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What’s so great about capitalism?


Monsanto does not have my consent to use my body as a science experiment

Share if you agree. Maybe I'm wrong. I thought consent was needed for this kind of stuff. Considering there are no long term tests done on GMO and GE food... That would make it an experiment.

Share if you agree. Maybe I’m wrong. I thought consent was needed for this kind of stuff. Considering there are no long term tests done on GMO and GE food… That would make it an experiment.

Boston Bombing Suspects Video and Images.

Daily Reminder.


War on Apathy and Narcissism


Margaret Thatcher in action.

maggie in hell

Gillard and Abbott


How it really is.


Doyle ambush – New video shows Doyle smiling and proof of corporate media lies (tyres not slashed)

It appears that the herald sun has taken out any the reference to tyres getting slashed.

PROTESTERS have jumped on Lord Mayor Robert Doyle’s car and slashed his tyres outside the Arts Centre.

This was the original link:

It now redirects to:

But it’s still in the australian news paper.

Anti-capitalism protesters attempted to disrupt the event. Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle had his entry briefly disrupted when his car’s tyres were slashed.


Some reports suggested his car’s tyres had been slashed.

Check out this video to see what actually happened.

Doyle claims:

”This wasn’t just a protest, this was violent, hate-filled.

”I have never experienced anything like this in 25 years of public life.”

But as you can clearly see though the window doyle and his limo driver were both smiling and enjoying the attention while fulfilling their role as a  decoy/scapegoat (as always) so the likes of rupert murdoch, tony abbott and gina rinehart could slip in though the back door.

Occupy Melbourne Media Group – Sit back and let the hijackers slam it into the ground.

After a year of hearing every excuse under the sun and moon from occupy Melbourne’s main facebook page managers why new content creators and administrators should not be added to keep the audience of 14,000+ people in touch with events on the ground in Melbourne, the managers namely scott day, teigan evans and nick carson said it’s theirs and its nobody elses business even though they hijacked it by removing the original page creators and admins claiming the original creators are with the loony fringe and don’t know what they are doing.

I presented a case where participants of occupy in the past should be able to post to the audience with conditions that should be worked out by the community.

We also had meetings in the city square to discuss options about opening it up for the different participants.

My personal opinion also shared by most others is that the following groups should be represented fairly on the page.

  •       Anti-war groups
  •       Anti police state groups
  •       Groups focusing on the international banking system (which was the main reason why occupy started in wall street)
  •       Refugee groups
  •       Homeless groups.
  •       Indigenous groups.
  •       The fitzroy tent embassy.
  •   There are definitely other groups not listed who have been shunned to provide a “single voice” as the current media group calls it.
  • Also promoting other groups protests events in Melbourne.

The response was “we don’t want the page getting trashed”  even though all managers of the page have said occupy is dead and they are inactive on the page, they are happy for one of Melbournes biggest community protest pages to just die for some reason.

Adding to all of this, the current media group decided to ban a content creator who was at the very first organising meeting for OM before it even started, his focus was on the international banking system and money itself. He was hounded down and discredited using main stream media lingo  before getting banned. Such a sad state of affairs, please take note of all of this and make sure your protest movements in the future are not hijacked by people who want to try change the tune of the movement to suit their own personal agendas.

*note: None of the people asking for change wanted to be managers, we openly discussed and agreed the best option would be to get new managers within the 99% who have not been involved in negotiations, because there are plenty of people who went to occupy melbourne who are completely trustworthy to manage a page.
Here is a copy of the minutes for one of the meetings before the people asking for transparency and accountability got banned:
Occupy Melbourne Media Meeting Minutes

So that’s all folks.

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