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bentleigh freeshop 19 06 13

We had a really happy Elvis fan arrive and found a great Elvis CD in the free shop stock. He totally understood what we were doing, and why were were doing it.

He said “wait here I’m going to get you some stuff, I’ll be back in 10 minutes”.

Sure enough he returned with a  huge box of new clothes, and stuck around to chat for quite a while.

Bentleigh free shop is getting some real support from the community which is great.

So to say thank you to our Elvis fan, we thought we’d add a strangely appropriate Elvis song. Watching this video is also free.

In a world where our monetary and political systems makes no sense, Elvis at the free shop somehow makes sense.

Gippsland free store activist arrested and charged.

945396_171509893010536_1466103978_nThis morning in Sale Victoria the “Gippsland free store” was again shut down  after  complaint by a bank branch.

Victoria police scrambled to the bank where a free shop activist was alleged to have been writing on the footpath with chalk and handing out political campaign flyers.

“Screw the banks “


“Free Bradley Manning”

The free store activist was then taken to a police station and locked in a room, he was eventually charged with

“Writing on a structure”

The activist has stated he did not write on anything vertical and it was an unlawful arrest.

Writing political messages on the footpath with chalk is not destructive in anyway, it is not illegal and has always been  a valid form of political expression.  Australia’s behavior in relation to treatment of political activists and human rights in general has sent alarm bells ringing among civil liberties groups globally this federal election year.

Being able to express your political opinion is more important than ever before, even with social networking gimmicks such as facebook it is getting harder counter the dominance of the global media machine and corrupted governments.

Regardless of our ideals, its a human right to express them even with chalk on a footpath.

The first Gippsland free store:

More info at Gippsland free store.


Free shop under threat on 6 month anniversay

Nick Carson has just arrived at the Free shop to try to claim credit for all the work everyone else has done.

In the past he has claimed that he goes to the free shop but we believe this the first time he has actually shown up.

Teigan Evans has been keeping the seat warm for Nick Carson for quite a while, and has even welcomed well know agent provocateurs to the free shop in the past to threaten and harass Free shop volunteers

So on the 6 month anniversary of the free shop Nick Carson wants to take over.

So if you would like to ask Nick Carson why he hijacked all the media resources from Occupy Melbourne and to this day refused to give them back, go and ask him. He’s at the corner of Collins Street and Swanston Street, Melbourne 3000 Victoria, right now.


Update: like a serial con man he is gone in a flash.

And just to clarify for the future, Nick Carson is not an organizer for the march against Monsanto occurring next week, though it’s likely he will try to hijack that too.

Nick Carson can't say he never knew Adam Bandt.

Nick Carson can’t say he never knew Adam Bandt.

OM dictatorship class of 2013- a portrait series. (L-R) Nick Carson, Teigan Evans, Carl Scrace (seated)

OM dictatorship class of 2013- a portrait series.
(L-R) Nick Carson, Teigan Evans, Carl Scrace (seated)


free shop 15 03 2013

This could be the end of the freeshop. Demand answers from the hijackers if you want to save the free shop.

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