his own Wikipedia page. When you edit your own personal page is that like stroking yourself? In the original story he was called to account over his lack of maintenance of the page. It seems has hasn’t heeded the call and still ignores the page. What an awesome contribution to society Nick.

He also claims Occupy Melbourne is dead, still refuses to allow the people fighting for it to have any input, still controls almost all of the media assets, uses the media assets for his own (and his cronies) personal agendas. More about those other agendas in coming articles.

We mention these rogues from time to time here, to make sure their crimes against democracy are not forgotten.

The master needs the slaves, the slaves don't need the master.

The master needs the slaves, the slaves don’t need the master.

Hate is Over R.I.P Robert Doyle!

Hate is Over R.I.P Robert Doyle!

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