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Happy 3rd Anniversary to Occupy Melbourne

Tagged cardboard boxes form Treasury gardens.

Tagged cardboard boxes from Treasury gardens.

Its hard to believe its been 3 years. Somehow it seems longer, somehow it feels shorter.

What has changed in that time, the federal government changed from Labour to Liberal and nothing changed for the better, because while a government allows a reserve bank to exist the reserve bank is in control, not the government.

We learned about the illogical and poisonous aspects of the political left.

We learned about how the political right are complete sold out to large corporations.

We learned about how the laws that give fiat currency value are just as corrupt and hollow as the fake money it supports.

We learned its an information war, a battle for the hearts and minds of the people.

We changed the conversation, we got people talking about things they never talked about before, or were even afraid to talk about.

We put up with a lot of hardships, the harassment from Victoria Police, Melbourne City Council, and agent  provocateurs, it was tiring, cold , wet and messy and at times dangerous.

BUT, it was totally worth it.


We went through as lot to spread a message but it’s up to you to hear the message and act upon it accordingly.


Good Luck.

Occupy Melbourne brutal City Square eviction: 2 years on

It was a cool morning on October 21 2011 just a few minutes before 7am council worker came to distribute pre-printed notice to vacate leaflets. They got on their megaphone and the camp stirred. Drizzle started and the fences began to spring up around the camp. The rest is well documentation in a  variety of places, the police violence the seizure and destruction of the entire camp, the marches down the streets being herded to trades hall.

The ‘about’ page  has a good video if you have not seen it yet.

In the years that have followed some characters began to show their true colors, seizing the life and memory of OM for their own purposes to further their careers or line their pockets in other ways.

A court case that failed miserably.  Muldoon

Media stunts that failed likewise. Carson & Scrase

An attempted erasure of what OM really was. Doyle

A white wash of it to claim it dead, largely by those who killed it. The retrospective- various


All of these parties seem to not understand you cant kill an idea, especially one whose time has come.

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