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John Carpenter’s They Live


With Greek subtitles because it’s one of Melbourne unofficial languages.


A great film showing the way most of wander through life oblivious to the messages we are fed constantly. In the film our protagonist (played by former pro wrestler Rowdy Roddy piper) discovers a pair of sunglasses that allows him to see through the facade of the world once he sees it through the correct lens (or filter). After trying to convince his friend to try the glasses a lengthy fist fight ensues (making use of Roddy’s extensive stage fighting skills). So a movies about the fake messages we a fed with he lead actor a man well versed in making the fake look real.

I wont ruin the rest for you, but it doesn’t take long for him to arrive at a bank with firearms.

A sneak peak.





Movie: In time

Movie: In time Time is money, and in this movie, time is you life, when this clock reads 0 you are dead.

Movie: In time Time is money, and in this movie, time is you life, when this clock reads 0 you are dead.

Art wank beret is now on!

This movie might otherwise be a typical forgettable Hollywood blockbuster, Guy gets rich, moves to the big city, gets the girl, creates a Bonnie and Clyde style crime spree in order to change the world.

However, in this movie they stole a premise that had been in many previous works, the idea that time was money and without stored time credits you simply timed out and died.

So in terms of illustrating concepts of the way fiat currency (and who controls it) intersects with and manipulates society, this film is quite a refreshing surprise.

I was wondering why i hadn’t seen this film or been told about it, then i discovered, it was released just a few weeks after occupy went world wide and so many of us were distracted with that.

As mentioned the multiple prior competing claims to the film concept “time is money, personal life clocks, timekeepers (time police)…” all fell on deaf ears ultimately. The cognitive dissonance of making a movie about central control of livelihood and the corruption and unfairness of it all, and still refusing to offer credit or homage to people who had the idea first and would otherwise be entitled to intellectual property rights from this profit making, though averagely received film. And they will scream blue murder if some abuses their intellectual property right to the film.

Having been provocative enough, I have only linked the trailer to the film, I’m sure if you are interested you will find one of many ways to enjoy it’s in its entirely.

Perhaps even look into one of the many prior works, left unacknowledged.

Since the movie is about alternative measures of value, I will introduce a new rating system for movie, smokes.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be cigarettes are currency in many places.

Rating: 2 smokes.

Art wank beret is now off.

The Matrix Trilogy: Decoded by Mark Passio



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