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Links to other websites and resources we think might be useful or interesting to you.

Occupy the money supply (treasury)

-A Facebook group (shudder) that has really good up to date information on monetary systems and the legal systems intrinsic to them. Set up by some great local occupiers and has steadily grown and stayed on topic and avoided all the silly trolling and flame wars. I really wish they would get a blog and get off Facebook, but if you must be on Facebook this is a good place to learn.

This is the ONLY Facebook group endorsed by


EuromaidanPR twitter

A great source to find out whats going on in Ukraine. (Graphic content)


The Mikiverse

– A wide variety of topics by a man with an erudite knowledge of the law and a commanding presence in the court.

The Mikiverse also has other topics such as politics and banks…


Whats up with that

The world’s most viewed site on global warming and climate change


Anti Oligarch

-This blog is definitely on the right page UK/EU based exposing the current and future scams the government will try on the public


Tomfernandez28’s Blog

-a Cuban American who stands for truth, justice and the American way of life. Social and political commentary particularly from USA.




-Another second generation Occupy media site.

Sydney is a city in NSW Australia, it’s not quite as good as Melbourne, which used to be the National capital, but still quite a popular place apparently. Has no trams.


Community Law Resource group

– Learn about you real rights and the real law: Commonwealth of  Australian Constitution  Act 1900 (UK ).

They have monthly meeting so you can go along and learn face to face, $7 donation for intermission snacks and tea / coffee

and travel cost of organizers who come from far out of Melbourne hold the event.


Occupy Savvy

–  A good  resource of Occupy related media and information- New Zealand based (Eh Bro).

If you want to go and check out what’s happening in New Zealand there is a toll bridge in Sydney’s Darling harbor that goes there.

Lateral Love Australia

– Topics of particular interest to original peoples in this continent and other land masses.


Faith Freedom

-Helping Muslims leave Islam


Melbourne  City Council  Holding them to account

-An independent view of and analysis of the inner workings of the MCC, well at least what they don’t illegally hide from us.


-Men rights issues fighting the war against gender discrimination in society

Voice of Australians

-Focused mainly on corruption, sex crime and disability issues with the occasional reference to scripture.



-The whistleblower website since 1996, long before it was cool, or a political party.


Truth Will Overcome Tyranny ( offers thought provoking messages and promo messages on clothing and accessories)

– Activist media based in Melbourne run by freedom activist David Lopez

Local and international issues featuring podcasts relating to raising awareness of freedom, the law and your rights.

The Kaiser report (commercial site, online presence of RT , a Russian television station)

– Max Kaiser’s insightful and at times zany analysis of the financial/economic/political matrix.

A former wall street stock broker who defected to the east to be a journalist, how times have changed.



Zero Hedge (commercial site, has advertising )

-Forums and articles relating to money, economics, finance and related policy, with some very interesting debates, largely troll free.

These guys know where money comes from.

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