How to get involved

On this website:

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  1. Get a WordPress account,
  2. Choose you username and password (you can also start you own personal blog, if you want to).
  3. Make a comment on a post that interests you. We might like it.
  4. Check your email for an invite.
  5. Come back to
  6. Log in and start posting and commenting* (in a mature and reasonable fashion).

Please note: we currently don’t accept post and comments from political parties, we are interested in what individuals say when they speak their minds.

If you are here to cause trouble, troll, make silly dramas and pointless arguments you won’t be here long. Tell the truth as best as you understand it, and be fair.

At protests:

  1. Go to a protest you feel you support.
  2. Meet people.
  3. Ask questions.
  4. Make friends.
  5. Find out about other protests/issues you may feel passion for and how to get involved.

But what ever you do, be aware of this little trap:


In Melbourne:

Free Shop,  Fridays 3PM to 7PM:

At the city square on the corner of Swanston and Collins street.

  1. I think what yous are doing with the “free shop” is fantastic idea & great why of breaking cycle of capitalism & greed, also I was watching the “StormCloudsGathering” videos, they’re really educational and I reckon they should be shown in classes at school.

  2. Well feel free to come along to the free shop if you have not done so already. It’s not so much anti capitalism it anti corporatism.
    But consider what happens when the cost of selling an item is more than the selling price.
    In that situation attempting to sell is a loss making exercise, and you are better off finding a lower cost mode of moving the goods.
    A lot of people who hold garage sales realize the money they receive doing so is less than their hourly rate after all the time and effort they put in. So giving thing away is sometimes the most cost effective way of unburdening yourself of things you don’t want anymore.
    Another thing we notice at the free shop is people start to re asses their relationship to material things, when this is no price (sacrifice) associated with acquiring a thing people no longer think of things as trophies and begin to wonder if they really want them at all. If you could have everything for free what would you do with your life? The same thing you are doing now or something different?
    The reality is most things available to use (at a price) through the corporate mode of production are obsolete when produced and designed to fail at a specific time so that you must buy another one to replace it. These two facts allow corporations to keep us running on an economic treadmill just to keep paying to use the things we want to have, and all the time feeding the corporations who serve us so badly in the process.
    It wasn’t always this way, and it doesn’t have to be this way.

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