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A dying skill in the age of computers

They control the Media

They control the narrative They perpetuate the myth

Keep on selling you lies Tell you ignorance is bliss

Believe it all and you Never get the truth

Never get wise, wise to their lies To their lies

They control the media They control the media They control the media They control the media

Stick Your ‘Rona Virus Up Your Arse…

Iran Pre 1979


Iran pre 1979 was a very different place, at the time it was more like Greece than a middle eastern country. But once socialists and islamists take over, a place quickly descends into a regressive and tyrannical environment. This video artistically depicts the disappearance of modern freedoms and art from Iran.

Narcissism epidemic



A good audio presentation here from Jean Twenge, interviewed by Lynne Malcolm.

Interestingly she cited Facebook and reality TV as major sources along with overly doting parents (you’re so special) and easy credit to live out the fantasy life.

She has been saying this for years, even at a conference in Melbourne over 3 years ago.

A study Jean Twenge  conducted of 16,000 university students across the US showed 30 per cent were narcissistic in psychological tests, compared with 15 per cent in 1982. ”They are all 18 and 19-year-olds, so this is clearly a generational shift,”

Jean Twenge, professor of psychology at San Diego State University


Of course there are subtle aspects to this the overconfidence of narcissism makes successful stock traders overconfident. Over confidence is good in a rising market but disastrous in a falling market as trader will have fewer fall back positions and be poorly hedged. While traditional investment theory states market generally rise, traditional market theory was developed in an environment where oil supply was expanding one decade to the next. So now there is no great expansion in oil, our specially preened narcissists at the helm of the financial system are a liability rather than a benefit. The only way to expand the financial system is to encourage horde of young narcissists to create debt-money with credit card spending, its no surprise this epidemic has been encouraged.


Facebook; one of the most insidious tools of narcissism was funded by people with links to shadowy connections in the US government. Seriously how could you run a site with hundreds of millions of users without receiving money from somewhere, think about where that somewhere was/is.


This of course bring us to the first Facebook president, Obama. Obama campaigned  heavily on Facebook edging out Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination to go head to head with McCain, was it not for Facebook, likely Hillary would have got the nomination. Look at the narcissism overdrive we see in Obama, two Auto biographies before 45.


It all reminds me of a quote I remember from an occupier.

Nick Carson, Oh my god, what a narcissist! He hijacked Occupy Melbourne.

The worst part was that there were a hundred more just like him, waiting around ready to take his place.


At OM a problem we could see that was hard to address was gen Y hipster narcissists, and narcissists in general. The kind of self deluded people living in a self constructed fantasy world who will lie, cheat and steal if it gets them what they want. Narcissists think they are smart and greatly able, but its only because they thrown all of their failures into a memory hole or blame some one else for it. Narcissism the disease that will rot any community, tents or no tents.



Roughly 1 in 3 in Gen Y is clinically a narcissist, that’s very scary considering how much and how fast this delusion has grown in just a generation, what if its 50% in the next generation?


Not only are we living in a post peak oil world, we are living in a post peak sanity world.

Remember, Remember…

The Million Masks March worldwide event is also happening in Melbourne

When: Tuesday 5th November (Cup Day)

Where: Melbourne State Library

Time: 2pm

Afterwards there will be free food and fun at the OM Free Kitchen.



Global March against corruption!

Legislations are being passed without the peoples knowledge and/or consent.
Peoples rights are being stripped away, and liberty is at stake.
State Corporate powers misunderstand legislations, and persecute people in order to make examples out of them.
Rules are implemented and mistakenly perceived as if they are laws.
By-laws are implemented in order to protect corporate interests over the peoples well being.

Such laws target and persecute activists and whistle blowers, despite the fact that they are victimless crimes, all in the while turning a blind eye to corporate crimes.

Computer crime laws are draconian and need instant reforming!
A child downloading an mp3, or a journalist sharing an information leak, faces much more severe punishments than Wall St banking cartel thieves, murderers, rapists, and paedophiles.

In recent times, the world has seen the largest mass gatherings in history! Globally people have uninted against such corruptions as Austerity – Monsanto – NSA privacy violations – Fracking to name but a few.

Corporate Mainstream Media has remained silent on such issues.

Join us, this November 5th, in solidarity with 400+ events globally, as we cross beyond the barriers of Internet/streets, surfing the spectrum of Lulz/Activism, in the name of Freedom, Justice and Peace;

For more info on the event go to :

Weapons of mass distraction.

Syria Fear

Bullshit smear

Chemical lies

War is near.

Can you hear ?

The drumbeat there

Soldiers appear

Air strike rips the air.

Based on lies

We cried

“You lied”

Too many eyes,

Don’t take their lives.

We don’t hate them

Politicians send them,

Bomb never-ending,

Children were playing now screaming and dying.

This is my nightmare,

You don’t care

Agent orange burns off hair

You kill them I despair

Please stop the time is near

Russian nukes are pointed here,

And it seems you don’t care,

The bankers war is clear.

Occy the Occupy Melbourne Mascot

Robert Doyle Slams Occupy Melbourne “Graffiti Vandals”

For those who missed the channel Nine news here is a Channel Nine newsclipping from today with Lord Mayor Robert ‘Doley Kong” Doyle critizing OM protesters for their artwork, which he calls”vandalism”. Of course it is debateable whether Robbert Dotle knows anything about art or art materials, but judging from the photos it was chalk or some sort of crayon, therefore not worth the media storm attached to it. The artwork adorning the plynth of the Burke and Wills statue was apparently discoverd on Monday morning, so it most likely happened over the weekend.Hmm, this is easier than occupying an intersection or setting up tents. Chalk it and they will come.


Yes, folks, in recent times the world has seen bombs in Boston and Iraq, millions of Turks protesting in the street, whistleblowers who leaked details on war crimes locked up and tortured ,and what is King Doyle worried about? A little colourful enhancement of a statue of two dead white men with dubious achievements. In a city which is famous for it’s Graffiti alleyways. Clearly this is the “Lucky Country!”

Statue Enhancement



Robert Dolye’s fantasy land





Its hard to be an art critic, artists are trying to say all sorts of things but are ultimately at the mercy of their patrons. So regardless of the interpretation the artist places on the work, the patron may have a different interpretation in mind they wish to display.

When I first saw this exhibit I was thinking ‘strange fruit’, only white and not black.

I’m sure Robert Doyle would like to hang a lot of the Occupy Melbourne protesters and detractors in general. The title ‘Urban Cocoon’ said to me Doyle wants to be insulated from reality in his urban space and simply ignore the real problems of the world. The final thought I had was of Doyle attempting to create some kind of ‘virtual ejaculation’ all over the city square tree, to in some way mark or claim it as his own.

Art wank disguised as art wank? OK I’ll take my beret off now.

Ultimately as art its successful, it made me think; but I’m not sure if I liked the message.

Free Shop Becomes Art Installation

Yesterday the Free Shop was invited to be part of an art installation by Natasha Gulino as part of a Monash University student art exhibition called “Honey is flowing in all directions”.

Free beer was also flowing.





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