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#OMEL, LOL it was hijacked long ago.

OMEL hijacked

Following the interest in our feminism appreciation week, the hijackers that stole #OMEL along with all the other Occupy Melbourne media resources have claimed this website is not representative of Occupy Melbourne. Occupy Melbourne was never truly unified, it was always a series of factions. Some people tried to claim they would act as representatives for the voices of the occupiers, but it didn’t take long before they saw themselves as elites who had special privileges and special rights. Most of the hijackers spend little or no time at the occupations. Many never slept over in the parks, but felt it was their right to dictate the terms and conditions of those who did.

Eventually they claimed occupy Melbourne was dead but saw fit to continue to use all the media resources to promote their own agenda. They didn’t care about Occupy Melbourne or its original stated causes or objectives. That’s why Nick Carson didn’t bother to monitor the OM Wikipedia page and let it get vandalized. They didn’t care that they didn’t renew the OM domain names, simply anyone could have taken this domain name. Nick Carson never wanted to say what happened to all the monetary donations, the email contact lists.

If the Nick Carson led faction of media hijackers hadn’t stolen the voice of occupy Melbourne, this website would never have needed to exist. The fact that it does exist shows that he doesn’t represent Occupy Melbourne. People were so pissed off that their effort were being used to promote things they never voted for they started posting their own views here and asking for meaningful debate. Not every contributor here agrees with each other of different views, but most agree that the fraudulent monetary system we have is a cornerstone problem from which so many others originate from.
Dozens of author invites were sent out, some actually wanted to respond and contribute. Many people are just addicted to Facebook, which is their own issue. The reality is Facebook is a tool of narcissism not activism, it’s totally superficial heavily monitored and achieves nothing. So when nick Carson and his hijacker faction say this is website is not authoritative, he’s not willing to admit, his media resources which he stole from the OM community are not authoritative. We even held a public meeting to declare the old media resources as dis-endorsed.
This website was not funded by community donations has never asked for donations, doesn’t support any political party, Nick Carson cannot honestly make the same claims.

He’s a green party stooge posing as an activist, to push the green party agenda, which is Marxism.

Because we are smart enough to realize Nick Carson and his hijacker faction for what they are; hijackers.
Because we are smart enough to realize this and know how bad Marxism is we oppose it and all its branches.

Every time we¬† challenge him on his control of the stolen media resources he just spits out a series of lies like this: OM is dead, There is no media team, I don’t have the password, we haven’t had a GA about it, We don’t listen to the GA anymore, OWS doesn’t listen to the GA anymore….

You’ll see in the future he’ll use the OM platform to promote the green party and politics of the left in general, this will be done without mandate or a vote. Just be aware of his real agenda.

Just BS excuses really to justify their stranglehold on the media resources, because that’s all that really matters to them… control

This is the voice of the occupiers, is not going away, get used to it.

It’s nice to know he’s occasionally reminded we exist and we are getting bigger all the time.

Much ado about nothing

Today, we can celebrate the resignation of the former media team of Occupy Melbourne. Although there is a group of people that still clings to the public webspace of OM as gatekeeper for the 1%, those still interested in continuing the experiment of building a new society within the shell of old dying one have decided to keep the movement moving with a different swinging media team.

How has it all begun? In 2011, the wind of change blew the seeds of the occupy tree around the world. When it started sprouting in Melbourne, it was detected by a control freak, ambitious for a political career. Let’s call this person Nick (similarities to real existing persons are purely intentional) for now. When Nick saw the sprouting happening, he called some friends to help transplanting this wilding growing movement into a tiny flower pot.

He called this flower pot ‘media team’, and he and his friends swore to each other to tend this movement, to water it, let nobody close to it, and tell everyone what a beautiful fruit tree is growing in their tiny flower pot. After a short while, they stopped believing their own lies about the massive orchard quelling from their flower pot, and even stopped watering their catch at all.

So they told everyone that couldn’t change the topic fast enough how dead OM is – they must know, their captured seedling withered away long ago. And while the media team managed to transplant some more wild seeds into their flower pot, it was certain that all that was occupy in Melbourne was dead and gone. Viciously they guarded the online corpse of ‘their’ movement, and trampled on anything grassroot like that still held the Occupy banner held up proudly.

So let’s call them agents of Monsanto. That’s probably as wrong as calling them government spooks, still funnier and closer to the truth. The media mafia was more interested in success within the corrupt system than bringing it down. One of the incapable gardeners, let’s call him James, couldn’t wait to announce the death of OM, and now makes a buck from selling his obituary as lecture at the University Melbourne. Kudos to James to commercially exploit an ‘anti-capitalist’ movement.

As the media team spend most time lamenting the death of the movement, and started a campaign of shameless self-promotion based in their decisive position within this movement, they blessed the occupiers continuing the ideas of the global movement with ignorance.

The ‘official’ OM sites and facebook pages are currently maintained by a bunch of trolls. They have created a cyber zombie designed to wreak havoc among the activist community. However, the cold, icelandic polit bureau times are as good as gone. A movement that aims to change society and culture cannot be impeded by some self-obsessed, potentially sociopathic political amateur ideologues, at least not for long.

As Occupy Melbourne continued to win hearts and minds of the Melbournians, without any support of the media team (which hijacked the funeral procession of Rob Doyle’s career for more self-enlargement and media whore moments). Without the polit bureau, the movement consolidated.

Only time can tell¬†whether the Icelandic heroes let go of their prey. However, if you want to study disinformation strategy follow the ‘official’ Occupy Melbourne fb page, still hijacked by the media team.

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