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Institutions of Higher indoctrination

Janice Fiamengo stuck her head above the parapet to say more or less, “hey this feminism and rape culture is all BS”,”Actually women in the western world have it pretty good right now, don’t believe the faked statistics”.

The response from the feminist establishment was totalitarian damage control at its finest.

Every dirty trick, lie and blocking tactic employed. When you think about its its not a patriarchy we have to worry about it’s really a feminist totalitarian matriarchy that has become odious.

You have to love the cognitive dissonance of the feminists, we want safe spaces for all people to be able to share their experiences, except men, men aren’t allowed safe spaces.  It seems like feminism isn’t really about being pro-women, its more about being anti men.



Women investigate gender monocultures

I found two really interesting articles written by women about their actual experiences in gender monoculture.

Gender monoculture being an environment where there is only one gender.

Female only business:

Samantha Brick decided to start a TV channel  with only women as employees, and tells the sorry tale of the business’s bankruptcy after just  two years.

Any business going bad in a few short years is nothing new, but the behavior  of the women in their ’empowered’ environment, ( which the founder believes strongly contributed to the collapse) is quite staggering.

In this female only workplace women formed packs and psychologically tormented individuals from other packs. One women was well known for loudly broadcasting to the office details about her very busy sex life. Women were ’empowered’ and never had to answer to any man, and chose to use that freedom to emotionally abuse each other. Ultimately they destroyed the organization that have granted them the freedom from ‘patriarchy’.

It’s worth noting if a man wanted a men only business, he would be facing court action over discrimination, but if women do the same thing it’s not only accepted, the discrimination is actually celebrated.

“When I needed the so-called ‘Sisterhood’, believe me, it just wasn’t there.”
-Samantha Brick

COGnitive DISsonance

A female journalist undercover; successfully posing as a man for 18 months:

Norah Vincent, a very dedicated journalist decided to really find out the secrets of the mans private world. After an elaborate disguise regieme she was able to pass as a man. She discovered that men are really quite accepting and tolerant of each other, and unlikely to judge. Even in their private moments they don’t constantly talk about women or make crude remarks about their body shapes or body parts. In the end she develops more respect and sympathy for men, seeing that what they tolerate and must endure from the world is too much for her to bear. She actually got treated for depression at the end of the undercover experiment.

“I really like being a woman. … I like it more now because I think it’s more of a privilege.”

-Norah Vincent

A woman given the opportunity to be accepted as a man, declined the offer citing being a woman as being easier.

I found sources where women made these discoveries, so there can be no claim of bias or spin.

Both women were from the media industry and could have spun the story to fit the Marxist/feminist agenda, but I think both of then saw through the fantasy to see the truth.  Good media is about the truth, not the spin.

Facebook censorship of ‘rape culture’


Lets assume rape is a disease, certainly many of the symptoms of rape are recognized diseases and disorders, sexually transmitted infections, PTSD, anxiety disorders, just to name a few.

Using the disease paradigm what classifies a disease as common or rare? prevalence in the community obviously and the statistical chance of suffering the disease.

A common disease would be for example the common cold, almost everyone has experienced this disease.

A disease to be considered to be rare affect less than one in 100 people.

If we assume the statistics in the above censored meme are true, this would clearly show that rape is a rare disease not a common one as some people claim.

The rape culture meme that is circulating is really terrorism, terrorizing women into thinking their risk of being raped in college/university is more than 400 times the actual risk they are facing.

It terrorizes the men who aren’t rapists by falsely painting them as rapists.

This dubious ‘statistic’ is part of the false rape claim industry.

Women who claim to be raped, who are later conclusively proven to have lied about the accusation are usually not prosecuted, even after they have destroyed someone else’s life, career and reputation.

Rape culture is a weapon against men.

In rape it is guilty until proven innocent, proving that you are innocent of anything is difficult, which is why the judicial system assumes innocence in almost every other case.

Julian Assange who is effectively hiding in an embassy in London is  a victim of the false rape claim culture. We will likely find in the future that the women who are claiming these ‘rapes’ we pressured into this by third parties with an agenda against Assange. In fact some claims already point to this.

How could you prove in a court of law that you brushed your teeth this morning?

What evidence do you have than would stand up in a court of law?

If you want to attack a man, who you can’t find at fault in any other way, cry rape.

Feminism; lies and terrorism.


In the recent ADF sex film scandal, was the reason men were making the films of sexual acts to prove their innocence and that the encounter was consensual?

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