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Bentleigh midwinter Xmas free shop

Bentleigh free shop: mid winter xmas edition 26 06 2013

Bentleigh free shop: mid winter xmas edition 26 06 2013

Another Bentleigh free shop in progres now. get down and get your free stuff. Have a chat about economics, politics or society in general if you like. As always, no obligation. The beginning of freedom is free stuff and freedom to choose what you want to do.

bentleigh freeshop 19 06 13

We had a really happy Elvis fan arrive and found a great Elvis CD in the free shop stock. He totally understood what we were doing, and why were were doing it.

He said “wait here I’m going to get you some stuff, I’ll be back in 10 minutes”.

Sure enough he returned with a  huge box of new clothes, and stuck around to chat for quite a while.

Bentleigh free shop is getting some real support from the community which is great.

So to say thank you to our Elvis fan, we thought we’d add a strangely appropriate Elvis song. Watching this video is also free.

In a world where our monetary and political systems makes no sense, Elvis at the free shop somehow makes sense.

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