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Pedophiles: throw away the key

Anthony John Carolan 61, now indefinitely imprisoned (since 2000)  after numerous indecent assaults on children spanning back to the 1970’s.

Stop ‘Lesbian rape’ culture


The myth of rape culture is political in context, its an agenda to terrorize women and blame men.

the agenda is to perpetuate the myth that all men are rapists waiting for an opportunity.

A false rape complaint against a man is justified because even if your complaint is false you may be preventing a future rape because all men are rapists.

This is the feminist agenda, men are rapists and women are angels.

Ironically the group that is hurt most by this myth is the group you would think is most validated by it, Lesbians and bisexual women.

1 in 9 lesbian/bisexual women have been raped by a female partner.


Yes the US department of Justice  is the source. page 29 and 30

Because feminist myth that women are angels and morally superior is challenged at its core by this there is real resistance to this idea.

Worst of all the people most likely to be offering support in counseling/advocacy services are heavily indoctrinated in feminism, more likely to be lesbian or bisexual them selves and really don’t want to hear about women (or lesbians) as sexually violent. They would rather the problem was just swept under the rug, attitudes are changing, but slow progress.

It’s really hard for feminists to create the cognitive dissonance to somehow blame men (and patriarchy) when women are raping women.

Because feminists are fighting a political war for control of the state they consider lesbian rape to be just ‘collateral damage’ to be suppressed and ignored.

If you are a woman who is attracted to women and have just been sexually assaulted by a woman, call the police and avoid feminists. If you live with that woman pack your stuff and get out ASAP.

Women who rape:

Female NZ pedophile gets only 22 month sentence

COGnitive DISsonance

The title of this article is speculative regarding the sentence imposed based on previous similar case.

I think story the original from the New Zealand Herald gives the greatest level of detail on the case so far.

Read the story and be suitably horrified, them re-read the story with the genders reversed. I think you will find the level of outrage will increase.

Notice the word pedophile was not used once in the story. Curiously under NZ law women cannot even be charged with rape.

If a 36 year old man has non consensual sex with an 11 year old girl, you can be sure he would go to prison for a very long time.

But if a woman does it,  it is treated as a lesser offense, why?

This is cognitive dissonance and  the cultural Marxism of feminism, which always want to paint a picture of men as rapists, but women as oppressed angels.

Sadly many children are born of raped women, and this is a very sensitive and complex issue for the mother and child of this event. But can you imagine the shock you might feel to know your mother was the rapist.

Some people might say the boy must have enjoyed it to achieve orgasm to allow conception to occur, this however is a misnomer. pre cum contains some sperm and the orgasm reflex is not always consciously controlled, its not uncommon for women to report orgasm during rape. Something that is not often talked about for obvious reasons.

To add to the outrage of the case this female pedophile has been granted permanent name suppression so she will never answer to the community about her wrong doing and other children will be placed at risk.

I think if there is ever a case where a child should be taken from a mother at birth this is it, she sees children as sexually desirable, so what is stopping her from sexually abusing the child  she conceived from sexually abusing another child.

More on the light sentencing of female sex offenders here.

Looks like a case for Derryn Hinch to do some digging.

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