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The Greatest Scandal In Human History?

After last week’s “truth bomb” by Pfizer that the “vaccines” were never tested for the ability to reduce or stop transmission we have an attempt by media personalities and world leaders to memory hole the fact that they told people the vaccines would be stopping transmission (They lied) and that the mandates for workers were introduced on basis of that lie.

There are quite a few in this video , Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Jacinda Ardern, Justin “Baby Castro” Trudeau and others , and they all said the same thing : If you don’t take the vaccine you are not protecting others and you don’t deserve to be a part of society. Watch Jacinda the Horse (apology to all the beautiful horses of this world), as she is literally lying through her teeth.

Of course we knew a year ago that the vaccines were not stopping transmission, as the relevant data was already available from the UK and the US. Despite that, Australian premiers in NSW and VIC introduced renewed lockdowns for another 3 1/2 months in a bid to vaccinate at least 90% of the population, before “carefully opening up” . And this after most of the vulnerable had already been vaccinated with AstraZeneca . Whether you believe that the vaccines reduce mortality or not, what is perfectly clear is that they do not prevent infection or transmission of the virus and they never did.

Dan Andrews does not feature in this clip, but in his case it is rubber bullets that spoke louder than words.

Being lied to by politicians is nothing new, one could even say it is the norm, but I struggle to think that there was ever a lie which literally affected the whole planet like this one does.

Why is this not all over the “official” news media ? I guess there have been some reports, probably on Fox News and Sky after dark, as well as a mention in a channel 10 daytime chat show, where they used jovial banter to cover up the seriousness of the message, but I have not seen anything on ABC, SBS or 7,9,. Not that I watch them religiously anyway, but one would imagine that they want this all to just go away, since they intentionally perpetuated the lie and they know full well that evidence of this is easy to find.

I wonder what the future holds for these stations? One can only speculate, but it doesn’t look good.

Not only may this be the greatest scandal in human history, it also easily marks the death of the mainstream mass news media.

The Real News – Police lose control of massive Melbourne rally to end lockdown

Around 15 000 protesters came together in Melbourne on Saturday, many of them were first time protesters who came out because they “had enough”. For the first time since the lockdown protests started a year ago, the police were vastly outnumbered , as protesters broke through police lines , the police ultimately conceded defeat and blocked off roads so protesters could march through streets unhindered. Despite this, after the march finished and people had dispersed, a few arrests were made, one of them Avi Yemini’s security guard.

Stairman Dan Andrews claimed he didn’t know what they were protesting against, but he still ended the lockdown three days later? Coincidence? I think not.

Sydney and Melbourne kick off Worldwide Freedom Demonstrations

Crowds of up to 15 000 gathered in both cities and despite police presence and arrests, they have made a good showing against the ongoing lockdowns and taking of our freedoms.

Despite the politicians clamoring on about safety, lockdowns are a failed health policy that achieves nothing apart from kicking the can down the road and ensuring that the virus keeps mutating in a way that forces us to play endless catch up to reach herd immunity., even with a vaccine available.

To force the young and healthy to stay at home or vaccinate against a virus that is of no danger to them is unprecedented in human history and potentially dangerous.

Politicians love to lock down as it keeps them popular, but lockdowns were never meant to be a longterm measure. The fact that they keep happening is proof that things have gone completely out of control and has left some to speculate that there is a more sinister agenda than “health and safety”.

Of course the media are all over it and blaming “violent clashes” on protesters rather than the police who were out in droves and on horseback.

But with the delta virus spreading like wildfire in Sydney, despite lockdowns, it looks like the chickens have finally come home to roost and the Australian fantasy of virus suppression will soon be squashed.

Lizzy Rose calls out compulsory masks as unlawful.



Melbourne “Psychic” , witch and now also conspiracytard, Lizzy Rose is being hated on by the mask Karens, but she does have a point :while mask wearing may be lawful under state of emergency legislation, it is certainly far from proven scientifically that masks help slow the spread in any substantial way, which makes the mandatory wearing of masks more than a little dubious.

Good on her for standing up for herself, personally I would prefer to avoid Bunnings altogether right now, the insanity is just too much to cope with.

The media likes to make a strawman out of people like Lizzie by painting her as crazy, so
no-one wants to be associated with that and they all  dutifully wear their masks, made in China of course. In reality , many, including doctors, scientists , lawmakers and politicians are questioning the use of masks , especially the mandatory use of insufficient masks like bandannas by healthy people outdoors.
You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to realize that something very Orwellian and dystopian is going on right now.
Masks have some value when worn by people in crowded environments, because people are spreading the virus often before they know they are sick, but ONLY if they are N95 masks, scarves and bandannas don’t count.
Meanwhile Dandrews has stuffed up the aged care protection (claiming he is not responsible for it, as it is federally run), even though there was a lot to learn from other countries and NSW.
He is tough on the public, but cannot run a proper quarantine program to save himself.

As for Lizzie the  “Psychic”, she has always been a bit of  a performer and media whore, I’m guessing she is finding a new audience in the conspiracy community, now that the pagan community has pretty much cast her out.

Undoubtedly she is planning to sell her $750 exorcisms to the people who believe in lizard aliens and demons or literally the devil himself.

Local socialist denies being a socialist

Right from Day one of Occupy Melbourne there were ‘powerheads’  (i.e. control freaks) lurking around looking to gain control.

Some were overt and obvious, some were covert and used proxies to do their dirty work.

Here is what we believe was one of them, perhaps giving away too much of the game plan.

Isn’t it odd that a well known local socialist denies being a socialist basically as soon as he gets to Occupy Melbourne.

Did he quit socialism? Is he now a traitor to all the ‘comrades’? Does he have to give back the toaster oven?

What else is he trying to hide?


Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”

George Orwell


I wonder if he will ever return Occupy Melbourne’s 8000 W petrol generator that went missing from trade hall where he lives and works?


More information available at:

This is your wikileaks party machine

Sean Bedlam was part of Occupy Melbourne and became known for his epic rage quits, even coming  back just to rage quit immediately complaining about people being interested in 9/11.

Of course now Sean has moved on to Wikileaks party

I wonder how long it will be before he is the star of a similar video  trashing Wikileaks party like he did with Occupy.

Probably about a month or two I’d say.

Whats wrong with this guy you might ask?

A dozen beers probably.

How does he manage this behavior?

A dozen beers, of course.

We steal secrets: the story of WikiLeaks

We’ll be adding some more commentary to this soon.

but for now, a few thoughts.

Look at how spaced out Adrian Lamo is in his discussions of turning in Manning, he almost appears to be a zombie. Where have you see this semi vacant look before? Think about it.

Wikileaks insiders being quite critical of Assange and his use of Wikileaks for his own ends.

Watch this space I guess.

Manning seeing the apparently benign message…

Where did the money go?

– Iraqi dissidents

…which lead to a massive crack down.

As soon as people start asking questions about the money or cause others to question it there is a really big response from the corporate-state machine.

The two women in Sweden became very tired of Assange’s evasion around an apparently simple STD test.

Assange’s equipment consisting of a $300 laptop, 10 SIM cards and a cheap jacket for interviews, somewhat inspiring that so much can be done with so little, but leads to the obvious question…

Where did the money go?

– WikiLeaks supporters

… which lead to massive cognitive dissonance?

It’s interesting so a see a few more views on this interesting saga which lead to the Arab spring revolutions, which in some way inspired the Occupy protests.

Anatomy of a protest 21 10 2012

Every protest starts with declaring your right to protest, and if you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any rights.

A lot can be learned from this footage.
Firstly many people who go to protests aren’t aware of the preparation that goes into organizing the protest. Some of the organizing is done to prevent problems on the day and a certain amount has to be done on the spot.
When a protest is made public, the police, PSO’s and security guards will know you are coming, one of the first sentences of the conversation is about the start time of the protest. The beginning of this interaction is interesting.  A PSO he implies the protestors have less rights the other people in society, PSO  then starts trying to give his ‘just following orders’ interpretation of the law and is told his interpretation is not correct in law. This leads to a very long conversation.

Ultimately it’s best in one of these lengthy exchanges to break up the tension. That’s the reason for the East Richmond quote

(if you have been to East Richmond you’ll understand that reference).

Though the PSO was threatening to call the police and have the camera guy removed, the camera guy leaves without being asked by police or PSO’s at any stage.
The PSO may have been a bit green because he agreed that he understood several statements, the straw man guys will know what this means.
Fortunately the PSO didn’t get his face in the camera at close range so he will most likely only be recognized by close friends and associates.

He also claims the camera is making him nervous, why do you think that is so? If you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to hide.

In a giant leap of cognitive dissonance he claims to have been there before as a refugee, but doesn’t seem to recognize or respect the importance of political protest.

In the end another PSO drags the first PSO away before he admits to too many crimes and mostly stands on the sidelines.

That usually implies the PSO has been outmaneuvered in the conversation about the law, and is effectively digging a hole for himself/herself and needs to be rescued before he/she falls into it.
The PSO’s did try to block the mock coffin but after a bit of persistence and a good distraction the protesters get it to roughly where they wanted it.
it’s worth pointing out this footage is of two separate protests at the bottom left ( a silent vigil ) they can almost be seen but the PSO refuses to even recognize
them as a protest. They then all gravitate to the other other protest as soon as it arrives.
the Second protest (the main event essentially) was the funeral march for the political Death of Robert Doyle. Quite a spectacle with costumes and masks and a
cardboard coffin with a sound system playing a funeral dirge on a constant loop. Oh and the bells and a brazier, really detailed stuff. it’s a lot more effort and
planning than a few cardboard signs and takes significant amounts of time.

When protest groups join together it can be synergistic, symbiotic, parasitic or mutually destructive. Draw your own conclusions.

The other important thing to learn from this protest is most protests are peaceful and sometime performance art in them selves. Well you have to get some attention from a public they has been fed the same hype and spin for decades so it’s hard to get their attention unless you do something really strange. But in saying this you must have a message otherwise you are just wasting everyone’s time with attention seeking behavior.

Of course protest creates a reaction from those who you protest against.

Within hours of this event Robert Dolyle’s Melbourne city Council IP addresses were used to make biased edits to the  Occupy Melbourne Wikipedia page removing the words peaceful to describe the protest.

Once this was discovered it created a significant scandal.

To this day there still has not been an explanation of who made the Wikipedia edits from MCC IP addresses.

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