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Trump to audit federal reserve





In a move that has stunned many Donald Trump, Presidential front runner, has openly talked of auditing the federal reserve. This is most likely a pretext to exposing the fraudulent system of monetary creation in the USA and reverting to a system of government issued debt free money.

If this were to happen America could make the turn around it desperately needs, If Donald Trump were to die in controversial circumstances in the next few years, this would be the reason why.


bank deposit tax coming to Australia

Bank robbery a la Cyprus 2013_thumb[3]


Just weeks after Kevin Rudd was reinstated as PM the Federal government has revealed plans for a  bank depositor tax of 0.05 % on all deposits up to $250,000AUD.

So this means:

Another tax for everyone except the ultra rich.

Customers of bank are make to insure the bank, not the shareholders.

The bank will have fund to plunder which they will definitely will attempt to get.

The banks are being offered a reward for failure which make banking failure more likely.

The banks have taken secret bailout money in the past and will do so in the future.

How has banking become so thoroughly corrupted that customers are expected to insure the  bank (a business) they are forced to use?

Many of the major banks here in Australia have recorded vast profits in the last few years, why are the shareholders not required to fund this insurance fund?

If i was a builder, could i then charge all of my customers a tax in case my business failed? Surely not. If my business failed the shareholders would be liable for losses not my customers.

Why does banking demand such preferential legal treatment system to support them?

So if the Federal government is going to collect money in the form of a tax to insure against banking collapse, where are they going to keep the money, to keep it safe?

A bank?  no, sort of like keeping you house fire insurance policy document inside your house.

Sovereign bonds? Many are not profitable. Most are just as risky as banks.

Big mattress?  Might actually be viable as a  stack of $100 notes in a vault.

Gold? Silver?  other precious metals? probably a better idea.

Perhaps the people of Australia should put a levy on the  Australian government, in case they fail to uphold the rule of law and the Constitution.

If a bank fails the solution is simple, the shareholders must pay for the losses, after all they took the gains and had their say in the running of the operation.

Do some research, you will find the same multinationals you hear about from the USA , Europe etc are behind the big 4 banks here, and the playbook they are using is largely the same.

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