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Melbourne Freedom Rally Turns Into Police Trap – 400 arrested and fined .

Newbie Protesters who believed that it was now legal to protest the harsh Victorian lockdown and Dan Andrews’ government of lies, found themselves encircled by VicPol, blocked in a three way intersection.

The police deliberately kettled people and pushed them together so they could not socially distance. And then they arrested them for not socially distancing. It was a set-up, pure and simple. If they had just allowed it to go ahead as planned, people would have spread out.

Instead, protesters were tackled, thrown to the ground, peppersprayed, arrested and processed, with around 4oo fines handed out.

If protest is really so dangerous, then why was the BLM rally not a superspreader? Or maybe it was? You can’t have it both ways.

What has become obvious, is that Chairman Dan is more than happy to send his private army to destroy dissenters.

Unfortunately some blame must fall on the organizers of this event who chose a problematic location and failed to keep people safe. Updates to “not let yourself be encircled ” and move “north” were sent, but were too vague to get their message across to people who believed that socially distanced protesting was legal.

Free Victoria Protest 23/10/2020

After Vic Pol declared the protest legal, Dick-Tator Dan promptly declared it illegal and used police as his private army to suppress dissent. It didn’t work this time, as the police were outnumbered by thousands of protesters. Still, the mainstream media chose to lie about the numbers and also claimed the protest was violent instead of peaceful. The only violence came from VicPol and one of their horse-hating plants.

New Covid “Outbreak” At Melbourne Islamic School

Here we go again , round 3, this is how it all started in July :

“East Preston Islamic College was closed on Wednesday following a positive test for a Year 5 student who should have been isolating due to a close contact’s infection.

DHHS is planning a testing blitz in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and is urging anyone with symptoms to get tested.

Additional cases linked to this outbreak have also been identified in a social housing block in Broadmeadows. The Department of Health and Human Services has issued advisory notices to 120 residents asking them to self-isolate for 48 hours, to get tested and to monitor for symptoms.”

Anyone who still thinks this virus can be fought with extreme lockdowns is simply kidding themselves.

Hughesdale- The Centre Of The Melbourne Lockdown Resistance

All this because a barber shop decided to open. Well, it looks like they are opening again today, defying lockdown orders, and other businesses in the small suburban shopping strip are opening as well. Hughesdale, coincidentally – or maybe not- is one of the suburbs Dan Andrews destroyed with his Skyrail and brutalist communist architecture station, so he ain’t too popular there. Well, chairman Dan, Karma is a bitch!

We decide when the lockdown ends, not Daniel Andrews

From an anonymous barrister, reblogged from Social Media (corrected and edited by Grumpycat333) :

“Know this: Lockdown Orders have zero legal standing. Why did Daniel Andrews desperately want the Omibus detention powers? He had the existing fines mechanism to enforce Directions orders which are the basis of the lockdown. So why the need for new powers? This answer is because people are waking up.

Everyone should go and read page 106 of The Public Health and Wellbeing Act Division 1 Section 111. It states: the spread of an infectious disease should be prevented or minimised with the MINIMUM RESTRICTIONS on the RIGHTS of any person.

The legal drafting and clause construction is very clear. It says; the Chief Health Officer can do his job to stop the spread of an infectious disease, BUT a person’s rights restrictions must be minimal. He has a qualifier and restraint. He doesn’t decide what’s minimum. So who does decide what’s minimum?

If a person, whose rights are being restricted has no say in the matter, there would have been no need to include the clause in the legislation. The Parliament sought to preserve and protect civil liberties. It’s a check on unfettered powers. That is the purpose of the clause, otherwise, why have it in the legislation, if the Chief Health Officer has unrestrained powers? It’s a reminder of the constraint on the Chief Health Officer.

The Westminster system constrains, separates, checks and contains power, through a mechanism known as the Separation of Powers. This means that legislature (who makes laws), the Executive (Premier and Ministry) who execute law, and the Judiciary who interpret laws, remain separate. This is a check on power so it’s not concentrated as we seem to have in Victoria at the present.

The default ‘Mentis’ (mind) of Parliament, in a liberal democracy, is to preserve freedoms. Particularly the freedom of movement and association, which the High Court has protected over and over and now Daniel Andrews thinks he can extinguish. The person who decides what’s a minimum restraint on a person’s rights is the person who has the rights.

If that person has no say on what’s a restraint, the person would be deemed to have no rights, so why mention them? In this event, the person at best, has privileges which can be limited or extinguished. Like a driving license. True rights can only be suspended or limited by the right’s holder. These are known as inalienable rights. God given, which cannot be extinguished by the State, the Chief Health Officer or Daniel Andrews. Division 1 Section 111 was drafted in acknowledgement of this liberal democratic principle. The Section is even referred to as the Principle of the Act, against which all Directions Orders must be measured. Case closed.

What I have just set out is legal argument that a Barrister might make before a Magistrate, who is usually ill equipped to handle such arguments. Now you understand why the last thing Daniel Andrews wants is fines to be challenged in Court. Push the problem into the future or maybe even forgive fines so they never see a court room . Victorians don’t know or understand the law and Andrews feels omnipotent whilst most Victorians are oblivious and kept in the dark.

The average police officer in the street is even less well equipped to handle these matters, so don’t try to enlighten them or argue whilst being issued with an illegal and worthless fine. They have no idea. They’re just following orders. In any event, fines are only allegations and not findings of fact or guilt. Fines become an admission of guilt when you pay them. That’s why the fines can be challenged.

Daniel Andrews’ decrees from the podium have zero standing and will never stand up in court when the BS fines are challenged. They’re all a big bluff. The lockdown is a bluff. It’s no wonder the Magistrates Court has adjourned all Covid challenged fines well into 2021. If one illegal fine gets before a court, Andrews will buckle like he did with the curfew when it was uncovered as a fraud. The Directions Order will be found to be as illegal as the curfew. The day before the curfew was challenged in the Supreme Court, is was quickly ended by Andrews. The 5km restraint is equally illegal as an excessive restraint on the rights of Victorians. I remind you. If Victorians have no rights, as Andrews asserts, then why mention them in the Act?

While Andrews can’t be removed as Premier, he is subject to the Westminster system of Separation of Powers, which means the Parliament or Courts can clip his wings and stop his tyranny. As he has the numbers in Parliament it’s useless to try a no confidence motion against Andrews, so we’re left with the Judiciary and the Courts.

Being awake and informed will set you free. With the legal illusion of fines swept away, so is lockdown. We decide when the lockdown ends, not Daniel Andrews. The police will run out of ink in the their pens writing fines if we don’t co-operate. It was for this reason Daniel Andrews wanted detention powers in his Omnibus Bill. He feared someone would write a post like this, and wake up Victoria. “

Harry’s Clothing. The First Domino?

Harry Hutchinson from Harry’s Clothing in Berwick ( a suburb of Melbourne) has defied the lockdown and opened up his clothing store . He says that he has exceeded Christmas sales by 50% in two days and has to re-order stock. Support for his action is so strong that many people simply give him a donation, which he is passing on to an Aboriginal community.

A Hair salon in Hughesdale will open it’s doors tomorrow.

This comes after retail in the Melbourne Metropolitan zone was locked down more than 10 weeks ago, leaving only supermarkets, food stores, chemists and petrol stations open.

Omnibus Bill Passes In Victorian Parliament


From The Australian Biosecurity Act 2015

Screenshot_2020-09-30 Biosecurity Act 2015(2)Screenshot_2020-09-30 Biosecurity Act 2015(1)

What this means is that any health measures ordered by the health minister in the case of  a pandemic have to be reasonable,  appropriate,  as non-intrusive as possible , for the shortest period possible and effective, otherwise they can and will be challenged in court. This is also determined by the charter of human rights.

The curfew has gone, and stringent hotel quarantine for all arrivals makes no sense anymore  either, when there is community transmission, which is one reason why it’s about to be scrapped. Other measures like the 5 km rule and universal mask wearing are also being challenged by experts.

 People can and will challenge the fines they received by breaching those measures and are most likely to win, which is why fines that have been put up for review are currently all dismissed, because if a precedent is set in court that the measure was disproportionate the government can be sued by all the people who received such fines.  A class  action is already being prepared by Serene Teffaha and her team at

Fun Times.

Media Release

MEDIA RELEASE: Successful Anti-Lockdown Flash Protest at Chadstone.

Police were caught completely off-guard today when a few hundred demonstrators descended on Chadstone for a flash protest.

We were able to get in and out in about 50 minutes with so far no known arrests or fines.

However Victoria Police spent many hundreds of thousands of dollars on PORT for today. We consider it their fine for opposing our freedom.

We’re going to relish in this victory.

Organisers attribute their success to careful planning and participants willingness to simply, trust the plan.

We apologise to Victorians on behalf of Victoria Police for their delayed and heavy handed response towards shoppers at Chadstone.

Melbourne – Stasiland 2.0

 After almost 6 months in more or less hard lockdown, Victoria to some extent but  especially the  large area of metropolitan  Melbourne , are now starting to feel very similar to the former “Democratic Republic”  of East Germany, which was neither a republic nor democratic, but a one party communist dictatorship, a country  so wonderful that they built a fence/wall to prevent people from leaving! (Traditionally fences, walls and moats exist to prevent invaders).

Instead of barbed wire fence and a brick wall, we have a “ring of steel”. Instead of the communist rulebook we have the everchanging and incomprehensible “covid ” restrictions, instead of the Stasi we have police hunting down anti maskers in the street, arresting pregnant women for “incitement” on Facebook and in an extreme overreach of power, kicking mentally ill citizens in the head. Now they are working on a rule of incarcerating people  who voice anti government views online, Communist censorship at it’s  finest.

We still have access to some goods and services to keep us quiet, but others, like Australia Post, are buckling under the pressure and it takes an average of 14 days for a parcel to go from one suburb to another, some take much longer.

Now there are rumours flying around that the majority of Victorians are actually in support of Dictator Dan (There is even a “stand with Dan” cult/social media hashtag).

Personally, I find this hard to believe. There may be a small number of people who are not affected by the harsh rules, but most people are now more adversely affected by the lockdown than they are by the threat of Covid.

I have heard many stories of people quietly breaking the rules, leaving their suburb  or even the city to visit friends or family, walking outdoors or even indoors without a a mask (or positioning the mask below the nose), staying out longer than the prescribed one hour a day. Aussies are good at superficially complying while quietly doing whatever they want, as long as they can get away with it.

The majority of East German citizens also superficially complied with their one party state and draconian rules. One reason was that the government ensured full employment for all, so everybody had a job, government childcare and a roof over their head, even if most lived in ugly housing commission style flats and had to wait 10 years to buy a car.

They were also forced to comply because neighbours were encouraged to spy on each other and dob each other in for any anti communist sentiment. The threat was not just a fine, but incarceration, sometimes for years.

But as the Sovjet empire crumbled and loosened it’s hold on Germany and Bruce Springsteen played a 4 hour concert for half the citizens of East Berlin that was also broadcast on tv, they very quickly and suddenly had a major revolution and there weren’t too many people not taking part because in reality everyone knew that communism was a pile of horseshit. Even the notoriously taciturn borderguards were grinning from ear to ear, as they were letting people through the open gates.

At this stage Melbournians are still biding their time. Some of them still believe this will end soon and the outcome will be worth it. But if yesterday is anything to go by, there were more people on Elwood beach flouting the rules than ‘official ‘ protesters and travel around the city has increased for four weeks straight.

What will it take for Australians to say enough is enough , take to the streets in massive protests , throw away their masks and open their businesses and pubs without government permission ?

Two things: the jobseeker/ beekeeper payments will reduce in a week’s time, but the real reason will be Christmas. You do not take Christmas away from Aussies, it is simply impossible! Just like the Muslims would not give up on their family Ramadans, which brought on Victoria’s second or first wave, which ever way you prefer.

And Christmas in Victoria , as we all know, begins with the lead up shopping frenzy just after Cup Day and the mad socializing /catching up in all of December.

Of course Dick-tator Dan’s “roadmap” ends the lockdown supposedly in late October for that very reason, but there is no guarantee that he actually will, because as the world realizes that the Covid threat was nothing but a mass panic that mostly killed those who would have died this year anyway plus a few unlucky extras, Dan will be doubling down and by late October he will potentially not just be battling Covid, but all respiratory viruses in eternal lockdown. Then he can sell the economically ruined state of Victoria to China for peanuts , become rich himself for brokering the deal and retire to Queensland.

Make no mistake, like all dictators, he is a self-serving hypocrite and he will not stop until he is stopped and those who stand with Dan will also fall with him. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait 27 years to see it happen.

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