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Ayann Hirsi Ali on Qanda


Normally QandA is heavily biased leftist rubbish or a mockery of debate, but for once they get good guest panelist and let them talk. Tony Jones did try to add in some false information to derail Ayaan but she shut him down quite fast.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is hard for leftists to criticize, she ticks many of the  oppression boxes.



Born in Africa

Raised as a Muslim

Female genital mutilation survivor

English as a second or other language

Fled a tyrannical regime

Women’s rights activist

Asylum seeker

Received death threats


She also ticks a few other boxes the left likes to champion.


Publicly subjected to a politically motivated immigration/citizenship challenge.

Well traveled and speaks many languages.


But even after all of this  the left paints her a right wing ‘Islamophobe’ in bed with the neo-cons because she dares to criticize Islam.

You’ll also notice she is a women rights activist, not a feminist.

(Feminists don’t really care about women’s rights they just care about what they can get out of the triangle of claiming  victimhood-entitlement-superiority  )


Trumps talking tricks

Trump is a master of the sale. His book ‘The art of the deal’ is testament to this.The US presidency is the deal of a lifetime, thought Trump hardly needs the money having earned 700 million dollars last year. Trump uses the same tricks all politicians use to win votes, its just that trump is better at it.

So using logical fallacies to win over peoples unconscious decision making is clever, but is it honest?  I can hear people calling out ‘Socratic dialogues’ right now.

Some will point out trumps apparent privilege. Sure a person being given a million as a 20 something is going to have an easier run, but he did increase the value of that by 1000 times, that’s not pure luck alone. To those who dwell on 4 of the business ventures he was involved in failing, its worth pointing out there were a hundred more that succeeded, and typically 90% of business deal fail, so a 4 % failure rate is extremely good by comparison.


Make America Great Again? We’ll see I guess.

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