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Trolling in the Key of Cat People

So following the MMM (Million Masks March ) here in Melbourne  [#MMMNov5]  the popular MMM Facebook pages suddenly came alive with all the usual trolls and  the useful idiots they cultivate.

Of course these people didn’t want to help organize the march for the 12 months of planning beforehand, they just wanted to try to hijack on the day, and once they got shut down and put in their place, they started whining and trolling on Facebook . Many never even went to the march, and felt entitled enough to criticize. Its hard enough to hear cats, and Facebook is full of cat people, and all the trolling is like putting out fire with gasoline. try to ignore Facebook, what I can tell you from OM days was that  the BS on Facebook didn’t match the reality on the ground.

We have the same problematic characters from the old OM ‘camping in the park’ days, throwing around accusations to deflect the blame from themselves. They are literally accusing the people who want accountability, for the ill deeds they themselves have done. We are talking about rapists, paedophiles, groomers, enablers and apologists : sick people. Not to mention thieves, bullies, dead beat fathers, disturbed sex addicts, and the mentally ill.

The level of Cognitive Dissonance was truly EPIC.

Let this be a warning to everyone involved in Anonymous: There are filthy characters lurking in social movements. They will use you for whatever they can get from you, whatever it is. They will manipulate you into attacking people, they will make false accusations. They will even lie to the courts to get court orders. They will ply you with drugs and alcohol, they will take advantage of you, they will exploit any weakness you have.

Is that the world you want, a dishonest, manipulative world full of scumbags and liars?

Choose your friends carefully and get your facts straight.

It looks like time to make some additions to the Provocateurs page, last chance to make apologies, you know who you are, we know who you are, and we have evidence.

P.S. a commercial lien for defamation can be really massive.

Accusing someone else for your crime is like putting out fire with gasoline…

Perjury in Victoria: the law


314. Perjury (1) Whosoever commits wilful and corrupt perjury or subornation of perjury shall be liable to level 4 imprisonment

(15 years maximum).


cogginsj_small perjury with bars

Senior Constable Neil Schlittler investigates JASON COGGINS

Today during routine inquiries Senior constable Neil Schlittler of Victoria police corporation received information that JASON COGGINS committed perjury recently in Melbourne magistrates court.

cogginsj_small perjury

Let’s see what happens next.

ADMIN UPDATE: 14/06/2103

Neil, If you go out and arrest and successfully prosecute this guy for the crime he committed -Perjury (with forethought of malice and intent),

I will remove your name from this website and replace it with ‘Victoria Police corporation’.

Then you can only be known on the internet for playing cricket, and not be known for being involved in this sordid little scandal, Sound like a good deal?

Also you will be in the running for the promotion/ toaster oven or whatever incentives you have in Victoria Police Corporation. It’s also your job to investigate and solve crimes, so it’s not like its out of your scope of duties. All the evidence you need is here and on Facebook and court records.

Perjury is a serious crime, and don’t we all get sick and tired of liars?

Somebody called the Wambulance!








Remember kids if someone says something you don’t like, and it’s true, call the Wambulance just dial  Oh Oh Oh No……!

JASON COGGINS commits Perjury?


I am aware that the online harassment by the respondent has escalated to threats of physical assaults to others and the respondent has made similar threats to me via Facebook.

Just lies mate.

I’m sure you will be really butt hurt that this is written here but I’m calling lair liar pants on fire.

More importantly the police will be investigating you for perjury and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice most likely.

Have fun in gaol, or rather they will have fun with you in gaol.

Occupy Melbourne investigates Marxist JASON COGGINS

So we knew it wouldn’t be long after calling out Marxism that all the Marxists would come out. Here’s an example of their tactics.

Introducing JASON COGGINS:


coggins consensus

He claims there is a consensus, but there has not even been a vote, another way to subvert democracy. Marxist.

See all the emotive language also, he doesn’t want to argue on the facts just a vague denouncement and hyperbole, Wow, drivel, embarrassment, tabloid filth, hate mongers. Every activist past and present, how do dead people feel embarrassed?

Of course he was quite happy to take his body along with a whole bunch of other Marxists (Socialist Alternative) to protest outside a Jewish owned shop on day 1 of Occupy Melbourne. Of course at the same time trying to leech people away from Occupy Melbourne.


Protesting outside Jewish shops is never a good look.

Socialists did that in the 1930’s and look at the aftermath.

Later on he claims to have left Socialist Alternative, and joins the First Aid team, a group which changed its name several times, probably to avoid complaints, like the way it  leaked private medical information. In the City Square eviction on 21 10 2011 he stood inside the square and strangely was not shoved by the police, claiming he was there to offer first aid to occupiers. He’s in the video on the about page wearing a hi-vis vest. Of course when an old woman fell under the police shield lines, he did nothing to help. Sadly that’s not the end of his hypocritical behavior. So if he wasn’t there to offer first aid, why was here really there? Sadly like so many, he was there to get laid, promote Marxism and use activism as his cover story. Being that he was there for his own sexual gratification, he was hardly likely to turn away anyone else who was. He actively covered up at least one sexual assault and even allowed the attacker to further bully the victim. Things went quite well for him, he managed to find a vulnerable young woman to exploit.

coggins attacks small

Now JASON COGGINS want’s to call other people bullies because they want to tell the truth. He is of course making threats of bullying himself, and is attempting to get all the other Marxists, sexual perverts, thieves and morons to rally behind him. Withdraw your solidarity? We never had Solidarity with you in the first place, we never had your support and you certainly don’t have ours.

Toxic  bullies? We’re not the ones supporting sex offenders.

Holding us to account?  We haven’t done anything wrong, more than you can say for yourself.

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