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Dannings Warehouse

To celebrate being the world’s most locked down city, why not grab a few bargains from Dannings Warehouse?

Australia too- all true

Raw Footage Of Shrine Attack

Violent Riot Police Thugs Declare War on Peaceful Protesters At The Shrine Of Remembrance .

Peaceful and Happy, A Few Hours Before Being Violently Attacked by police

Peaceful protesters who sought shelter at the War Memorial after being chased around the city streets by Ninja Turtles in Blue were later given an offer to leave without being arrested by police who had surrounded them. Unfortunately the police lied (surprise, surprise), because further down the road the protesters were arrested one by one. This is nothing new. Police always try to engage protesters and talk to them, playing the tactic of Good Cop, Bad Cop. Meanwhile, Vicpol put a gag order on media helicopters, so protesters inside the Shrine zone would not be aware what was being prepared outside: a setup for mass arrest.

Of course there was a real way out around the back, and some got out that way early enough to avoid arrest. If you want to be a protester in Melbourne, it’s best you familiarize yourself with the layout of the terrain you are protesting in. The way out was at the back and through the Botanic Gardens, where everyday people were getting their regulated two hours of exercise.

Being unaware of the true escape route and mistrustful of the police a number of protesters refused to leave.The group that remained, became agitated as police slowly moved up the steps of the Shrine and were ultimately pushed off the Shrine in time for the Evening News, who of course called the unarmed protesters violent and disgusting, while the riot police fired rubber bullets and let of tear gas explosions which sounded like gun shots while on the Shrine.

This is a new low for Victoria Police and the Andrews government, just when you thought they could not sink any lower. If the police had let the protesters go, the event would have ended in peace. But VicPol is a business and they needed to fund yesterdays operation, which is why they now plan to collect $1 Million in fines. Of course none of those fines will ever be paid, as they are simply a charade to stop people from exercising their rights.

All people want is a right to choose or not choose a particular medical treatment, but Covid Vaccines are now being mandated for many professions now, including construction workers and teachers, but of course not for police or politicians.

The hypocrisy and malevolence of the Andrews Government is astounding at any time, but desecrating the shrine with gunshot violence is so unspeakably shocking, it will make waves around the world.

Dan Andrews won’t go without a fight. He has got one now. Keep going. Police resources are getting more stretched Every Day.


A Message From Our Dear Leader

Health Advice


Cancel Bruce Springsteen?

The Boss DWI? It’s a joke. In this world gone mad not even the Boss himself is safe from the shear stupidity of overzealous law enforcement.

Confessions of a Conservative Atheist

From predatory policing to cancel culture with a touch of schadenfreude, a few lessons from the revelation of the rock legend’s DUI last year. What kind of world are we living in?

Yesterday, the news broke that bonafide music legend, Bruce Springsteen, was arrested in November for suspicion of DUI, reckless driving, and consuming alcohol in a closed area, whatever precisely that means. Adding the requisite insult to injury, the rocker was locked up on his home turf, at Gateway National Recreation Area in Sandy Hook, NJ.

According to the New York Post, Springsteen was riding his motorcycle on the Sandy Hook peninsula when he stopped to take pictures with fans. For anyone that lives in NJ, this is hardly an uncommon occurrence; as one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world, Bruce sightings are frequent in the area as is his penchant for stopping and chatting.


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NSW police call hoax on COVID-19

Melbourne Anti lock down protest 23 October 2020 – Snatch squad tactics

Time to get your popcorn or a cup of coffee and be prepared to be shocked, and then later enlightened.

Video and analysis of POR snatch squad using undercover cops during Melbourne anti lock down protest 23 10 2020

Firstly we’d like to thank the brave souls who are attending these protests, your movement is growing exponentially, possibly faster than Dictator Dan Andrews megalomania.

An Agent Provocateur is a person who attempts to create trouble in a protest. Some are police or other government agents , some are counter protestors, some are just mentally ill, some are more than one category. Police and governments have long used infiltrators to gain information, misdirect, betray or entrap protestors and their protest groups.

In the above video what we most likely witnessed was a sneaky but brazen attempt from a police officer to direct a snatch squad but attempt to remain hidden in plain sight at the same time. His actions are only really obvious for 10 seconds and then he is gone. Even after this is not immediately obvious what happened.

So how does one spot an agent provocateur or undercover cop?

There are many ways.

Talk to them see what they know about the issues you care about, mostly they have only a superficial understanding, completely incorrect ideas or none at all. Be sure to lecture them and correct them, who knows they might actually change sides while they are listening to you. They can’t be doing damage in other places while listening to you. Some AP’s refuse to listen to the issues, a real red flag.
Their back story, where do they live what do/did they do for a living? Where did they go to school? who else to they know at the protest. Have they protested before? Does their story stack up? Cross reference it with other people.

What they are wearing. Cops have a very specific way of dressing even when undercover. They have a uniform attitude which really stands out. pay close attention to the shoes, cops seem to really love those hard wearing durable leather shoes.

Who do they know. AP’s often work in teams and occasionally will talk to each other, but you’ll notice those two people seem to have nothing in common. AP’s have a secret diffuse network of other AP’s who have little in common and they seem to refuse to ever meet in a groups in the presence of other protestors.

They cause trouble. AP’s start arguments, they want to know who is friends with whom and then attempt to break up friendships by starting arguments and spreading poisonous rumors and allegations. AP’s usually want to understand the hierarchy of a protest group and either ‘white ant’ the leadership or insert themselves into it. They are always interested in future plans.

But you can learn more on the subject of Agent Provocateurs with a web search.

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