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Anti lock down post sharers arrested

Arrested while pregnant in front of her 2 kids in her own home…for a Facebook post. welcome to 1984.

Opinions are now illegal.

Fatten the curve


I was going to tell you all about opportunistic landlords getting mortgage rate reductions, and at the same time putting up the rent. I was going to tell you about Chinese investment firms driving up the price of housing in Australia to make more profits and make it easier to launder money. I was going to tell you that the courts are closed and a cough is the modern day weapon of mass destruction.

But I told you none of that.

I think Occupy  proved it was not possible to live in tents in a park and not be mercilessly harassed by the government and corporate servants. So the tent is probably not an option for you.

But you knew that.

I just showed you a picture and you figured out the rest by yourselves.

You know that 1 million people were fired this week and that only half of this number is 3% of the Australian population.

You also knew this:

The USA gained independence by fighting and defeating the world super power with just 3% of it own population deciding to fight.

You are also aware that every other country in the world is busy fighting it’s own battle with SARS-Corona 2  aka COVID -19, and there are no reinforcements coming from anywhere.

Lets face it, if you can’t just select a moment at random and go to a supermarket and buy toilet paper, the government has failed.

Jet train solves drivers license problems

OK I know what you are thinking, WTF is this about. After doing some legal research (which we do from time to time for the lols), we discovered that locomotives and railway rolling stock are not classed as vehicles according to the road safety act 1986, and therefore are completely unregulated. Insanely enough a bicycle is considered to be a vehicle or almost any thing else that moves. Kick a can down the road, its vehicle, but if it has railway wheels under it, they can’t touch it.

means a conveyance that is designed to be propelled or drawn by any means, whether or not capable of being so propelled or drawn,
and includes bicycle or other pedal-powered vehicle, trailer, tram-car and air-cushion vehicle but
does not include railway locomotive or railway rolling stock;


So for all the people who don’t have a license we have the solution: Jet train.

Our resident engineers are furiously struggling to find way to steer the dam thing, and there is also that kind of annoying thing about the way it leaves massive grooves in the road, but we are sure than since speeding fines alone are a billion dollar per year industry, the market will find a way.

So lost your license due to speed, booze, pills, or what ever?

Want to escape the hassle of staying sober and obeying speed limits?

Getting tired of having to stop for flashing blue lights?

Tired of waiting at intersections?

Then jet train could be right for you!

Save money and time by avoiding fines and court cases!

 Best of all its completely legal*.

*According to Victorian Road Safety Act 1986 a locomotive is not a vehicle and none of the act applies to it.

Legal and making sense are not the same thing obviously.

For those on a budget we are working on a small flat bed bogey with a pulse jet for forward motion.

New Jersey police caught on camera assaulting citizen

Over six months ago this story emerged but despite the whole’ hands up don’t shot’ theme clearly displays here very little in the media frenzy. Police caught out by their own cameras. Its either the police are too stupid to remember this or the footage get ‘lost’ or redacted when its looking too bad for the cops.

Well this footage didn’t get’ lost’, and ultimately exonerated the citizen, police clearly are in deep trouble now. Occasionally in the internal squabbles behind the scenes in the police/courts/lawyer matrix, someone has an axe to grind and  they throw one of their own to the dogs.

Special reminder to police: video cameras are commonplace now days (built into most mobile phones) and people have a habit of filming controversial events and then uploading them for all to see. You can’t win the court case if you lost the media war.

Video evidence is almost undeniable in court.

I wonder how long it will  be before our local Victoria police are again caught on camera assaulting the public for no good reason.

AC 130U Spooky: Jam packed with democracy

You can say what you like about the military industrial complex, but being that they are spying on every bit of data in the world and always keen to make a dollar, they have a great marketing department.

So they sent me this video with a rather persuasive note.



It appears that democracy has failed in your region and peaceful protest seems to only attract brutal crackdowns.

For the regime change you require you need a game changer, we introduce the AC-130U.

For just $190 million USD we are offering you a AC-130U ‘Skooky’ gunship- Jam packed with democracy.

The AC-130U is also extremely good at remote demolition of mosques and other offending fortresses.

If you purchase in the next 14 days well supply you will a voucher for  38,000L fuel refill normally valued at $50,000.


Yours sincerely,

Raytheon and Locheed Sales department


Sounded pretty convincing, he also specified we would need a piece of flat land about one kilometer long for a landing strip.

So if anyone can help us by donating DOGE coins or can offer us land to use for a landing strip please leave a comment and well get in touch soon.

P.S. We are willing to have a working bee to mow the airstrip, so you don’t have to worry about that.

MYKI replaced by NOKI

MYKI card with no money on it, the NOKI, the perfect solution to protest MYKI.

MYKI card with no money on it, the NOKI, the perfect solution to protest MYKI.


Because the conviction rate for people contesting their fines related to MYKI is 0% the new way to travel in Melbourne is with a broken or no credit MYKI card.

If you are stopped, just blame the white elephant that is MYKI , give your details and elect to go to court. You will win the court case by blaming MYKI, and go straight back to free riding.

Preferences card

Write on the form 'No suitable candidates' rule a line through all candidates names and the boxes next to the name.  Rule a line through all the party names and all the party boxes.

Write on the form ‘No suitable candidates’ rule a line through all candidates names and the boxes next to the name.
Rule a line through all the party names and all the party boxes.

Be a ruler at the federal election, take a ruler, and rule them all out.

Ai Wei Wei invents low tech cam blocker

Ai weiwei spray tool

Full instruction here:

For the less crafty, a $10 alternative from from where this story come to us.

BHP Billiton attempts to steal $774,532 from former employee Neville Hampton

And so it begins...

And so it begins…

That link from 7 news obviously…

And from one Perth..

We add:

Its the great Ozzy dream, work hard for decades, watch your pennies and get a mortgage on a house, maybe raise some kids, and when you are getting close to retirement and the house is paid off, you have some options:

Sell the house and travel, sea change or tree change, or maybe work part time or in a occupation less stressful or softer on the mortal coil, maybe just catch up on TV sports/ books/ gardening….

Let’s face it the home is where the typical man or woman has most of their assets tied up in these days, sure people will try to speculate on the market, but as an investor it’s your right to choose how you want to invest. As a home buyer it’s you supreme privilege to take what ever capital gain you can realize after the mortgage is paid.

Unless you made the mistake of getting an employer like BHP Billiton…

Its called the Ozzy dream because we are all starting to wake up from it and see it the nightmarish reality of employers trying to steal from employees.  Just like Occupy began as banks were stealing from their customers and the taxpayer in general, now the employer morphing into a more voracious animal.

The house deal

Initial purchase price from BHP loan $43,000.

Interest rate paid 7.4% (approximately) very close to the average interest rates for the time period 1998-2013, So BHP haven’t really done any special offers there.

Repayments $125,000

So Neville chose wisely and now the house is worth more the 20 times its purchase price, (and more than 7 time the amount repaid) of course Now BHP wants to take it from him.

Current house value conservatively $900,000

Loss in value to the mortgage payer Neville: $774,532 if he were able to sell today.

BHP is trying to steal more than 3/4 of a million dollars of real estate value from a former employee, that they sacked in murky circumstances.

Of course lawyers and government assistance in the dispute fail as they always do.

What is this over?

Neville was sacked after 21 years of service to BHP for allegedly speeding in a company vehicle on the mine site, which he denies. Apparently the fine print in the loan agreement implies the house is forfeit if the employee leaves the company.

Which brings us to:

Imperial Acts Application Act  1980,  Section 8, Sub-section 12

“All fines and forfeitures before conviction are illegal and void”

Keep that in mind Neville.

So it sounds like BHP Billiton are not satisfied with taking as much value from the mineral wealth from our continent, they now want to have an illegitimate slice of the real estate pie as well.

So the question is BHP Billiton, would you like to give the man his house back, or would you like to become the new whipping boy of this activist media website?

We have pretty much ruined Robert Doyle, so we are looking for new targets.

Your head office is very conveniently located in Melbourne, Subtle hint.

Anon ops make preparations for plan 16.

How is this going to look in First Priority Enterprise?

Stop smirking, give the man his house back you heartless bastards.

Melbourne Shark March 2013.


Via Fin Free Melbourne.

After the success of our last rally, it is time to step up again and be a voice for sharks.

Here we are in 2013.
Status of sharks in our oceans; DISMAL, DECIMATED, and in DESPERATE need of our help

Melbourne is the shark fin soup capital of Australia and we are ashamed of this. Are you?

Demand for SHARK FIN SOUP and FLAKE are the primary reasons for over exploitation of sharks.
At last count there was over 50 restaurants in Melbourne serving shark fin soup, hundreds of fish and chip shops serving FLAKE (shark) and countless pharmacies and health food stores selling cartilage and squalene (Shark Liver Extract).

The demand for these products is destroying global shark populations and most shark populations have been decimated by as much as 90%. This is completely unsustainable. The ecological consequences will be catastrophic.

The most comprehensive, up to date report of shark populations world wide was released early this year and announced a mortality estimate of 63 to 273 MILLION sharks per year.

Sharks have survived 5 mass extinctions and we are about to wipe them out. We are about to make one of the most ancient and indestructible creatures on earth EXTINCT.


Fin Free Melbourne invites all of you to come and be involved in a peaceful and educational outreach. We will hopefully be getting media attention and the event will be filmed so please come and show your support.

Be a voice for the sharks.
Help spread the fin free word to passers by.
Get creative; WE NEED TO MAKE AN IMPACT. We need:
Shark Costumes.
ANYTHING that shows love and support for our sharks and says NO to shark fin soup, flake and supplements!!!!

FB Event:

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