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You'd think they would give up but they are still clinging on to the credit for what other people did years ago and offer nothing new them selves.

You’d think they would give up but they are still clinging on to the credit for what other people did years ago and offer nothing new them selves.

If you have links to please update them to

This is the most up to date and relevant source for all things Occupy Melbourne. was never responsive to requests from occupiers. It is just a personal political vehicle for a few careerists and wanna be politicians desperate to part of the system they claim to oppose.

who is behind all of this?  the same protaganists as usual.

OM dictatorship class of 2013- a portrait series. (L-R) Nick Carson, Teigan Evans, Carl Scrace (seated)

OM dictatorship class of 2013- a portrait series.
(L-R) Nick Carson, Teigan Evans, Carl Scrace (seated)

Yes these are your self styled dictators posing as the voice of Occupy Melbourne via the ‘ .org’ domain name.

A political prostitute with a face lift is still just a political prostitute.



Determination, a victory of endurance

Nick Carson (local greens party stooge, opportunist, media hijacker, vegemite addict) finally gives up the domain name after more than a year of non activity.

Finally that NGO styled embarrassment is gone.

This is your footnote to Nick Carson and his credibility for ‘fighting forever’ for occupy Melbourne.Nick Carson was not an original organizer for occupy Melbourne, he just came to the later planning meetings and offered his expertise in arranging a URL and a blog, he then used his ownership of that to slowly and steadily force everyone else out of having a voice in the OM media channels. Utter Parasite. he has apparently moved on to other victims now, good riddance

What now for, the URL sold recently for about $200? Wait and see.

Artist impression of what Nick Carson looked like when his monopoly on OccupyMelbourne URL's and media presence was broken by us.

Artist impression of what Nick Carson looked like when his monopoly on Occupymelbourne URL’s and media presence was broken by us.

Us? well we have made over 500 posts here in about 12 months and still going strong. It has been a pleasure informing you of the things you should  know, and questions you should ask yourself.

#OMEL, LOL it was hijacked long ago.

OMEL hijacked

Following the interest in our feminism appreciation week, the hijackers that stole #OMEL along with all the other Occupy Melbourne media resources have claimed this website is not representative of Occupy Melbourne. Occupy Melbourne was never truly unified, it was always a series of factions. Some people tried to claim they would act as representatives for the voices of the occupiers, but it didn’t take long before they saw themselves as elites who had special privileges and special rights. Most of the hijackers spend little or no time at the occupations. Many never slept over in the parks, but felt it was their right to dictate the terms and conditions of those who did.

Eventually they claimed occupy Melbourne was dead but saw fit to continue to use all the media resources to promote their own agenda. They didn’t care about Occupy Melbourne or its original stated causes or objectives. That’s why Nick Carson didn’t bother to monitor the OM Wikipedia page and let it get vandalized. They didn’t care that they didn’t renew the OM domain names, simply anyone could have taken this domain name. Nick Carson never wanted to say what happened to all the monetary donations, the email contact lists.

If the Nick Carson led faction of media hijackers hadn’t stolen the voice of occupy Melbourne, this website would never have needed to exist. The fact that it does exist shows that he doesn’t represent Occupy Melbourne. People were so pissed off that their effort were being used to promote things they never voted for they started posting their own views here and asking for meaningful debate. Not every contributor here agrees with each other of different views, but most agree that the fraudulent monetary system we have is a cornerstone problem from which so many others originate from.
Dozens of author invites were sent out, some actually wanted to respond and contribute. Many people are just addicted to Facebook, which is their own issue. The reality is Facebook is a tool of narcissism not activism, it’s totally superficial heavily monitored and achieves nothing. So when nick Carson and his hijacker faction say this is website is not authoritative, he’s not willing to admit, his media resources which he stole from the OM community are not authoritative. We even held a public meeting to declare the old media resources as dis-endorsed.
This website was not funded by community donations has never asked for donations, doesn’t support any political party, Nick Carson cannot honestly make the same claims.

He’s a green party stooge posing as an activist, to push the green party agenda, which is Marxism.

Because we are smart enough to realize Nick Carson and his hijacker faction for what they are; hijackers.
Because we are smart enough to realize this and know how bad Marxism is we oppose it and all its branches.

Every time we  challenge him on his control of the stolen media resources he just spits out a series of lies like this: OM is dead, There is no media team, I don’t have the password, we haven’t had a GA about it, We don’t listen to the GA anymore, OWS doesn’t listen to the GA anymore….

You’ll see in the future he’ll use the OM platform to promote the green party and politics of the left in general, this will be done without mandate or a vote. Just be aware of his real agenda.

Just BS excuses really to justify their stranglehold on the media resources, because that’s all that really matters to them… control

This is the voice of the occupiers, is not going away, get used to it.

It’s nice to know he’s occasionally reminded we exist and we are getting bigger all the time.

Free shop under threat on 6 month anniversay

Nick Carson has just arrived at the Free shop to try to claim credit for all the work everyone else has done.

In the past he has claimed that he goes to the free shop but we believe this the first time he has actually shown up.

Teigan Evans has been keeping the seat warm for Nick Carson for quite a while, and has even welcomed well know agent provocateurs to the free shop in the past to threaten and harass Free shop volunteers

So on the 6 month anniversary of the free shop Nick Carson wants to take over.

So if you would like to ask Nick Carson why he hijacked all the media resources from Occupy Melbourne and to this day refused to give them back, go and ask him. He’s at the corner of Collins Street and Swanston Street, Melbourne 3000 Victoria, right now.


Update: like a serial con man he is gone in a flash.

And just to clarify for the future, Nick Carson is not an organizer for the march against Monsanto occurring next week, though it’s likely he will try to hijack that too.

Nick Carson can't say he never knew Adam Bandt.

Nick Carson can’t say he never knew Adam Bandt.

OM dictatorship class of 2013- a portrait series. (L-R) Nick Carson, Teigan Evans, Carl Scrace (seated)

OM dictatorship class of 2013- a portrait series.
(L-R) Nick Carson, Teigan Evans, Carl Scrace (seated)


free shop 15 03 2013

This could be the end of the freeshop. Demand answers from the hijackers if you want to save the free shop.

Occupy Melbourne investigates ‘The Greens’

Recently the Greens in Melbourne City Council decided to do some party promotion media stunts. They got Carl Scrace to hastily make a media release stating that he wanted MCC to investigate the Occupy Melbourne City Square eviction of  November 21 2011. Of course this was a media stunt because a federal court case is still ongoing, no investigation by anyone is really appropriate. It was just an opportunity for the Greens and any other political opportunist to grandstand about how 18 months later they support the Occupy Melbourne protests. Thanks for declaring your support now, you still aren’t actually helping us. We predicted this little ill conceived media stunt would simply crash and burn, and it did. But it made us rethink again how the Greens really did nothing for us and really could have done something, especially considering their claimed ideals.

The Characters


Adam Bandt  -Greens Federal for Melbourne.

the MCC media stunt pro investigation votes.

Cathy Oke Greens MCC councilor

Cathy Oke Greens MCC councilor

Rohan Leppert  - Greens MCC

Rohan Leppert – Greens MCC

Stephen Mayne MCC Political opportunist  - Greens and ALP leaning when it suits him.

Stephen Mayne MCC Political opportunist – Greens and ALP leaning when it suits him.

Dr Jackie Watt

Dr Jackie Watt

Dr Jackie Watt – RMIT Education PhD. ALP links.

As we can see two pro votes were from Greens , one from an opportunist, one from someone with ALP links. We’ll give Dr Jackie Watt the benefit of the doubt for now.

So there we have it, a Greens inspired media stunt to leverage media coverage of Occupy Melbourne, which they put nothing into and now are attempting to claim as their own.


Were the Greens involved from the beginning?

Right from the beginning we all wondered if there was a connection between ‘The Greens’ political party and Occupy Melbourne or even the movement as a whole. They deny it.

Adam Bandt denies involvement in Occupy Melbourne.

Adam Bandt denies involvement in Occupy Melbourne.

The first clue was Nick Carson, who made the disclaimer that he let his Greens membership lapse. The next clue was Adam Bandt  (federal member for Melbourne) arriving at the City Square During the first OM camp.

Nick Carson can't say he never knew Adam Bandt.

Nick Carson can’t say he never knew Adam Bandt.

Nick Carson trying to get votes for the greens.

Nick Carson trying to get votes for the greens.

The next clue was the City Square eviction. How was that a clue? Well Adam Bandt and the Greens held the balance of power in both the Senate and the House of Representatives at the time. Had they decided to make and issue of Occupy Melbourne’s rights to make a political point and demonstrate, they certainly had the power to bring down the government over the issue. Remember this was a government that was a minority government that needed alliances with 3 independents and Adam Bandt from The Greens to have the numbers to govern. Just one dissenter in their ranks was enough to make things very complex for them.  Adam Bandt could have voted against them on any bill they tried to pass into law. Adam Bandt’s Green party in the Senate could have struck down two bills and caused a snap election. He was literally holding the government by the balls and just quietly moaned as they slapped against his chin.

Australian political balance of power in 2011 during the brutal occupy Melbourne City Square eviction. The greens held balance of power in both houses.

Australian political balance of power in 2011 during the brutal occupy Melbourne City Square eviction. The Greens held balance of power in both houses.

So rather than care about our legal right to protest, the Greens turned their backs on us and just complained afterwards.

Most ironically Adam Bandt talks about his highest passions , human rights and the environment, but he allowed dozens of peaceful protestors to be brutalized in the middle of Australia’s second biggest city, he allowed 17 truck loads of their possessions to be destroyed and thrown into landfill.

Bandt wikipedia quote


Because the Greens planned to do nothing socially useful in their entire term and need to attach themselves to a populist cause, preferably something high profile and no longer existent, a martyr cause.

The Greens used Occupy Melbourne as an opportunity to  find a popular cause, kill it from the inside, and then use its remains as a platform, simply put: to grandstand on our corpse. After killing it, they just needed to make sure it was completely silent or only making pro Green party murmurs. How’s that working out for you guys?


To make sure OM died the Greens got their operatives in the camp. Most never even stayed one night there, though they felt completely entitled to make decisions that affected those who did.

To make sure OM never said inconvenient things or figured out the truth, their operatives stymied debate, hijacked groups (most significantly the media group), installed politically correct language and culture.

All of the media assets were hijacked and controlled to make sure the messages could be controlled before during and after the protest in the parks.

One of the most obvious Greens operatives was Nick Carson a former greens candidate, he surrounded him self with other operatives to form a quorum to back up his position and point of view.

He hijacked the main Facebook groups putting himself and other operatives as administrators to completely control everything.

Winter 2012 they released ‘Occupy Reflects’, to whitewash themselves out of any possible guilt and to proclaim OM dead and buried.

Nick Carson was probably promised some form of political position for his efforts, but with the discovery and publication of his actions that is now unlikely.

It was relatively obvious who Nick Carson’s fellow Greens operatives were, they all have one thing in common, Marxism.

Karl Marx, whats behind all that 'Green'.

Karl Marx, what’s behind all that ‘Green’.

It’s well known many green movements are watermelons, Marxism disguised as environmentalism. The Greens Party in Australia are no different.

Marxism in brief.

Karl Marx’s ideas were a response to the industrial revolution, the transformation of economic systems from feudalism to capitalism. Marx’s ideas we initially successful in places like Russia and China but the as the rest of the world looked on, other disenchanted workers saw it as less desirable (less freedom, less wealth) than capitalism or feudalism. So in the 20th century Marxist ideas (second wave) were not targeted to the working class (who rejected them), but instead to second rate academics and the marginalized members of society.  The biggest success of Marxism’s second wave was Feminism, Gay rights, Racial equality, Environmentalism. This is not to say they were not good things, but rather to point out these areas of academia are absolutely full of Marxist ideology.

Lets look at the Marxist greens and tie some threads together.


Critical theory.

Criticize everything except Marxism, don’t offer a solution, because the unspoken solution is Marxism. Critical theory is a hijacking of the term critical thought. Critical thought comes from critique, whereas critical theory comes from the term criticize. Subtle distinction you might say, but a critique is a careful examination that is balanced and objective. Criticize is usually emotionally charged and unbalanced, leaving out opposing arguments.

The Greens just criticized the local council, they didn’t use their political power to stop them. 18 months later they attempted to get political/media profile out of Occupy Melbourne, hoping everyone forgot they denied all connections at the time, did nothing to help, and now care because its an election year.

*OM: many Marxists just criticized what everyone else was doing, but did nothing to help or offer a better solution.


Education system.

Keep Marxist though secretly as a corner stone of all thought. Promote specific thought terminating cliches to defend Marxism. Make people think they are smart if they can recall which (thought terminating) cliche is the best to end a debate.Marxist thought absolutely pervades arts, social sciences and education departments in higher education. Marxists even created a whole language of cliches and word for things called politically correct language. The politics that was correct in this language was Marxism, but that wasn’t specifically stated. If you think you know everything about the world straight out of university, you are a fool. Much of what you learned was dogma and after leaving university you should find out what was true and what was false. Much of the education system is geared toward leveling everybody out to the same mediocre level, praise the fools and chastise the clever.

Most of the Greens candidates are educated in law, arts and education, most of them are Marxists whether they realize it or not.

*OM: While we had a education working group it largely did nothing, I think it was just there to promote thought terminating cliches and promote politically correct language.



Hijack a group of women who want a better life in capitalism and tell them they are a oppressed by the man’s system (capitalism), make them hate and wish to subjugate men.

Women: men and women are not equal, just as apples and oranges are not equal. Men and women are different but have similarities.

In some circumstances they could be treated equally. I could use either to make apple juice or orange juice. Often both are needed to make a better product, orange juice is better with an apple base. Sometimes one is never a substitute for the other, Apple pie, duck l’Orange.

This is not to say men and women shouldn’t be treated equally where it makes sense to do so.

In the siege of Stalingrad the Russians used many female snipers, some as young as 12 years old, because a rifle can be used by either gender at more or less the same difficulty, unlike the sword that came before it. The use of women in the military in Russia wasn’t so much a triumph for women’s rights, it was more a consequence of the desperation of the Russians who lost more people to world war 2 than any other country.

Lyudmila Mikhailivna Pavlichenko, One of 2000 female Russian Snipers of WW2. She was credited with 309 kills.

Lyudmila Mikhailivna Pavlichenko, One of 2000 female Russian Snipers of WW2. She was credited with 309 kills.

It wasn’t just the Russians that were keen to use women for the war effort, Women all over the world were encouraged into factories and industries where they had never been before, apart from being secretaries or eye candy. The real feminist push came in the generation following this, when women grew up with mothers who have been in wartime factories and traditionally male dominated professions, only to find their mothers’ careers were somehow off-limits to them. This also coincided with the consolidation of Marxist thought in the embryonic feminist theory being taught at universities.

Women working in a munitions factory in WW2, industrial work was largely unknown for women before this time.

Women working in a munitions factory in WW2, industrial work was largely unknown for women before this time.

But men and women should not attempt equality where it makes no sense.

Men can give birth, but does it make a lot of sense to go through all the required surgery and operations, when most women are naturally equipped to to so?

How would women feel paying a tax so men can have operations to get a uterus and give birth?

If you are a woman and you want equality that really means something in the real world, get a gun, that is a real equalizer.

Find a feminist who is not an environmentalist, pretty rare, there is no other obvious logical connection between these two ideologies other than Marxism.

Feminists if you really care about the environment stop using sanitary products containing sphagnum moss, which is harvested by destroying wetlands.

*OM: There was a feminist working group, most of the attendees were women of course, a few men went along, most sessions were apparently to complain about men doing relatively minor things that upset their sensibilities. Most of the men and some of the women attending these meeting were just trying to find women to sleep with. Interestingly they never complained about male (or female) sex predators which did exist sadly.


Lack of democracy.

Democracy sounds good and fair, people like the sound of the word, it implies fairness, Marxists subvert it where possible with bloc voting, stacking elections, forming committees, if needed Marxists find reasons for when it should be abandoned (in favor of Marxist agenda).

Find a democratic reform group that doesn’t use lots of politically correct language: Marxist infiltration.

OM: Many important decisions were made in working groups, though these groups were supposed to be open and transparent, in reality most were closed and didn’t have or release minutes. The facilitation working group was designed to help moderate debates, it was meant to be neutral but in many cases steered debate, or simply denied democracy.


Bureaucracy and cronyism.

Always have cronies and useful idiots at all levels ready to distract and deflect debate with thought terminating cliches. Always have a committee, committees are great, they appear to be a collection of experts and affected individuals making a decision, and it appears to be democratic. Nothing is further from the truth. Committees are usually stacked from the beginning, have very little knowledge of the subject they are making decisions on and are generally unaffected by the decision they make. Committees often have hidden agendas and love making rules for everyone else that they are immune from somehow.

Successful small businesses don’t have committees. Committees and boards of directors are for large inefficient dinosaurs. The communist party has a chairman, governments have committees.

OM: Working groups were often filled with cronies to stack votes and sway opinions.


Lack of transparency.

You don’t need to cover your tracks if there is no transparency in the first instance. The Greens in Australia do not allow media at their conferences, however ALP the Liberals do. Why so secretive?

If Marxism is so great, why is it hiding in so many places?

OM: General assembly minutes sometimes got lost and were sometimes altered before release. Working groups were very much closed. The most secretive were Facilitation, Media and First aid and care.

Facilitation and media should have been the most open, not the most closed. First aid and care certainly covered up at least one sexual assault, probably more.


Global aspirations.

Does anyone remember the environmental slogan of the 90’s  ‘Think Globally, act locally’, it’s an example of the global aspirations of environmentalism and Marxism.

Think Marxism globally, Act Marxist locally.

OM:  It was a global movement, I think about the word ‘global’ differently now.


Massive hypocrisy.

After East Germany collapsed and was absorbed by the capitalist west, enclaves were discovered where the party elites lived, They were full of luxuries the working class could not afford to buy. Many luxuries were illegally imported products from the west that no one was permitted to posses in their glorious workers paradise. Ultimately communism in East Germany was just a dishonest version of capitalism disguised as communism to keep the workers uninformed and compliant.

Hypocrisy is a really strong trait in Marxists, they always have a reason why ‘some animals are more equal that others’.

OM: The Greens operatives almost without exception never stayed in the park from dusk till dawn. Because they were better than everyone else. A true polit bureau.



Ever heard of meteorology or climatology? You have more likely hear of climate science which is not a science at all but claims to be. The committee raises its ugly head again and claims to be an expert (wrong) or claims to have consensus (it doesn’t). Committees don’t do science and consensus is what hold back science not what advances it. The number of people who died because of their scientific idea is staggering, many people died believing outdated theories. Much of the newer paradigms in science were only adopted as truth when people literary grew up in the new paradigm with the old guard simply dying of old age. This didn’t make them right (repeatability and making correct predictions made them correct) but science is a culture and one very resistant to change. In the 90s it was called global warming, because the globe was warming in that period, in the 2000’s it was called climate change (because it was actually cooling down), there’s a big change of the goal posts  right there. In the 70s scientists were terrified of a new ice age.

Global warming is not happening, humans are not a significant factor in global temperature.

Global warming, Global scam for Marxist control.

OM: Most people believed in global warming. Most people had no idea this is a massive scam. I’m not sure who’s idea it was for use to eat off plastic disposable plates and use disposable cutlery, but everything else got stolen or destroyed by the council ultimately.


One political term with Greens having some real power:

So our Green party in Australia, what have they done with their small dose of power? Installed a huge tax on everyone in Australia to sending the money offshore to unaccountable people.

If you are a big polluter you pay very little.

Corruption and cronyism: big businesses in bed with the state are protected. Some animals are more equal that other animals.

If you are small business you can’t blame your recent cost increase on carbon tax (that is an offense).

Promoting secrecy around the secret tax , the secret theft.

If you are a poor house holder you will be compensated (at least for now) for the cost addition to your expenses.

Pushing more people to welfare where they can be controlled.

Where did the tax  payment really come from, more foreign debt?

More foreign debt means less control over you own country, it slowly slides into the hands of the globalist Marxists.

We'll so weaken you economy (with carbon tax) until you fall...

We’ll so weaken you economy (with carbon tax) until you fall…

What went wrong?

They all underestimated a hard core who refused to give up despite the slander, insults lies and offensive behavior of Nick Carson’s Marxist Green hijacker cell.

We bled for this movement, we were harassed 24/7, we were robbed by council workers and other less organized criminals, we were assaulted and threatened by police. For most people this is enough to turn them off, but for some it meant the sunk cost was too high to just walk away, and let the parasites bleed the movement dry and use it for infecting the rest of society.

But that’s the trouble with using delusional flunkies to do your dirty work, it’s hard to get good flunkies, because flunkies are usually incompetent and stupid.

Beside every main gate there is a side door, this is that door. And the door is getting more and more traffic, so much so, it’s going to eventually be the main door.

Bad guys think they have gotten away with it, until the A team arrives.

Bad guys think they have gotten away with it, until the A team arrives.

Teigan Evans officially supports fascist elites

OM dictatorship class of 2013- a portrait series.(L-R) Nick Carson, Teigan Evans, Carl Scrace (seated)

OM dictatorship class of 2013- a portrait series.
(L-R) Nick Carson, Teigan Evans, Carl Scrace (seated)

Straight out of the Facebook jungles:
The artist specifically stated ‘its not cyber bullying’
Clearly we are not the only people who have noticed the isolationist dictatorial nature of the OM media team, that has a secret closed Facebook group ironically called ‘Iceland’.

Being that Teigan Evans booted 5+ long stand OM members from the Iceland group, who had only been  part of the Iceland group for a month (some had been in for only days), he could only expect to be seen as part of the Marxist ‘eastern bloc’ controlling the media team on Facebook.

Strangely he didn’t have any reason for doing so, just apparently a big dummy spit. Really it’s just that Teigan along with he rest of the Iceland ‘eastern bloc’ bleat about democracy, but don’t believe in it.

It just sounds good, aural opium for the unwashed masses.

All hail the dear leaders.

Because some animals are more equal than others.

Nick Carson hypocritically complains about not being listened to by Robert Doyle

Nick Carson just fails to see the hypocracy of his actions; complaining about tyrrany above, when he creates tyrrany below.

Organic vs Synthetic! OccupyMelbourne vs Carson & Scrase inc.

While this is not an article about the reflects journal, a quick note is needed:
Currently a splinter group of Occupy Melbourne has relentlessly promoted a journal titled: “occupy Reflects”

On the surface it appears to be a collection of essays without any bias, or so it is promoted. Some are good and some give accounts, by people who never really camped or participated. However it may be easily assumed, as the subtlety of the title suggests, Reflects being a code word for something that has passed, suggesting its purpose is to bring to an end OM as a brand. The overall effect of the works gives a negative description of the movement and this is evidenced by the recent article in The Age News paper, whereby the anniversary of the Occupy Melbourne eviction received a very detrimental review, quoting information which it sourced from the Reflects journal. Even the OM legal team members have voiced their concerns about the paper, and leaves us wondering how this will help fair the court decision we are currently awaiting?

It is important to note that many members refused to contribute to the Reflects journal, due to the way it was carried out, causing divisions led by a splinter group headed by Nick Carson and Carl Scrase, who are seeking to converge the members of OM into new  personal organisations, one of which is entitled “Real Democracy Australia”  The cause of division stems from the controlled take over of the web entity of OM, that has censored on ground members and silenced the majority.

It is common knowledge that these individuals, along with a few, have tried to use OM for personal gains, building a political platform on which they may establish political careers. At a Reflects meeting Carl Scrase openly stated that he has a thirty year plan he wishes to pursue within Melbourne politics.

Thus we find ourselves in the predicament, organic vs synthetic!

When Occupy Melbourne started, it was an organic outburst of people who attended, and its growth was a natural response to the world movement that was taking place.  It was not due to any organisers or any other form of contrived campaigns. It was natural, it was organic, and there were and are no leaders…

Tactics employed by Carson and Scrase have been utilised in order to brand themselves as heads of OM. A controlled take over of the web entity and media lists has caused much censorship and manipulation, forcing original participants to leave, and locking many others out of the scene, yet all in the while shamelessly promoting their own agendas.  Much is to be said about this, and shall be analysed and documented in near future.  A simple example however is warranted here in order to illustrate types of tactics used.

The main facebook and website of OM has not allowed sharing and or reporting of important works by on ground members. Currently this has been expanded to other outside connected groups, where they are spreading false reports of events, so that OM may be shut down, and converge into the synthetically formed groups that are headed by the aforementioned individuals.

The common fashion is to cut and paste other peoples ideas and existing org templates, and brand it as their own.  In a group named “citizen media collective” Carson has continued to systematically cut out members events, even though many of us are not only members of OM but are also members in CMC as well.
The group page ( states that their mission is:

Free Media Through Mutual Aid – real stories, by real people, no corporate or state agenda

and also:

The CMC co-ordinates participating citizen media to be present in varying capacities at community events and actions in Melbourne and Victoria to capture images, write articles, livetweet, livestream and other supportive methods of community story-telling.

Yet this group is repeating not only the same censorship of Occupy Melbourne, that occurred in the main facebook page and websites, but in fact it is repeating the very same system of which we opposed and which is the very reason we as a people formed as a revolutionary movement, against state oppression.

Allow us to demonstrate:

In the recent Occupy Melbourne one year Anniversary of the City Square eviction posting on Citizen Media Collective page (see post here:

Carson has co-ordinated his friend photographer (former member who has left occupy)  to censor the days events, and to purposely cut out the majority of members, who do not support his plans.  The folowing is an example of the photos posted by Carson and Co, followed by a true photo of the days events.

CMC page propaganda:







So we have to ask, Can you trust these individuals? How when even an offshoot page (which many of us are members, but are censored) cant report the simple truth, and favours personal agendas! They are politically inclined, for personal gains! This has been the source of division and discontent/mistrust within the OM movement. This has been the tactic on official OM pages, where they have blocked members, not mentioned events, and leaked to the media information that strengthens their causes, and leaves the damage to hard working occupiers etc.

They are attempting to create fake movement groups in every state, via the Real Democracy Template, as seen in the following pic, and eg of Scrase manufacturing this RDA org by adding the same group of friends in every group, to give the false impression that these groups are organically springing up, but are not, and have failed thus far. He is now attempting to combine it in a simplified form as Real Democracy Melbourne! Not to mention that the cut and paste method has been scorned by original creators, and is also not supported by the majority of occupiers!

See pic of contrived group in Queensland (and so it goes in every state)

notice above pic where all the people are added by Scrase, and no one participated! NOT ORGANIC!!!

Peoples concerns are justified, when even Mr Scrase knows and openly admits he has control issues (see screen grab of Scrase chatting on RDA page):

in this video Scrase attempted another org “we make us” just prior to occupy, and is visual evidence of his ambition, without substance, megolomania! Note how he claims he is a pioneer, due to imagining a better world, as if to suggest that others dont imagine and want a better world? Watch the video, and make up your own mind:

and while his party failed at gaining any support, check out the following video of another failed attempt, but interesting where he supports a biological virus injected into a placenta.
Watch how he boasts that he is Carl Scrase after German artist Joseph Beuys etc

once again, you be the judge, but consider these facts:

1. Censorship of OM events

2. Blocking of access to web entity of OM (Carson changed passwords, and now claims he doesn’t have it, after successfully pushing out original participants etc)

3. Self promotion by Carson and Scrase through occupy brand

4. The Narcissistic tendencies, and admittance of corruptible by power (even the legal team has commented “imagine if these kids were given any political positions”)

5. The refusal to engage in conversations with people who attempted to converse with them…. The cause of animosity, as people see them shamelessly promote their agendas, and pretend not to be aware of other events.

6. offshoot groups such as Citizen Media Collective claim to represent Melbourne activist events as they happen, and yet censor OM activities.

7. they formed secret groups “iceland” etc and deny media contact lists, yet leak to the media, Occupy Reflects journal and other information that is damaging to OM, in order to converge certain members into their new groups,

and in doing so, not only has division been achieved, but such actions do not support the legal case and is in fact detrimental to the movement as a whole…

Such deceitful actions have caused a few to think that maybe Carson and Scrase are agents infiltrating the movement, others see them as spoilt rich kids who have ego problems, and a few are flattered and join in on their cause in hope to achieve positions within the new ranks, The majority of decent intelligent folk leave, not wanting to engage in such negative mind games. Regardless of which view is valid, it is of no concern, other than negative impact the actions of these individuals have caused…

more to come…

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