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George Takei was a child in a detention center

George Takei at Rohwer a prison camp for people whos only 'crime' was being the wrong race, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

George Takei at Rohwer; a prison camp for people whose only ‘crime’ was being the wrong race, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Message From Noam Chomsky


From the Tamil Refugee Council Press Office
18 April, 2013


Melbourne, Thursday – Two world-renowned authors, American Noam Chomsky and Australian Thomas
Keneally, have called on the Australian Government to end indefinite detention of refugees after a 10-day
hunger strike ended at the Broadmeadows detention centre in Melbourne.

“The true measure of the moral level of a society is how it treats the most vulnerable people,” Chomsky
said in a message this week to the Tamil Refugee Council in Australia.

“Few are as vulnerable as those who have fled to Australia in terror and are locked away without charge,
their terrible fate veiled in secrecy. We may not be able to do much, beyond lamenting, about North
Korean prisons. But we can do a great deal about severe human rights violations right within reach.”

The hunger-strike by 27 refugees who have been detained for between three and four years because of
negative ASIO-assessments ended late yesterday. “We decided as a group that our bodies were too weak
to go on,“one refugee said. “The Prime Minister Julia Gillard said the Government could not talk to us
about ending our detention while we were on a hunger strike. We say to her now: We have finished, so are
you willing to talk?”

Keneally, a vocal supporter of refugee rights, said it was wrong to treat refugees differently to Australians.
“If any Australian citizens were treated as these people are, with detention, humiliation and denial of
rights, we too would make protests to assert the justice of our cause – just as these present refugees have
done,” Keneally said.

“A previous prime minister, Bob Hawke, in the late 1980s, permitted 43,000 Chinese students to stay here,
if they chose, after the Tiananmen massacre.

“No detention was necessary, no years behind wire for those offered asylum by the PM. I refuse to believe
therefore that the present detention and long-winded processing of Tamils and others is necessary. Some
of these people are in the same, if not greater peril, as were the students of 1989.”

A spokesman for the Tamil Refugee Council, Aran Mylvanagam, said yesterday the fight for the release of
the ASIO-rejected refugees would continue, with a rally tonight at 5.30 p.m. outside the Dandenong branch
of the Immigration Department at 76 Thomas St., Dandenong.

“There are 56 of these people detained indefinitely by the Government because of so-called adverse
security assessments. They cannot see these secret reports to challenge them. It is an outrage that people
can be locked away forever by Government decree without any legal recourse,” he said.

“We are proud of these brave hunger-strikers who put their lives on the line to end this unjust situation.
We shall be continuing our campaign to get some justice for these people for as long as it takes the
Government to end its inhumanity and cruelty.”

For further information contact Trevor Grant 0400 597 351

FEMA camp in Broadmeadows suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

FEAM camp broadmeadows

Attached to a military barracks, just like its more famous cousin Guantanamo bay.



Google maps last image is from 2009, 4 years out of date. Some building have been moved since 2009.

Currently used to indefinitely detain genuine refugees for reasons that the government refuses to disclose.

Currently many refugees detained there are on hunger strike.

This camp is most likely being used as a test FEMA camp, and to soften the  public perception of  lifelong imprisonment without trial or evidence.

Fascism has arrived!

All politicians are guilty of this crime against humanity and the rule of law.



For more information about the camps and suspected sites in Australia see:

Two more vigils at Broadmeadows ASIO refugee hunger strike

20130416_19154920130416_191549 mirror image



Australia’s Guantanamo Bay

From The Age:

hunger strike

A GROUP of hunger strikers protesting against their indefinite detention in Melbourne’s north have marked Tamil New Year by drinking a mouthful of water.

The 27 hunger strikers at the MITA detention centre in Broadmeadows have entered their seventh day of refusing to eat until the federal government addresses the situation that has left them in limbo for more than three years.

The 25 Tamils and two Burmese Rohingyas have been granted refugee status but had their release into the community refused due to adverse ASIO assessments.

The men are refusing to go inside and have remained in the grounds day and night.

Speaking through the Tamil Refugee Council, one of the hunger strikers said they have become very tired and weak but were buoyed by national and international support for their cause.

“I can see many of my friends getting weaker but all of us are together as one and determined to go on until the Government does something about our situation. We are here until there is a resolution one way or the other.”

The men are among 55 recognised refugees refused visas after security agency ASIO branded them a threat.

Most of the strikers have been in detention for more than three years without being told the details of allegations against them and with no right of appeal.

In November the government appointed retired Federal Court judge Margaret Stone to review the findings, though ASIO has veto rights over her decision.

Tamil Refugee Council spokesman Aran Mylvaganam said the situation marks a shameful episode in Australia’s history.

“This is Australia’s Guantanamo Bay. How can such a thing be happening here?”

Candle Vigil For Refugees

stay strong

candle vigil2

Freedom Now

RAC protest to free ASIO negative refugees in Broadmeadows 3047 VIC


A peaceful non obstructive protest to highlight the hunger strike of some refugees currently being held in Broadmeadows’ Maygar barracks army base.


The refugees have been given ASIO negative assessments meaning ASIO claims there is something adverse about their history or beliefs that makes them a security risk. Of course in real MacArthur style, ASIO refuses to say why, or where they got the information. We call ‘bullshit’ on ASIO.


Without getting too religious on you, Jesus would be a security risk: Religious man from a middle eastern country, demanded significant reforms, was opposed to the banking system, healed people for free and had many followers.




As you can see, concerned people are sleeping over night to support the vigil with some basic infrastructure already in place.

Kitchen, portaloo and fire barrel on site. So get over there and show your support.

For more information:

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