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Munich 2106 terror attack

The popping sound is the gun shots.

Shooting in Shopping mall in Munich.


One shooter  ( believed to be of Iranian descent) then killed himself. ISIS / Daesh claimed responsibility.

9 dead, many injuries.


Two others arrested, who may have also been shooters.

Native americans fear immigration


50000 Syrian refugees for Clifton Hill

Stephen Jolly and his agenda.

In documents leaked from City of Yarra, Cr Stephen Jolly has been in talks to receive 50000 Syrian refugees.

Further evidence is from a secret recording of Stephen Jolly in a pub, discussing his plans.

“We have done the preliminary estimates and have determined how much housing we need to build and churn to accommodate the new arrivals.”

“The Victorian  State Government was planning to house them in Bendigo  (in a to-be-build mosque suburb) after the proposed mosque was completed. The completion of the proposed Bendigo mosque is looking questionable after protest groups of significant size and determination have formed to oppose its construction.”

“Its important to us to increase diversity as much as possible.”

“So to show our dedication to Socialist principles we will be removing residents from the housing commission apartments in our area to make room for the oppressed Syrians and other refugees.”

“We will be building new commission housing in Clifton Hill so there will be more housing stock, but it will look unique, unlike the soulless creations of Docklands. I have a lot of connections in the building industry so we can get good prices on the new construction. We will need about 20 new Commission housing blocks and we are already looking at sites to demolish.”

When questioned about the potential problems of such a large influx of people escaping from brutal third world dictatorships being dropped into the center of a secular first world city in a middle class suburb Cr Jolly stated:

“Well I’m a third world immigrant myself, I’m from London and I have worked in Zimbabwe and China, So obviously I know a lot about third world tyranny.  That’s why I’m a socialist living off the public purse and insulating myself from the problems I am creating by adhering to my ideological agenda of ‘Cultural Marxism’.”

“It’s really all about me aggrandizing myself at their expense, while my fellow cult members congratulate me on making the ideologically impure proletariat suffer.”

“I will also be getting a lot of kickbacks from my pals in the thoroughly corrupt building industry, we are looking at a billion dollars of new buildings.”

“I mean, you might wonder why an elected representative from City of Yarra is organizing and funding ‘Bendigo Action Coalition’ my AstroTurf bunch of socialist drones to go to Bendigo, over 200 km away, to push my political agenda. But most people will never wonder about this because the media is told not to investigate and people are too stupid to join the dots together by themselves.”

“Here’s a clue: I’m a socialist politician with ties to the construction industry, and I’m trying to get mosque built, so just figure out who is lining my pocket and you’ve got proof of the corruption”

“Of course no one will bother to check, because proles are all as thick as this pint of Guinness”

“So the fact that I’m interfering with politics in another electorate- while I’m supposed to be serving City of Yarra – is incredibly inappropriate and possibly even criminal.”

“The proles are so stupid and apathetic, they don’t seem to have noticed even half the shit I’m up to.”

“So basically I treat the proles like fools and line my own pockets and amuse my self watching them struggle with the crap I throw at them.”

“I’m really lucky no politically aware observers will figure this out and put it on the internet, because even a parody article of this will have people screaming for blood.”

“City of Yarra is so full of NIMBYs, they will go apeshit if they get wind of this before I program them to accept my tyranny, oops I meant cultural Marxism, no scratch that, we call it diversity right now. Diversity,  yeah that’s the thought terminating cliche we use right now.”

“I mean if you don’t like diversity you must be a racist,

so if a ‘Syrian’ rapes your daughter or son,

well it’s better than being called a nasty name, right?”

The recording ended with the phrase “I hope no one else heard that.”


Some of this article is true, some is completely made up, some is reasonable speculation, some is wild speculation and some is simply not true. It’s important for you all to start asking some questions about the world around you rather than swallow what ever bullshit is fed to you. Some people might find this article offensive, but you are also free to complain about it on the internet. I probably won’t care in the unlikely event that I ever read your objections. You probably will just give the screen an angry look because you are too lazy to even write down your thoughts or even explain why you feel so angry, that’s the cognitive dissonance kicking in. Oh that bastard, he is making a lot of sense and its hurting my head, Why does my head hurt so much, maybe it because its getting very tired from trying to tell you 1 + 1 = 3, 2+ 2 = 5 and 4 doesn’t really exist, its a right wing conspiracy.

In this article you were lied to in places and you might be offended or angry.

Well let me tell you, one day you will look back on that anger with pleasant memories, you’ve been told a lot of lies in your life and one day you might actually figure out a few of them. But we wont ruin the surprise, and you might now be ready for it anyway.

I find apathy offensive. Lets call it even and have a few piña coladas , because that logically follows from all of the above.

WTF?  yeah, exactly WTF!

I’m glad you have started thinking, don’t stop baby, it’s turning me on!

Wealthy Arab states reject Syrian refugees

So despite a flood of Syrian refugees to Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, wealthy Arab states simply reject outright Syrian refugees.

European nations are now displacing their own poor people to make way for housing immigrants and refugees.

Fake Syrian passports are now being used by economic migrants and ISIS terrorists to enter Europe.

Whether people realize it or not this will eventfully lead to civil wars in Europe.



8 billion borders

Some people talk about reducing borders. This on the surface seems like a good idea, a single human family, a single universal law, all differences forgotten, all people held to the same standard. The problem is borders are what protects us.

Our skin is a border, the physical border of my physical body which keeps the good in (necessary bits and pieces organs blood etc) and the bad out ( foreign objects and pathogens).  I think we all agree this border or barrier is necessary and desirable.

A little further out from this border is my personal space, I am (and many people are) quite careful who of what is allowed in this space.

The next border is the activities I consent to participating  in.  What I do and the terms and conditions under which I engage in commerce or how I volunteer my time is surely cornerstone to my freedom.

This is called the consent or voluntary principle: each individual has the right to give or refuse consent to anything.

So declaring your own borders around yourself creates a clear line between your will and the will of another person.

The real sticking point is: we live in a world of dissolving borders, nation state borders are beginning to dissolve. Eventually there will be few borders and at this point super states will form. The problem with any state is it finds justification (rightfully or otherwise) to impose restrictions on all of its governed, often without consent, whether it is a democracy or not. The larger the state, the more laws that are necessary, and even if truly democratic, your individual vote is much smaller.

State borders mean if your state is truly and clearly unsuitable for you and is resistant to change, you can always move to a different state more compatible to your beliefs. But what if there are no other states to go to, because there are no other states? Where will the refugees and asylum seeker go? You could say asylum seekers and refugees are created by borders, well in a way they are because they are seeking a different set of laws and cultural conventions. But without borders such people (asylum seekers and refugees) are doomed, there is nowhere else to seek asylum.

Refugees are escaping a state that refuses to respect their consent, and seek to find one that does respect their consent, at least to a greater extent.

The ideological danger in eliminating borders is after state borders are removed, then the other borders you cherish ( your jurisdiction of your activity) are under threat and there is no other state to move to. A dangerous trap, I’m sure you will agree. A world without borders is a world without escape.

No rickety ship or fake passport will save you from a world without borders.

But what of the utopia we are planning? say some globalists.

The global world being planned is simply an expansion of the most brutal and greedy regimes in the world today. These regimes will not magically change once they reach the target of encompassing the world. The greedy brutal expansionary regime will simply continue their erasing of borders until they reach your personal borders and challenge them also.  To believe in a magical change is foolish and naive.

To desire world domination ( a borderless world) is to desire world enslavement.

The global borderless world planned is is a ideologically bankrupt.

Any person who seeks a world without borders may not realize the enormous trap they are constructing.

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