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Melbourne Lockdown Protests Weekend 12/13 September

MELBOURNE — Sunday 13th of September
The Big One
Sunday Surprise
11am. Queen Vic Market Outside meat hall

Old School Contact Tracing

Fax Machine

Telegram Link for “Millions Rise For Australia”

Telegram is a group messaging app . You don’t have to use your real name and it’s uncensored, although most likely infiltrated.

Just like Farcebook in the old days.

Another arrest for “Incitement” Of Constitutional Right To Protest

Apparently this recent arrest was an ex soldier and conspiracy -minded “truth seeker”.

But you don’t have to be a “conspiracy theorist” to see that these prolonged lockdowns are doing more harm than good, especially to young people’s mental health and the economy. The media loves to pretend that we’re all just tin foil hatters and anti vaxxers, nothing could be further from the truth, the majority of anti lockdowners are just ordinary people who  believe in mitigating the virus in a sensible fashion, like what is happening in Europe and the United States now.

Of course if the lockdown critics were really nutjobs, there would be no need to fight them, as nobody would take them seriously.

However, the situation in Victoria has been allowed to continue for so long now, there is really no way out of the ditch we are in without the politicians losing complete credibility with the public and so we are staring down the path of another 2 months of lockdown at least.

Soon activists will not “incite” peaceful protests, but riots , lootings, property destruction, lynchings and full on civil war.

Freedom Day Ballarat Anti Lockdown Protest, September 5, Sturt Street , Bridge Mall end, 11am

Watch an Aussie Politician Squirm as Malcolm Roberts demands Evidence Climate Change is a Problem — Watts Up With That?

One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts wants a simple answer from the Aussie CSIRO: what is the evidence that anthropogenic CO2 emissions are causing dangerous climate change?

via Watch an Aussie Politician Squirm as Malcolm Roberts demands Evidence Climate Change is a Problem — Watts Up With That?

And The Winner Is…Sweden

Update on Sweden:  It has a Covid death per million rate of 572, which is about 7th or 8th in the world. It is ahead of the USA at 520 per million ( The USA is statistically complicated, because of the vast differences of states in population size, population density and lockdown measures).

Sweden is therefore doing better than at least 7 other countries who have had major lockdown measures.

Sweden’s infection rate has flattened now from a peak of 1800 cases in June to about 244 daily cases now.

It’s death rate peaked early, in April (115 deaths) and has now sharply fallen to 7 per day.

Sweden employed social distancing measures and banned large events. It only kept senior school and uni students at home. Sweden did not close restaurants, bars and cinemas. It did not have a compulsory lockdown or compulsory mask wearing.

Other European countries who suppressed herd immunity with lockdowns are now seeing second waves. Sweden is achieving herd immunity.

Yes, Sweden’s death rate is high, but not much higher than in an average year

It is obvious that Sweden, as well as some American states who are essentially doing the same thing as Sweden, have got it right.

Lockdowns are a disaster and the stricter the lockdown, the bigger the disaster, to the economy and to people’s lives.

Victoria, the state of disaster.Aptly named.

Big Tech Censorship Of Potential Covid 19 Cure Evidence


A press conference by doctors promoting the use of hydroxychloroquine has been censored by the major tech conglomerates as Facebook , Google and Twitter make themselves the gatekeepers of medical opinions.

The video was also removed from the account of  Donald Trump , who shared it on Twitter. Let that sink in : Twitter is censoring the president of the United States!

But has this method of censorship backfired on the powers that ought not to be?

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth points out the fact that the banning of the video is starting to go just as viral as the video itself which gives us a glimmer of hope that not all is lost when it comes to battling misinformation during this post Covid-19(84) nightmare .


Free Legal Advice

Not only will it be too expensive but after the inquiry into the hotel quarantine bungle the government and all it’s mandates will be made illegal.

legal advice

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