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Wikileaks Oz-SEA corruption coverup exposed

Your aren’t allowed to know about what you aren’t allowed to know about.

In a truly big brother move the Australian government is trying to keep the suppression of information order itself secret.

What is next is secret prisons and secret prisoners.


From  press release:

Australia-wide censorship order for corruption case involving Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam
WikiLeaks release: July 29, 2014
Blanket censorship order preventing reporting on Australia’s largest financial corruption case and any derived allegations against the current and former heads of state of Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam and other senior officials.
The document also specifically bans publication of the order itself and the June 2014 affidavit of Australia’s newly appointed representative to the UN, Gillian Bird. The order was granted under “national security” grounds in order to “prevent damage to Australia’s international relations”. The order was issued following the indictment of seven senior executives related to the Reserve Bank of Australia. The case concerns allegations of multi-million-dollar payments to persons with high-level political connections in Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia in order to secure contracts for the production of Australian plastic currency banknotes for these countries.


1377186290240We end with the words of the god father of modern ‘conspiracy theory’ JFK, He was murdered in broad daylight, but that was just a co-incidence right…

We steal secrets: the story of WikiLeaks

We’ll be adding some more commentary to this soon.

but for now, a few thoughts.

Look at how spaced out Adrian Lamo is in his discussions of turning in Manning, he almost appears to be a zombie. Where have you see this semi vacant look before? Think about it.

Wikileaks insiders being quite critical of Assange and his use of Wikileaks for his own ends.

Watch this space I guess.

Manning seeing the apparently benign message…

Where did the money go?

– Iraqi dissidents

…which lead to a massive crack down.

As soon as people start asking questions about the money or cause others to question it there is a really big response from the corporate-state machine.

The two women in Sweden became very tired of Assange’s evasion around an apparently simple STD test.

Assange’s equipment consisting of a $300 laptop, 10 SIM cards and a cheap jacket for interviews, somewhat inspiring that so much can be done with so little, but leads to the obvious question…

Where did the money go?

– WikiLeaks supporters

… which lead to massive cognitive dissonance?

It’s interesting so a see a few more views on this interesting saga which lead to the Arab spring revolutions, which in some way inspired the Occupy protests.

Facebook censorship of ‘rape culture’


Lets assume rape is a disease, certainly many of the symptoms of rape are recognized diseases and disorders, sexually transmitted infections, PTSD, anxiety disorders, just to name a few.

Using the disease paradigm what classifies a disease as common or rare? prevalence in the community obviously and the statistical chance of suffering the disease.

A common disease would be for example the common cold, almost everyone has experienced this disease.

A disease to be considered to be rare affect less than one in 100 people.

If we assume the statistics in the above censored meme are true, this would clearly show that rape is a rare disease not a common one as some people claim.

The rape culture meme that is circulating is really terrorism, terrorizing women into thinking their risk of being raped in college/university is more than 400 times the actual risk they are facing.

It terrorizes the men who aren’t rapists by falsely painting them as rapists.

This dubious ‘statistic’ is part of the false rape claim industry.

Women who claim to be raped, who are later conclusively proven to have lied about the accusation are usually not prosecuted, even after they have destroyed someone else’s life, career and reputation.

Rape culture is a weapon against men.

In rape it is guilty until proven innocent, proving that you are innocent of anything is difficult, which is why the judicial system assumes innocence in almost every other case.

Julian Assange who is effectively hiding in an embassy in London is  a victim of the false rape claim culture. We will likely find in the future that the women who are claiming these ‘rapes’ we pressured into this by third parties with an agenda against Assange. In fact some claims already point to this.

How could you prove in a court of law that you brushed your teeth this morning?

What evidence do you have than would stand up in a court of law?

If you want to attack a man, who you can’t find at fault in any other way, cry rape.

Feminism; lies and terrorism.


In the recent ADF sex film scandal, was the reason men were making the films of sexual acts to prove their innocence and that the encounter was consensual?

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