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Retard Rebellion

Reteard rebellion

This retard clearly does not realize the hypocrisy of opening a carbonated drink to protest against the claimed CO2 based global warming. Does he realize the satisfying hiss the drink makes as he opens it is pure CO2 being released into the atmosphere? Does he realize the CO2 burned to generate the electricity required to make that aluminum can he will use just once and then throw away?

Nope, just a useful idiot like the Communists who are trying to take over Extinction Rebellion (XR). So what’s it really about and why now?  Well the global warming alarmist rhetoric comes from the UN IPCC, and the UN is almost bankrupt. So the UN needs to get about 1 Billion dollars in the next 2 weeks or cease operations. The UN’s plan is to unleash its hordes of brainwashed global warming activists to create disruption in western countries to coerce more money out of those governments. So really XR is international economic terrorism, disguised as environmental activism.

So face it XR you have been played and this is your poster-boy, an attention seeking hipster uni drop out with wealthy parents and no clue about how the climate or environment works. You all look stupid and are just wasting everyone’s time and achieving nothing. Global warming is fake and so are your reasons for existence.

France riots against globalist government

A recent carbon tax disguised as a  fuel tax sparked riots which have grown in size to threaten the government. Rioters are wearing the yellow jackets required to be kept in all cars for emergencies. France may be only days or weeks away from the government being overthrown by popular opposition.  The yellow jackets have ignored the traditional routes of politicians, trade unions and professional protest groups and simply taken to the streets. Fire fighter an d ambulance workers have joined the protesters and police are wavering in loyalty. President Macron will not be in office much longer.


The Spiders Web: Britain’s Second Empire

One hour and 18 minutes of your time to find out how the British empire morphed into the the City of London banking and money laundering empire, ruling over the UK as secret corporate government.

Introducing Scumo your latest disposable prime minister



I can’t wait until an international leader gets the ‘official’ nickname wrong, like a president Trunbull moment.

or do you like this one better?


That feel when you make a meme so dank it gets made illegal

NotOfficialLogo DIMWIT

I’m not sue if doing parodies of Australian government departments was created here or somewhere else, but they have certainly gained the attention of the Australian government which made such memes illegal unless clearly for satirical purposes. So in other words if you don’t share the same sense of humor as someones else you can go to jail. Just an extension of offending delicate snowflakes being is a crime.


Juice media have been running their own parody of the Australian government logo, so we decided to culturally appropriate that, they may have originally culturally appropriated that from us or someone else ( ❤  its a circle of love  ❤ ).


Funnily enough the Australia government has an official coat of arms which for reasons too long to explain here (Treason, silent coup, Australia Act 1986, Royal Style and Titles Act 1953, 1973 etc) is no longer used.

commonwealth logos

So in effect the government itself is breaking the law it just made.

Maybe we should just say “We are not amused”.

Privacy under threat proposed encryption laws


Sign the petition here, act before 5pm Monday September 10.

In case the YouTube video is disappeared in a giant black maria, and sent off to a digital gulag, we have another copy right here:

The reason the Australian government will abuse this legislation is the lack of a bill of right here, its time to start lobbying for a bill of rights.

Melbourne Ramavan 2017, 14 injured

14 Injured in Melbourne’s commuter center of Flinders Street adjacent to Flinders Street station, Swanston Street and Elizabeth Street after Islamic terror attack ( car driven into pedestrians). Being 100 meters from a police station did not prevent this from occurring.


Clues seem to be hiding in plain sight.



If you prevent Ramavan from occurring, its Islamophobic isn’t it?


Fixing imaginary problems like sexism attracts real problems that are not being dealt with.


People who would not be injured if we had a serious conversation about Islam in the West.

Mental health problem

Mental health issues were cited as the root cause of the terror attack, we have discovered which mental health issues they were.



Bollards did not help either, there were outside Southern cross (Spencer street)  Station following the Bourke street attack.


More and more Australian are leaving major centers see then as being unsafe places to live, filled with methamphetamines,  car-jackings,  muggings, murders, home invasions, African and Middle Eastern crime gangs and of course ‘mental health problems’. The system has its head in the sand too busy counting its money.


NZ Election 2017 reading the entrails

The result

 NZelection 2017

The giggles

John English: loses a second election for National!

Jacinda Ardern: a big mouth will only get you so far!

Winston Peters: The hottest senior citizen in the country right now!

Northland: New high speed monorail from Whangarei to Auckland announced.

The parties (From most right wing to most left wing.)

ACT  (1 seat)

If Toorak had its own party, it would be ACT. It’s about as far right as can be electable. ACT got to a maximum of 5 members and then crumbled on internal scandals. ACT are the party for greedy people who never worked for it.

National (58 seats)

Basically the same as the Liberal-National coalition though probably with more focus on the Nationals side. Has been in power for 3 terms, taking power away from <deepest voice possible > Helen Clark. National are notionally pro-farmer and pro-business, though since the 80’s this has generally meant big farm and big business, though in effect they pander to foreign non-resident investors which created a housing and immigration bubble.

New Zealand First aka NZF ( 9 seats)  and Winston Peters kingmaker of the day

A center right nationalist/populist party formed for the cult of personality of Winston peters. Peters entered parliament in 1979 and was only out from 2008-2011. At 72 he’s the oldest person in the NZ parliament. The party was formed as a result of Peters public disagreement with the National government policies in 1990-1992, a party that refused to let him stand again in his seat. He forced a by-election as an independent and then at the next election he won with his fledgling party.  The parties support has fluctuated over the years and even went to zero seat in the 2008-2011 period. Peters is a canny political survivor and his consistent issues have been cutting immigration better treatment for retirees ( a segment he enjoys huge support from) and the country’s economic problems.

Labour (45 seats)

More or less the same as the ALP, though the last time they were in power they governed without increasing government debt. Previously had supply and confidence with NZF from 2005-2008 allowing them a third term.

Greens   (7 seats)

Just like the Australian greens closet Marxists with a few sane people thrown in to make it look electable. Competes with labour for the same voters but the Greens tends to the target the younger and more naïve voter. Greens lost a lot of support for suggesting reducing the immigrant numbers, what bigots!



The possible outcomes (deja vu)

This will be the third time Winston peters has held the balance of power and been the king maker for a NZ government, the next weeks will be filled with intense negotiations with Labour and National so see what positions in caucus his party might get and what policies can be agreed on.

The first ex-wife


ACT, Nationals long time flunky would be jettisoned as irrelevant and National would have the numbers but at what cost? NZF’s flagship issue immigration might be an easy concession as immigration numbers  are said to be naturally deceasing. But after 20 years of immigration flooding is it too late to prevent the damage from mass immigration?


The second ex-wife

 Labour (with nasty neighbour greens)

A minority government option with greens either offering supply and confidence or abstaining from no-confidence votes. Jacinda Ardern might be willing to do anything to get power and end Nationals 3 term government.


The second ex-wife  with menage a tois angry sex

Labour with  greens

The more complex option attempting to wrangle policy with 2 leftist partners who are sometimes at odds with each other sometimes trying to claim credit for conceiving  and/or implementing the same ideas. This seems less likely given that NZF generally dislikes the Greens as much as it dislikes ACT seeing both as too extreme.


The gibblets

The Maori party completely removed from government with all its seats taken by Laobur. Now no political party exists that specifically represents Maoris despite there being 7 dedicated Maori seats in parliament .

Gareth Morgan’s TOP party received 0.2% of the party vote;  apparently 8000 NZ voters don’t know how highly this former reserve bank economist spoke of North Korea when he did a motorcycle tour there.

Winston Peters held his election party in Russel, close to the original site of the first New Zealand government Kororareka. Yet another deja vu.

NZ’s MMP electoral system is similar to how the Australian senate is formed.  This system is supposed to be more representative of the will of the people and is meant to give more voice to smaller parties. But in the end MMP gives more power to political parties, who in the end often decide who is going to be the government not the voters.

The most interesting entrails

The most interesting part about this election? On the quiet the reserve bank might be a casualty.  From NZF’s website:


The Soundtrack

My favorite band, Deja Voodoo, they probably sound familiar.

Peter Truong votes Yes!


Its not illegal for people to be gay or for gay people to live together, but recognizing gay relationships as ‘marriages’ opens up other legal avenues (and cans of worms) such as gay adoption ( a purchase disguised as adoption), which for this Russian boy didn’t turn out well. So virtue signal all you like with voting ‘yes’ but just be quite aware what you may be voting for. Its not about gay marriage its about an over arching cultural marxist agenda and a bridgehead to socially corrosive practices.


Remember Peter Truong put himself forward to be a the gay adoption poster child, look at how that turned out. Cherry picking, I think not.

Equifax credit reporting hacked


Equifax, a major US credit reporting service on Thursday announced it was hacked somewhere between May 2017 and June 2017. Executives have used the intervening time to sell their shares in the company, probably committing the crime of insider trading in the process. Financial and personal data of up to 143 million US citizens have been compromised, meaning even if the capital of the company ($6.6B) was liquidated in a class action, victims would receive less that $50. Identity theft will now likely rise in the USA at least in the short term.

It appear that Britis863f9f0ea28099ad860486c9cd1568cf96b1b602ed528c3c4c7787bfc2a42179

Admin update:

It appear that 44 million British credit record may also be affected.

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