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Modern slavery: work for the dole

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The Dole as we commonly refer to it here is the unemployment benefit, money the government grudging gives you when you have no work. In a socialist country like Australia this absorbs a significant proportion of the tax dollar (along with other welfare spending). But now Tony Abbott and his liberal government in association with their corporate masters have devise a scam whereby you must work to receive money for being unemployed.

Of course this is a massive cognitive back flip, you either have a job or you don’t.

This massive policy trapdoor allows all kinds of abuses and doesn’t reduce unemployment.

There is no incentive for employers to employ people who are unemployed, they would rather wait for the free government sponsored labor to be press ganged into service.

Employees at lower levels of wages or skills are likely to be displaced in favor to the ‘working for the dole’ slaves.

Unemployment then becomes revolving door in a race to the bottom for wages and condition, with many stuck in the ’employed on the scheme getting a job’ and replacing someone else who the becomes the next victim.

These schemes have been shown not to work everywhere they are implemented.

These schemes are just a way to scapegoat the unemployed and punish people who are already suffering.

Finally this is nothing more than a way to strip the minimal wealth of the battlers ( working poor ) and encourage the vulture corporates.


Tony Abbott this is your ‘workchoices’ moment, it’s all over.

The Ten Commandments of Centrelink




  1.  What is said in centrelink queues stays in centrelink queues
  2. There is no relationship
  3. There are no jobs
  4. You will be forced to work for the dole at slavery wages
  5. Newstart will be used as a reason to stop boats coming here even though its hardly enough to survive on for one person.
  6. The queue is always longer when you are in it
  7. Centrelink workers will have ipads which are worth more than a newstart payment
  8.  Is the cutoff for single mothers to stay home. After this you need to leave your kids at home by themselves defenseless while you go and work for the dole.
  9. You hate the phrase “Get a Job”
  10. Thou shalt be told you are a ‘customer’, whilst being treated like a completely worthless employee which is effectively what you are.
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