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Stefan Molyneux on Sadiq Khan

London has fallen in the eyes of Stefan and the time for calm is over. Take from that what you will.

Londons Muslim Mayor

Sadiq Khan managed to get elected to be London’s Mayor. You may find this quite surprising until you see this video. Less than half of the people registered to vote actually voted.

The video mentions social housing which mean houses provided by government welfare. Migration to UK has been uncapped since the time of Tony Blair and Muslim immigration has been a large part of this migration.



We are in for some interesting times.

Occupy London rebooted


In response to the brutal crackdown in Hong Kong Occupiers converged on London to show support for democratic principles.

Dave Cameron bleated about respect for democracy while allowing brutal crackdowns in his own front yard.


Apparently now even sitting on a tarp is enough to make police aggressive.

Can you believe ‘1984’ was actually written in this country?

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