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Allahu Akbar


Roz Ward Hat crime Hypocrite


This is Roz Ward. She is a Hypocrite who demands her sexual/political agenda is forced onto schools. She packages her agenda as being safe from bullies but clearly is happy to publicly bully others. She claims to be an academic but is completely unable to come up with a valid argument as to why someone else should remove a hat she politically disagreed with so she resorts to violence to snatch it off.


Roz ward:

Ignorant, Fake Academic, Hypocrite, bully, thug, Marxist.


With a little more digging we find ‘Safeschools’ is linked to pedophile apologists and propagandists.

Coburg clash Marxists vs anti muslim


Melbourne’s inner north suburb of Coburg became a flash point  for tensions in the on going polarization between Melbourne traditional Marxist/socialist leaning groups and the emerging nationalist/anti immigration/anti muslim protest groups. Melbourne and Bendigo have seen a series ongoing escalating clashes between these  groups over the past 12 months. In these clashes it seems the Marxists sought to initiate the violence, which is somewhat typical for leftists. Apparently 1.7 million dollars was spend by Victoria police on preparation for this event, with staff being brought in from many divisions. The violence was brief but intense and broken up with OC (capsicum) spray deployed by Victoria police. These protest clashes show no signs of deescalating, and Victoria police  seemingly being stretched to the limit to control them. Where to from here? Well the Occupy movements were an attempt to sort out issues in a peaceful civilized (though slow and clumsy) manner, and state forces brutally crushed them. Now the state have made this form of ‘dispute resolution’ inevitable. Now OC orange is the new black, and equal rights have give way to right hooks. It’s the world you choose, and we hope you don’t regret your choices later on.

From the 7 news affiliate, largely from Marxist group perspective.

From the ‘He said his dad works at pine gap’ affiliates perspective, largely of the brawl. Looks like you got lucky Benjamin. The audio is somewhat poor, being punctuated with the sound of the still shot bursts.


That’s some video of the event, make up you own mind about who did what and when.

Skyrail Caulfield the final solution


SkyRail Caulfield the final solution.

The Murrumbeena Sky Rail Blues

So word is out that the government is planning to upgrade and replace the old level crossings at Carnegie , Murrumbeena and Hughesdale with a track raised 9 metres and huge concrete eye-sore stations that will hover over these quaint old village-style suburbs like alien spaceships.



The government did not consult the locals, but pretty much ambushed them with a door-knock 2 days before the official announcement. Understandably, the locals are up in arms and a petition against the “sky rail” containing nearly 3000 signatures has been filed with parliament.

The government also issued a propaganda video , which promises to turn the area under the track into a bike path and parkland, as if people will flock to parks under thundering trains. More likely this will attract the local drug dealers and “painters”.

As a former resident of Murrumbeena (for 10 years), I lived one street removed from the train-line. Even in the late Nineties it was congested and running with greater frequency than other train-lines. We could hear it, but it didn’t intrude on our lives. If the sky rail was built, many people from our street would be able to see it too.

As for the people whose properties back onto the rail (Mainly Murrumbeena)this is obviously a disaster of epic proportions reminiscent of the Blues Brothers scene :”How often does the train go by? So often you don’t notice it anymore” But of course you do!

Instead of   accusing people of NIMBYism, maybe the critics need to understand that this part of Murrumbeena is an upmarket patch with huge and extended 1930ties heritage properties on large land, some of them close, even backing onto the train line. On the nearby Waverley line, which has always been raised in parts, property backyards do not back onto the train line but start across the street.

Murrumbeena and Hughesdale have the feel of old English villages, with masses of trees , beautiful period  houses , and quaint shopping centres that nevertheless cater to all daily needs.

The elephant in the room is really that Melbourne is growing by more than 2% per year, and a lot of the growth is happening in the third world ghettos of Dandenong/Cranbourne, but also in suburbs like Clayton, which has necessitated more frequent trains and therefore congesting the level crossings. On the other hand , it is pretty obvious that those crossings are only used by locals, as most people know to avoid them by going via Caulfield underpass or Oakleigh overpass respectively. Opening up the level crossing will simply bring more traffic into the area and thereby nullifying any anti-congestion and safety  effect from removing the level crossing.

Rather than turning Melbourne into another bullshit soulless Asian inspired city, why not keep our heritage alive ?  We have a million tourists coming from China every year who want to see Australia, not another China. Looking after our heritage is better for the common good in the long run, than catering to the needs of drivers.  Rather than just growing the city without restraint, it’s about time to relocate people to the country or smaller cities, which will improve services on existing lines there.

I ‘m guessing this isn’t going to happen :  governments have been unseated for less.






OM free kitchen: can you see the light?

It's even funnier when you realize that 'Hella' is a German headlight manufacturer, and the word 'Hella' sounds like the German word 'heller' beaning 'brighter'. There is also other levels to this for the insiders.

It’s even funnier when you realize that ‘Hella’ is a German headlight manufacturer, and the word ‘Hella’ sounds like the German word ‘heller’ meaning ‘brighter’. There are also other levels to this for the insiders.

Free Cannabis 420 rally flagstaff gardens


I must be getting old, I thought cannabis went out of fashion when roller skates, flares and disco music did.

But seriously, there is a rally in on April 20 in flagstaff gardens, so if your most recent Sunday was a bit boring get along there show your support and meet some really friendly chilled out people. When you get to the rally be sure to mention and you might win a free sample, you also might get a quizzical look and a free sample anyway, or just the quizzical look, it’s hard to say. Another likely feature is the apparent verbal sorcery of several guys with a high level of awareness of the law demonstrating ways to make the police go away without charging anyone with anything.


Should the legal status of Cannabis Sativa be changed?


Before considering consuming any substance please do your own research, these days people are even killed by peanut butter and bee stings.

A good place to start your research is

No one is going to tell you how to live your life, you have to make your own decisions.

MYKI replaced by NOKI

MYKI card with no money on it, the NOKI, the perfect solution to protest MYKI.

MYKI card with no money on it, the NOKI, the perfect solution to protest MYKI.


Because the conviction rate for people contesting their fines related to MYKI is 0% the new way to travel in Melbourne is with a broken or no credit MYKI card.

If you are stopped, just blame the white elephant that is MYKI , give your details and elect to go to court. You will win the court case by blaming MYKI, and go straight back to free riding.

Ukraine pro democracy protest

ukraine protst 2

ukraine protest 1


On the day Victorian government was debating laws to effectively criminalize protest , protestors for Ukraine democracy met at the exact place where Robert Doyle’s Melbourne City Council brutally crushed a democracy Movement called Occupy Melbourne.

This may actually be Victoria’s last protest where protest is legal.

Yet another irony is the Ukrainian situation protest was also made illegal recently.

So I’m sure we’d love for you to have democracy Ukraine, but we don’t have it our selves.

New Metro ticket inspector uniforms announced

In keeping with the get tough on fare evaders Metro have decked out their staff with new uniforms and a few more tools for making sure you pay; one way or the other.

Metro gets serious about fare evasion.

Metro gets serious about fare evasion.

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