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New Covid “Outbreak” At Melbourne Islamic School

Here we go again , round 3, this is how it all started in July :

“East Preston Islamic College was closed on Wednesday following a positive test for a Year 5 student who should have been isolating due to a close contact’s infection.

DHHS is planning a testing blitz in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and is urging anyone with symptoms to get tested.

Additional cases linked to this outbreak have also been identified in a social housing block in Broadmeadows. The Department of Health and Human Services has issued advisory notices to 120 residents asking them to self-isolate for 48 hours, to get tested and to monitor for symptoms.”

Anyone who still thinks this virus can be fought with extreme lockdowns is simply kidding themselves.

Unconstitutional Lockdowns Don’t Work And They Never Will

Melbourne has been plunged into another lockdown to ward of the spread of coronavirus. In a positively dystopian display of force, the police and the army have been deployed to form a ring of (blue) steel around metropolitan Melbourne, while drones and number plate recognition are used to catch trespassers into country Victoria or worse, NSW.

Chairman Dan is seen on TV urging people to stay home and follow the rules, which amount to nothing less but a kind of home imprisonment.

Have we learnt nothing from the previous 10 weeks of lockdown?

Lockdowns don’t work. Anybody who believes they do is a delusional fool.

What they do , is kick the can down the road while taking a away people’s liberty and running the economy against the wall.

After 10 weeks of lockdown combined with international  border control and hotel quarantine , things were looking up in Victoria, but it was only a small window of reprieve. It turned out that while police was busy fining people for fishing or leisure driving, the hotel quarantine for incoming travelers had been mismanaged and the virus got out into the community.

One of the reasons lockdowns don’t work is that people override the rules. The police can not be everywhere and fine everybody. They would be especially reluctant to interfere in some migrant communities where aggressive behavior is common.

They claimed it was impossible to fine the BLM matter protesters, all 10 000 of them who flaunted the rules of social distancing.

Now the “authorities” believe they can contain Melbourne (just like they thought they could contain a few postcodes), but it’s only a matter of time until the virus leaks out into the surrounding countryside and a full statewide lockdown will probably follow in 2 weeks time (and that’s optimistic, it may be less than a week.)

Even if the virus does not leak it will require too many police resources to stop people from leaving Melbourne’s enormous metropolitan area.

And then what? We go for 6 weeks or possible longer as Dan Andrews is already threatening?

Why does the government not understand that we cannot have infinite lockdowns to save a few people at the expense of millions?

Lockdowns don’t work, not only because we can never rely on everybody to do the right thing, but because even when we weld people into apartments, the virus still exists somewhere in the world and will find another way in.

The only way this ends is by reasonable social distancing measures, banning mass events (with huge fines for organizers)  and protecting the vulnerable  while allowing the virus to spread slowly among the youngWP_20200708_11_33_56_Pro Working from home and online schooling are also good options  for stopping the spread.

It’s ridiculous to say that children are harmed by not attending school. Humanity survived for centuries without  mandatory schooling  and people still manged to learn  and develop.

Children still need to socialize, but a ban on mandatory school attendance is necessary to protect vulnerable parents and grandparents. School could remain optional for those who want or need it.

The young adult population are the ones least likely to be affected by the virus. They are also the ones who are most  negatively affected by lockdown and resulting job loss and isolation.

They will rebel and flaunt the rules, thereby causing the virus to burn itself out among them and creating a herd immunity scenario that will allow us all to move on.

They will be the ones to save us  from ourselves because they will be forced to save themselves from  politicians and their misguided and misinformed draconian measures.


Dan Andrews ,You Get What You Fucking Deserve

Black lives matter so much in Victoria, the Corona state, that  nine  huge housing commission blocks are now  being put into hard lockdown for up to a fortnight in an attempt to protect the rest of the population from the rot of Covid19.  If cases are found they will probably be asked to self isolate in their flats, turning whole buildings into incubators. We are already hearing reports that the inhabitants are largely ignored, suffering food and medical shortages and treated with disrespect.

These buildings are to a large extent housing Sudanese and Somalian immigrants.

As time goes by these buildings will turn into pressure cookers . Expect to see riots and people jumping out of windows too. The police, who refused to fight African gang crime for years and also did not want to fine BLM protesters will have their work cut out for them.

This is slowly turning from just a medical into a political and humanitarian crisis.

Ironically the uptick in cases is coming right on cue about 4 weeks after the BLM protests.

It is now likely that the virus  got out into the community because of  Victoria’s bungling of hotel quarantine and then was “superspread” by the protest mass event.

I hope the white chardonnay BLM protesters are happy about the havoc their wokeness has caused and how it is now hurting the very people they tried to protect.

How was this ever not going to happen?


Coronadanistan (Victoria) is now the pariah among Australian states and Victorians are treated like lepers, meanwhile the inhabitants of these buildings are treated like lepers in Victoria.

There are rumours that hotel quarantine in Victoria continues to be mismanaged, how will it be any better in these huge buildings , especially since the people living there are more volatile and vulnerable?

As for Dan Andrews, the Victorian dictator who told people to stop fishing and golfing, his resignation is sure to follow any moment now. The career politician left without a career.

Many would like to see him hang from the Murrumbeena skyrail


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