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Free comedy time traveller tour



In a curious tale of life imitating art, the promoter of  ‘2013 when we were idiots’ has offered FREE tickets to their comedy walking tour to anyone who says say this:

“I found out about this from the occupy Melbourne free shop”.

Awesome! more free things.

Weekdays: until the 11th of April at 6pm

Weekends: 2pm and 6pm

Meet at the Burke and Wills statue at the corner of Swanston and Collins streets.


Hope to hear more from you.

2013- when we were idiots: comedy festival promo

20130330_191222 croppedWe met a lovely young lady at city square free shop yesterday giving out these flyers. Since her sense of irony and knowledge of the innate stupidity of our current society impressed us, we came to a deal.

If you print out a  Charles Ponzi 5kg Certificate (from the post below) and MENTION THIS WEBSITE and take it along to their walking tour, they will give you for FREE a very strange and confused look and perhaps a wry smile.

They will probably offer you

the 2 FOR 1 deal, Buy One get One.

Just like on the Ponzi certificate it’s not what you say its what you don’t.

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