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Shark cull: flaws in logic

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Jaws: the 70’s urban horror classic which turned sharks from fisherman’s annoyance into public enemy number one. This movie really has a lot to answer for when it comes to the way people feel about sharks. If you have ever swum at a beach you have swum with sharks, in some places there is a shark every 50 meters, less than 100 meters from the shore. I don’t just mean the innocuous sharks I even mean potential man eaters, tiger sharks and great whites.

Cold sweat thinking about it? Don’t bother, you are more likely to be struck dead by lightning.

So if there are so many sharks and they are so close to you when you are swimming why so few attacks? Simply put sharks like to eat fish and seals much more than they like to eat people, people just do not to taste good to sharks. So now that there is a knee jerk reaction to cull sharks in Western Australia in response to a fatal attack. Should we consider the culling program carried out in the 60’s and 70’s in Hawaii? Culling large adult sharks simply made room for more younger smaller sharks, they weren’t so wise as to what was good to eat, and the result was more attacks by smaller sharks. Most of the baby shark attacks were non fatal, but none the less more carnage.

Certainly a shark attack is traumatic and comes by complete surprise, often to some one enjoying some recreation making it even more horrific. But sharks have no real capacity for cruelty as we know it, cruelty requires that an individual actually considers other individuals as sentient, a shark think only in terms of eating or not eating. A shark has no malice, it is just trying to stay alive. It is folly to think of a shark having some master plan to terrorize a beach for its own sadistic pleasure. Far and aggression are probably the only behaviors it displays that could be considers emotions. There really isn’t a lot going on in the brain of that boneless mass of muscle swimming around.

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So to sum up the shark cull:

Stupid, knee jerk, poorly thought out, trying to appear to do something, seeking to create an external enemy, bad for the oceans ecology.

This of course brings us to :

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Where is your ‘god’ now?

The arctic ice sheet has grown roughly this much in the 12 months from August 2012 to August 2013. An area very close to the size of Western Australia. (95% of the size of WA)

The arctic ice sheet has grown roughly this much in the 12 months from August 2012 to August 2013. An area very close to the size of Western Australia. (95% of the size of WA)

BHP Billiton attempts to steal $774,532 from former employee Neville Hampton

And so it begins...

And so it begins…

That link from 7 news obviously…

And from one Perth..

We add:

Its the great Ozzy dream, work hard for decades, watch your pennies and get a mortgage on a house, maybe raise some kids, and when you are getting close to retirement and the house is paid off, you have some options:

Sell the house and travel, sea change or tree change, or maybe work part time or in a occupation less stressful or softer on the mortal coil, maybe just catch up on TV sports/ books/ gardening….

Let’s face it the home is where the typical man or woman has most of their assets tied up in these days, sure people will try to speculate on the market, but as an investor it’s your right to choose how you want to invest. As a home buyer it’s you supreme privilege to take what ever capital gain you can realize after the mortgage is paid.

Unless you made the mistake of getting an employer like BHP Billiton…

Its called the Ozzy dream because we are all starting to wake up from it and see it the nightmarish reality of employers trying to steal from employees.  Just like Occupy began as banks were stealing from their customers and the taxpayer in general, now the employer morphing into a more voracious animal.

The house deal

Initial purchase price from BHP loan $43,000.

Interest rate paid 7.4% (approximately) very close to the average interest rates for the time period 1998-2013, So BHP haven’t really done any special offers there.

Repayments $125,000

So Neville chose wisely and now the house is worth more the 20 times its purchase price, (and more than 7 time the amount repaid) of course Now BHP wants to take it from him.

Current house value conservatively $900,000

Loss in value to the mortgage payer Neville: $774,532 if he were able to sell today.

BHP is trying to steal more than 3/4 of a million dollars of real estate value from a former employee, that they sacked in murky circumstances.

Of course lawyers and government assistance in the dispute fail as they always do.

What is this over?

Neville was sacked after 21 years of service to BHP for allegedly speeding in a company vehicle on the mine site, which he denies. Apparently the fine print in the loan agreement implies the house is forfeit if the employee leaves the company.

Which brings us to:

Imperial Acts Application Act  1980,  Section 8, Sub-section 12

“All fines and forfeitures before conviction are illegal and void”

Keep that in mind Neville.

So it sounds like BHP Billiton are not satisfied with taking as much value from the mineral wealth from our continent, they now want to have an illegitimate slice of the real estate pie as well.

So the question is BHP Billiton, would you like to give the man his house back, or would you like to become the new whipping boy of this activist media website?

We have pretty much ruined Robert Doyle, so we are looking for new targets.

Your head office is very conveniently located in Melbourne, Subtle hint.

Anon ops make preparations for plan 16.

How is this going to look in First Priority Enterprise?

Stop smirking, give the man his house back you heartless bastards.

Media Release – Federal funding disappears in full view of Minister Jenny Macklin


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April 4, 2013

Where DID the playgroup GO?

Federal funding disappears in full view of Minister Jenny Macklin.

Darwin, NT, April 4, 2013– Two years ago, April 2011 Jenny Macklin, the Minister of FAHCSIA, which includes Indigenous Affairs visited the remote Aboriginal community of Balgo, WA.

As a result of that visit she announced that $264,000 would be granted to the community through the Wirrimanu Aboriginal Corporation (WAC), for the purpose of developing a community women’s initiative playgroup which was being fully sponsored and supported by the BoysTown Charity for over 2 years at a cost of approximately $100,000 per year.   Research suggests that early intervention in the form of playgroups play a vital role in the social and cognitive development of a child as they progress through the early years of their life and the entering of the schooling systems.

Today it would appear after much effort by many concerned people, who informed the Department, that nothing has changed.  No development has occurred for this important work.  BoysTown stood aside, Sept 2012, for WAC to take on the development of this community Women’s initiative.  The $264,000 does not appear on the annual financial accounts, yet Canberra bureaucrats insisted that WAC have been  running the service since October 2011 and under the full view of their Departmental staff.

Where did tax payer’s money go?  What has Minister Macklin, the fund giver, and her team done to address what became such a personal issue for her? Where is the accountability measures for responsible use of federal grant funding?  More importantly where did the essential services of early intervention programs go for severely disenfranchised Aboriginal children in the community of Balgo?

Young Babies and their Mums need this program NOW otherwise another generation of the community’s children will be lost.

# # #

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Michael Gravener at 0408115352 or email at

From Lateral Love

Media Release – Federal funding disappears in full view of Minister Jenny Macklin.

Another death in custody – The Stringer – Independent News, Investigative Journalism


Go to Jail Monopoly game


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