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Trump to audit federal reserve





In a move that has stunned many Donald Trump, Presidential front runner, has openly talked of auditing the federal reserve. This is most likely a pretext to exposing the fraudulent system of monetary creation in the USA and reverting to a system of government issued debt free money.

If this were to happen America could make the turn around it desperately needs, If Donald Trump were to die in controversial circumstances in the next few years, this would be the reason why.


All wars are Banker wars -Michael Rivero


?Gold Gone? Germany baffled as Fed bars access to bullion!

Oh oh! Where’s the money [gold] gone?


This post leads to a great series of comments, check it out.

Anti Oligarch

The world is losing trust in the dollar as a safe haven. A major blow came after Germany’s Bundesbank demanded the repatriation of a big chunk of its gold being held in the US. Because as RT’s Gayane Chichakyan reports, some are concerned the assets of foreign nations in the Federal Reserve are not secure or even there. The Germans were infuriated when the US Federal reserve didn’t even let them examine their own assets properly. Peter Boehringer, the founder and chairman of ‘German Precious Metal Association’, says that’s a bad sign.
Source: Stamp-calfornia-gold-rush24HGold

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