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Melbourne’s Fascist lord mayor

Ukraine pro democracy protest

ukraine protst 2

ukraine protest 1


On the day Victorian government was debating laws to effectively criminalize protest , protestors for Ukraine democracy met at the exact place where Robert Doyle’s Melbourne City Council brutally crushed a democracy Movement called Occupy Melbourne.

This may actually be Victoria’s last protest where protest is legal.

Yet another irony is the Ukrainian situation protest was also made illegal recently.

So I’m sure we’d love for you to have democracy Ukraine, but we don’t have it our selves.

Occupy Melbourne brutal City Square eviction: 2 years on

It was a cool morning on October 21 2011 just a few minutes before 7am council worker came to distribute pre-printed notice to vacate leaflets. They got on their megaphone and the camp stirred. Drizzle started and the fences began to spring up around the camp. The rest is well documentation in a  variety of places, the police violence the seizure and destruction of the entire camp, the marches down the streets being herded to trades hall.

The ‘about’ page  has a good video if you have not seen it yet.

In the years that have followed some characters began to show their true colors, seizing the life and memory of OM for their own purposes to further their careers or line their pockets in other ways.

A court case that failed miserably.  Muldoon

Media stunts that failed likewise. Carson & Scrase

An attempted erasure of what OM really was. Doyle

A white wash of it to claim it dead, largely by those who killed it. The retrospective- various


All of these parties seem to not understand you cant kill an idea, especially one whose time has come.

Robert Doyle vandalises your rights

no to local councils

The only vote that matters this election

Robert Doyle Slams Occupy Melbourne “Graffiti Vandals”

For those who missed the channel Nine news here is a Channel Nine newsclipping from today with Lord Mayor Robert ‘Doley Kong” Doyle critizing OM protesters for their artwork, which he calls”vandalism”. Of course it is debateable whether Robbert Dotle knows anything about art or art materials, but judging from the photos it was chalk or some sort of crayon, therefore not worth the media storm attached to it. The artwork adorning the plynth of the Burke and Wills statue was apparently discoverd on Monday morning, so it most likely happened over the weekend.Hmm, this is easier than occupying an intersection or setting up tents. Chalk it and they will come.


Yes, folks, in recent times the world has seen bombs in Boston and Iraq, millions of Turks protesting in the street, whistleblowers who leaked details on war crimes locked up and tortured ,and what is King Doyle worried about? A little colourful enhancement of a statue of two dead white men with dubious achievements. In a city which is famous for it’s Graffiti alleyways. Clearly this is the “Lucky Country!”

Statue Enhancement



Anatomy of a protest 21 10 2012

Every protest starts with declaring your right to protest, and if you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any rights.

A lot can be learned from this footage.
Firstly many people who go to protests aren’t aware of the preparation that goes into organizing the protest. Some of the organizing is done to prevent problems on the day and a certain amount has to be done on the spot.
When a protest is made public, the police, PSO’s and security guards will know you are coming, one of the first sentences of the conversation is about the start time of the protest. The beginning of this interaction is interesting.  A PSO he implies the protestors have less rights the other people in society, PSO  then starts trying to give his ‘just following orders’ interpretation of the law and is told his interpretation is not correct in law. This leads to a very long conversation.

Ultimately it’s best in one of these lengthy exchanges to break up the tension. That’s the reason for the East Richmond quote

(if you have been to East Richmond you’ll understand that reference).

Though the PSO was threatening to call the police and have the camera guy removed, the camera guy leaves without being asked by police or PSO’s at any stage.
The PSO may have been a bit green because he agreed that he understood several statements, the straw man guys will know what this means.
Fortunately the PSO didn’t get his face in the camera at close range so he will most likely only be recognized by close friends and associates.

He also claims the camera is making him nervous, why do you think that is so? If you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to hide.

In a giant leap of cognitive dissonance he claims to have been there before as a refugee, but doesn’t seem to recognize or respect the importance of political protest.

In the end another PSO drags the first PSO away before he admits to too many crimes and mostly stands on the sidelines.

That usually implies the PSO has been outmaneuvered in the conversation about the law, and is effectively digging a hole for himself/herself and needs to be rescued before he/she falls into it.
The PSO’s did try to block the mock coffin but after a bit of persistence and a good distraction the protesters get it to roughly where they wanted it.
it’s worth pointing out this footage is of two separate protests at the bottom left ( a silent vigil ) they can almost be seen but the PSO refuses to even recognize
them as a protest. They then all gravitate to the other other protest as soon as it arrives.
the Second protest (the main event essentially) was the funeral march for the political Death of Robert Doyle. Quite a spectacle with costumes and masks and a
cardboard coffin with a sound system playing a funeral dirge on a constant loop. Oh and the bells and a brazier, really detailed stuff. it’s a lot more effort and
planning than a few cardboard signs and takes significant amounts of time.

When protest groups join together it can be synergistic, symbiotic, parasitic or mutually destructive. Draw your own conclusions.

The other important thing to learn from this protest is most protests are peaceful and sometime performance art in them selves. Well you have to get some attention from a public they has been fed the same hype and spin for decades so it’s hard to get their attention unless you do something really strange. But in saying this you must have a message otherwise you are just wasting everyone’s time with attention seeking behavior.

Of course protest creates a reaction from those who you protest against.

Within hours of this event Robert Dolyle’s Melbourne city Council IP addresses were used to make biased edits to the  Occupy Melbourne Wikipedia page removing the words peaceful to describe the protest.

Once this was discovered it created a significant scandal.

To this day there still has not been an explanation of who made the Wikipedia edits from MCC IP addresses.

Robert Dolye’s fantasy land





Its hard to be an art critic, artists are trying to say all sorts of things but are ultimately at the mercy of their patrons. So regardless of the interpretation the artist places on the work, the patron may have a different interpretation in mind they wish to display.

When I first saw this exhibit I was thinking ‘strange fruit’, only white and not black.

I’m sure Robert Doyle would like to hang a lot of the Occupy Melbourne protesters and detractors in general. The title ‘Urban Cocoon’ said to me Doyle wants to be insulated from reality in his urban space and simply ignore the real problems of the world. The final thought I had was of Doyle attempting to create some kind of ‘virtual ejaculation’ all over the city square tree, to in some way mark or claim it as his own.

Art wank disguised as art wank? OK I’ll take my beret off now.

Ultimately as art its successful, it made me think; but I’m not sure if I liked the message.

Doyley Kong, Ruler of the City

Doyley Kong

Another caught with their hands in the wikipedia jar

The modern day cover up is too easily exposed, because you cant ever really delete anything from Wikipedia.

You can't hide that easily.

You can’t hide that easily.

Today’s Wikipedia catch is Tom Waterhouse.


In February Fairfax reported that Occupy Melbourne’s official Wikipedia page was edited twice by a person using a City of Melbourne computer to remove contentious words in the lead-up to the re-election of lord mayor Robert Doyle last year.

However we would like to be recognized as the original source of MCC Occupy Melbourne edits story rather than the oblique ( self ) reference to Fairfax media.

We released it to BoingBoing, where The Age (Fairfax Media) picked it up.

The original story is here:

But the question remains what happened to Richard Fosters Melbourne City Council internal investigation into who made the edits?

It’s now almost 3 months later and still no answers.

Richard Foster MCC councillor . Just days after the Editgate cyber war story story (of MCC IP addresses being used to edit out the word peaceful from Occupy Melbourne Wikipedia page) Richard Foster promised and internal investigation. Almost 3 months have passed and still there is no information about what happened.

Richard Foster MCC councillor . Just days after the Editgate cyber war story story (of MCC IP addresses being used to edit out the word peaceful from Occupy Melbourne Wikipedia page) Richard Foster promised and internal investigation. Almost 3 months have passed and still there is no information about what happened.

Clearly none of these people have heard about the Streisand effect.

Latest 1% Agenda :Privatize ABC and SBS, get rid of Medicare.

Dear Robert Doyle, this might explain why people are so angry.

“It was the most exclusive of events: a $500 minimum per head gala fundraising dinner last week for a right-wing think tank. Tony Abbott, Gina Rinehart and Rupert Murdoch took turns sharing the stage. Andrew Bolt was MC. Tony praised his fellow key-note speakers, especially Rupert, and promised the crowd a “big yes” to many of the think tank’s list of 75 policies to radically transform Australia.

So what, exactly, is on this mob’s wish list?

Public broadcasting – gone. The ABC to be broken up and sold off, SBS to be fully privatised.

Corporations to be allowed to make secret payments to political parties.

Medicare gone for most Australians.

A return to WorkChoices, just by another name.

The clean energy fund and the renewable energy target – scrapped.

Funding for sport and arts – including the Australian Institute of Sport – axed. Same for science, with the CSIRO to be privatised.

It goes on. Never before has the extreme conservative agenda been laid out so clearly.” (From Getup Newsletter)

Doyle ambush – New video shows Doyle smiling and proof of corporate media lies (tyres not slashed)

It appears that the herald sun has taken out any the reference to tyres getting slashed.

PROTESTERS have jumped on Lord Mayor Robert Doyle’s car and slashed his tyres outside the Arts Centre.

This was the original link:

It now redirects to:

But it’s still in the australian news paper.

Anti-capitalism protesters attempted to disrupt the event. Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle had his entry briefly disrupted when his car’s tyres were slashed.


Some reports suggested his car’s tyres had been slashed.

Check out this video to see what actually happened.

Doyle claims:

”This wasn’t just a protest, this was violent, hate-filled.

”I have never experienced anything like this in 25 years of public life.”

But as you can clearly see though the window doyle and his limo driver were both smiling and enjoying the attention while fulfilling their role as a  decoy/scapegoat (as always) so the likes of rupert murdoch, tony abbott and gina rinehart could slip in though the back door.

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