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unreddit fights reddit censors




If you use Reddit you probably shouldn’t. Reddit users are aware that there is censorship, most internet discussion groups have moderators that decide whats not acceptable or relevant communication. However on Reddit (and some other internet sites) the moderation is heavily biased to push a specific set of narratives.

If you are curious about any think you see on reddit, you can copy the link and add ‘un’ infront of where it says reddit in  he URL and see what has been deleted or censored. It is quite an eye opener, example further below.

Earlier this week a man claiming to be a 92 year old holocaust survivor set up a post on Reddit with the tag line AMA (Ask Me Anything). The questions were heavily censored and some answers were deleted after inconsistencies were discovered.

Some amazing differences occurred when comparing the censored version of reddit…

…with the uncensored version…

…such as questions about  why the man was listed as dead over 70 years ago.


In the official censored version of Reddit this information was deleted twice, and the question remained unanswered. Either he is lying  or the  yad vashem shoah database is wrong, maybe even both. Could this be an identity theft?

A person even attempted to compile a timeline of the mans claims.


Its hard to know what to believe these days, make up your own mind.


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