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BLM debunked

BLM in one video


Blacks accuse others of racism whether it makes sense or not.

Blacks fulls of swagger, boast, arrogance and aggression.

Blacks then abuse others and attempt to escalate the conflict.

If others move away to diffuse the conflict, expand your territory to reignite the conflict.

If Blacks get beaten in the fight, beg for the mercy you would not give if you were the victor.

If Blacks create chaos they use it as an excuse for opportunistic thefts and perusing delusional legal actions against those you attacked.

Blacks completely absolve themselves for stealing from the man you attacked.


===============Black Lives Matter===========

This video is the entire Black Lives Matter movement in a microcosm, their delusional beliefs, their memory holing of their own misdeeds, the excuse for rage at their victims.

So when they say ‘Black Lives Matter’, they are saying that other lives don’t matter.


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