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FEMA camp Australia


FEMA is a phrase that is well known to the ‘tinfoil’ community. But what is it? FEMA is an American term for Federal Emergency Management Authority, a government agency that manages emergencies and has an extensive array of heavily fenced sites (camps) across the US, most having buildings and large piles of plastic coffin shaped boxes.  Presumably these coffins are available should a large number of corpses (from some tragedy) need to be buried or moved in a great hurry. Of course a government apparatus such as this is ample fuel for speculation.  Some theories state these sites are made into prison camps in times of unrest, or possibly death camps. The concept of your own state potentially having a covert network of prison camps is chilling. Except that we already do in Australia (it’s called off shore processing of asylum seekers).

It’s worth pointing out Australia gets more than its fair share of Asylum seekers, and many are not legitimate asylum seekers, they avoided poor but safe countries on the way to get here.

But back to the FEMA story, the terrifying part about the FEMA camp mythology is the idea of what the camp represents. A place where you lose your rights and freedoms and the timeline to an end of your deprivation is uncertain. Before you know it unreasonable thugs in uniforms (prison guards) start punishing you for trivial infractions of arbitrary rules there were just invented last month. These rules that aren’t really legal, as they never passed a vote in government just rubber stamped by a bureaucrat.

Oh hold on, while you were fantasizing about a FEMA camp, one was constructed around you and maybe you didn’t notice. Just because Nanna Smith still lives on the corner does not mean all things are well and good. We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto.  Nanna Smith is terrified to come outside for fear of catching contagious lethal respiratory disease. Others are afraid to come outside for fear of being fined or harassed for standing too close to someone else or not having a good enough reason to be outside.

You’re soaking in it. A dishwashing liquid is a good measure to destroy viruses on surfaces, just don’t drink it OK.

The Corona Virus, (COVID -19), SARS COV 2, was the perfect pretext to bring in all these draconian measures.


What are you doing outside your cell home, prisoner citizen?


One wonders if the Ruby princess cruise liner was allowed to disembark in Sydney (despite concerns for the ship’s crew) was simply to increase the numbers of infected and dead to justify and continue the restrictions.

To date (7 April 2020) in this crisis, Australia has had about 5895 infected and 41 dead. This is less than a typical ‘flu season, and the types of people dying are largely the same targets, the over 70’s. So rather than shut down the entire country, maybe we should just quarantine the old, step up disinfection protocols wear masks and try to continue as normal. Before you say this is impossible, Taiwan has done this and they are extremely close to China geographically, and it’s working for them. Taiwan has had 373 Infections and 5 deaths.

AU vs TW



The other factor about the corona virus is that it is accelerating deaths of people already at deaths door and therefore ‘getting the credit’ rather than the deceased underlying condition. Imagine if someone was dying of cancer and then Corona virus came along and killed that person in their already frail state, is corona virus the true cause of death? Because it would be easy to claim that, and it can greatly inflate the figures, and its rather misleading.

Of course while this corona virus pandemic is unfolding, financial markets have imploded.  There has been little talk of the serious economic problems; the lime light has been taken by the corona virus.

last 12 months of ASX to 23 march 2020

Was corona virus the bump in the road which destabilized the financial system?

Was the financial system so unstable anything would have collapsed it?

Either way the corona virus has been the perfect distraction from the attention the financial system and the perfect set of restrictions to stop people gathering and protesting about how many lives are going to be deeply affected by the financial system collapse.

In Australia most superannuation fund are heavily invested in real estate either directly or indirectly.

Real-estate values will be hit severely hard by this twin crisis
Superannuation funds will be gone and governments will be heavily in debt to afford to pay welfare of different form to keep the workforce alive until people can generally return to work.

The cold comfort in this twin crisis will be the fact corona will be targeting boomers, so less will need their retirement money. Possibly as many as one in five boomers will be killed by this virus, imagine what that will do to real estate prices as so many houses suddenly go onto the market.

But if the curve does not flatten the general death rate raise from 3% to 9% for adults under 65, and if you’re over 65 I suggest you get very comfortable in your home alone, especially if the hospitals get overwhelmed.


There are so many other issues yet to be touched on:


Massive spike in unemployment

rent and mortgage payment problems
the weird loop holes in the restrictions:

Supermarket crowds, yes, well spaced non-contact recreation, no.

Normal wedding: only 5 people, Muslim wedding: 30 people.

Should we wear masks or not?

What really is an essential service?

Travel out of you town or city for permanent relocation or to a weekender, OK or not?


Visa issues for immigrants

Australian’s stuck overseas behind closed borders

Centerlink for who and when?

Who deserves a bail out?

Should essential businesses be nationalised (or surrender partial/full shareholding) as part of bail outs.


The border shut downs

The only state border open currently is the NSW/VIC border, let that sink in. The NSW/VIC border is heavily burned from the 2019/2020 summer bushfires so it’s much less populated now anyway.

Daigou (shop raiders/hoarders/ smugglers): What do we do with them?  Assets strip? Imprison? Deport? Terminate residency? Terminate citizenship (many have lied about their occupation to gain citizenship)? Terminate? Send them to Mexico?

Factories and prodcution

Is it time to bring our factories back? If so which ones and should we build different ones? Should we look towards fully automated factories with low numbers of highly skilled staff, rather than the 19 century style 3rd world sweatshops only competitive due to low labour costs?

China responsibility

Should we consider the misinformation and blatant lies form China about this virus to be considered an act of war? If China was open an honest about this virus from the start it probably could have been contained in China and possibly just to Wuhan. Should we demand reparation from China for the damage to the economy they have caused? Does it make a difference whether this virus was either:
a) naturally occurring
b) a product of the wet market
c) a bio-weapon accidentally released
d) a bio-weapon deliberately released
considering the cover up China did after it started spreading and the confusion created in other countries in dealing with it? How many people died as a result of China’s lies? Is the CCP (Chinese communist party) guilty of murdering foreign citizens?


Thanks Chinks

This article is much longer than usual but now you have the luxury of time to think about all of this.


There are more than 700 other articles here spanning the last 8 years, so feel free to look around.





Introducing Scumo your latest disposable prime minister



I can’t wait until an international leader gets the ‘official’ nickname wrong, like a president Trunbull moment.

or do you like this one better?


Privacy under threat proposed encryption laws


Sign the petition here, act before 5pm Monday September 10.

In case the YouTube video is disappeared in a giant black maria, and sent off to a digital gulag, we have another copy right here:

The reason the Australian government will abuse this legislation is the lack of a bill of right here, its time to start lobbying for a bill of rights.

Bill shorten wants a republic


Bill shortens latest (out of the blue) election promise is a plebiscite to create a republic and have an Australian head of state. Dam it would be funny if he got his wash and peopled voted in Pauline Hanson to be the president, who then hacked shortens communist head off.

Finance game changer

Australian department of finance released a recruitment video recently, and its completely cringe worthy. Maybe this is a reflection of their lack of self reflection, or the fact they get forced into all sorts of stupidity.




So keeping in the Marie Antoinette theme, I’m sure heads will roll over this.

Australian census 2016 fail


Do we really need to explain more than this? Big brother is watching you but he forgot his binoculars, spectacles, and pants.

Electoral wedgie hung parliament


So quite a few people are probably wondering what is going on following Australia’s federal election. Well the democratic process just got turned on its head. Just imagine you have a group of 10 friends who want to go and have a fun activity. 4 people want to go to the beach, 4 people want to go to the pool the last 2 people are a bit undecided. The last 2 people realize that despite being in the minority compared to either the beach or pool factions their decision becomes the deciding vote. This situation is called king maker or wedge politics. But it get even more complex, the last 2 people will get all kinds of additional offers to secure their votes to either the pool or beach factions, free ice-creams at the beach, umbrella seats at the pool. Sometimes even after all the inducements the undecided faction can get split and the beach and pool factions end up split 5-5 meaning complete deadlock. Even weirder is the result when the undecideds want something completely different, like ice skating or ballroom dancing which can lead to another deadlock. Making matters worse for the Australian government is that this deadlock seems to now exist in the lower and upper houses.

So this becomes hellishly complicated when you consider that some of our kingmakers might have been to the pool/beach before and hated it. Some kingmakers have connections in both houses so they can wedge in two places at the same time.

In talking about people we will mark their name with the number and type of seat they hold influence over (1R) for 1 in the house of representatives, (1S) for 1 in the senate, (1S +1R) for one of each.

The back story.

Tony Abbott (1R) NSW was the opposition leader the last time there was a hung parliament in 2010 and failed to get the coalition over the line. In this parliament he goes in as a recently deposed prime minister who was toppled internally by a margin of only 6 votes. The usurper was Malcom Turnbull(1R) NSW and several of his key supporters have lost their seats and right now Malcolm may not have the numbers to remain leader. Worst of all Turnbull campaigned on ‘stability’ and the double dissolution he deliberately triggered has resulted in one of the most unstable parliaments possible. The liberal party may be secretly planning to bring back Tony Abbott as being a more popular figure despite knowing he failed to clinch a deal the last time a hung parliament resulted.


The wedge kingmakers:

Bob Katter (1R) QLD, was one of the ‘3 amigos’ in the 2010 hung parliament, the block was split and one of the other amigos Oakeshott went with Gillard and Labor. The 3rd amigo was Tony Windsor who this time around unsuccessfully challenged Barnaby Joyce (the deputy leader) for his seat. Katter seems less likely to support Labor being a former National and seeing what they did last time. Katter is also a Queenslander with strong connections to the rural sector. Will he team up with Hanson who may have as many as 3 senate seats? It’s worth pointing out Katters family ancestry is from Lebanon way back when it was a Christian country.

Pauline Hanson, (3S) QLD, anti- establishment, anti -immigration, anti- muslim, and completely on the pulse with a lot of disenfranchised right- of -center voters. Prior to the election Malcolm Turnbull famously stated Pauline Hanson is not welcome in parliament, now she has 3 (maybe 4) senate seats. Now that is going to be an interesting negotiation.

Nick Xenophon (3S+2R) SA with the NXT party he formed  will be the biggest power broker in the wedge, commanding both upper and lower house seats, which he seems to have gained at the expense of the liberal party. His power base is largely in South Australia and being the son of Greek and Cypriot migrants seems unlikely to get on the anti immigration bandwagon. He will likely try to drive manufacturing back to south Australia, such as the troubled Whyalla steel and possibly naval ship building.  The Federal Government will suddenly realize that South Australia exists.

Jacqui Lambie (1S) TAS  got into the senate on the now all but defunct Palmer United Party, she has survived the implosion and now created the JLN which at this stage seems to be a one woman army. She seems to have a lot in common politically with Pauline Hanson, being a nationalist,  anti islam and showing strong streaks of anti -establishment.

Derryn Hinch (1S) VIC. The” human headline” becomes the senate wrecking ball? Hinch famously went to jail for 50 days for releasing the details of paedophiles. Hinch survived liver cancer, seemingly at the last minute via a transplant. Strongly anti -establishment with a massive media following from decades of work on radio  and TV. Hinch may be looking to shake up the justice system , he has already talked about removing compulsory voting. Hinch will be formidable in any wedge faction.

Cathy McGowan (1R) VIC. McGowan was the result of a grassroots campaign in 2013 to replace a liberal safe seat with someone who actually listened to their electorate;  the campaign approached several people to run against Mirabella and McGowan took the offer and has run as an independent since. Get ready for a big pork barrel to be rolled out to Indi in rural Victoria. It seems dumping the duopoly really has great perks.



The fools:

Adam Bandt (1R) VIC will be rusted onto the Labor Party.

Andrew Wilkie (1R) TAS will be rusted onto the Coalition.

That means they cancel each other out, so as usual they are both politically irrelevant.


So finally, the wedge!


As we can see,  a lean to the Right seems assured in both houses as all Seats are to the political right of the NXT bloc. Even if Katter and McGowan can be lured to the left in the lower house, the senate seems overwhelmingly leaning to the right.Votes are still being counted so things could change, it’s going to be interesting!




Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party surge in popularity may be been from the vacuum caused by The implosion of the Palmer United Party, both parties being right of center, Senate focused and based primarily in Queensland.

Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull were both listed as have one house of representatives seat each as their level of influence. They both have far more influence than that, though its impossible to determine how much influence they have right now. The level of influence Abbott/Turnbull have is potentially zero sum game, as one gains influence as the other loses  influence within their own party and coalition.



Axe Grinders win Australian election


With the the votes for the lower house still being counted, it seems a hung parliament (or one with a razor thin majority) seems likely. So into this precarious situation the axe grinders have gained significant power. A bloc of anti establishment senators have emerged along with a lower house maverick Bob Katter. Any lower house government that does form will be beholden to king-maker blocs in the lower and upper houses.  So it really doesn’t matter if the parliament is notionally Labour or Liberal, the political agenda is now set by the axe grinders. As many as a third of voters have voted for a third party in this election, which really shows disenfranchisement, fortunately there have been many third party options to scoop up this voter demographic. We sow, we reap….


Coburg clash Marxists vs anti muslim


Melbourne’s inner north suburb of Coburg became a flash point  for tensions in the on going polarization between Melbourne traditional Marxist/socialist leaning groups and the emerging nationalist/anti immigration/anti muslim protest groups. Melbourne and Bendigo have seen a series ongoing escalating clashes between these  groups over the past 12 months. In these clashes it seems the Marxists sought to initiate the violence, which is somewhat typical for leftists. Apparently 1.7 million dollars was spend by Victoria police on preparation for this event, with staff being brought in from many divisions. The violence was brief but intense and broken up with OC (capsicum) spray deployed by Victoria police. These protest clashes show no signs of deescalating, and Victoria police  seemingly being stretched to the limit to control them. Where to from here? Well the Occupy movements were an attempt to sort out issues in a peaceful civilized (though slow and clumsy) manner, and state forces brutally crushed them. Now the state have made this form of ‘dispute resolution’ inevitable. Now OC orange is the new black, and equal rights have give way to right hooks. It’s the world you choose, and we hope you don’t regret your choices later on.

From the 7 news affiliate, largely from Marxist group perspective.

From the ‘He said his dad works at pine gap’ affiliates perspective, largely of the brawl. Looks like you got lucky Benjamin. The audio is somewhat poor, being punctuated with the sound of the still shot bursts.


That’s some video of the event, make up you own mind about who did what and when.

Ballarat Police torture investigator

Warning video shows police abusing and torturing a 51 year old woman. Parts of her naked body have been pixelated out.

Under investigation are:

Senior constable Steven Repac

Steven Repac, Senior constable Steven Repac, Victoria police 24/5/2016 Ballarat IBAC

Steven Repac, Senior constable Steven Repac, Victoria police 24/5/2016 Ballarat IBAC

Leading senior constable Nicole Munro

Nicole Munro, Leading senior constable Nicole Munro, Victoria Police 24/5/2016 Ballarat IBAC

Nicole Munro, Leading senior constable Nicole Munro, Victoria Police 24/5/2016 Ballarat IBAC

Person A (who has not been named) was subjected to the following:

 Peppersprayed at close range

Stripped from the waist down in the presence of male officers.

Was refused water and resorted to  drinking from the toilet.

Was refused blanket.

Was refused clothing.

Kicked and stomped and stood on.

Imprisoned for 16 hours.

The plot really thickened once it was revealed that the woman being tortured was herself a police officer. The tortured police officer (known as person A) was off duty on sick leave and a Detective in the professional standards department, the police internal investigation unit. Also reveal was the fact that Ballarat police station has  3 times more complaints than a comparable police  station in Victoria. Making matters worse is the fact typical complaints against Ballarat police officer are against more senior ranked Police there, which implies corruption is ingrained and possibly ordered from the top.

Victoria police fought very hard for this inquiry to be keep out of the public eye, after seeing the footage you can see why.

Ballarat Police have probably tortured other detained people in similar ways many times over the years.

Ballarat Police are here shown to be brutal, cruel, malicious and vindictive to one of those who police them.

The pathetic excuse the police are coming up with are priceless, “I didn’t kick her that hard” . I would love to use those excuses in court against a police officer.

IBAC the toothless tiger?

IBAC, Victoria’s new corruption watchdog is attempting to investigate this incident in the full knowledge that Victoria police treat investigators of police in an inhuman manner. IBAC really need to gain significant jail terms for the guilty parties in this matter.

Previous  IBAC inquiries into police corruption (such as operation Styx,  David Branov et al) have resulted in quite short prison sentences (5 years non parole of 2.5 years). IBAC currently have other another investigation into Branov’s former colleagues at Fitzroy police station.

If IBAC fails to gain significant prison terms for the brutal torture and degrading  treatment  of a woman in custody, coupled with a coverup, it may be time to abandon IBAC and send each Victorian household  a revolver and let them defend themselves from a brutal and thoroughly corrupt police force.






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