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This Is Islamophobia.

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“Abuse directed at Arab-Australians following 9/11 constituted a surge in existing prejudice. However, the intensification following 9/11 was a particularly significant moment within this established pattern of discrimination.

ADMIN addition, maybe this is the fear you are talking about:


Or are you trying to tell me there is nothing to be worried about?



Psycho Christian wants rapists to keep “trophies”.

Going back to the days of Christian missionaries running the country.

Napthine Government Wages War on Victorian Paramedics

Napthines bans facebook for paramedics

In what appears to be a blatant attack on Victorian Ambo’s right to political communication, the Napthine government requested that a facebook page run by paramedics be deleted.
The page was used to discuss issues that paramedics face and to help raise awareness in the community.

Was: Ambulance Employees Australia, Victoria. 331 likes · 20 talking

The government has now ordered that paramedics cease writing political campaign slogans on their vehicles and have threatened legal action against them.

An anonymous paramedic responded to Napthine with the following statement about the use of LIQUID CHALK on the side and rear windows of vehicles.

I note that the recent examples of paramedics writing with chalk on the windows of ambulances seems to have caused quite a stir. Just to confirm, these are paramedics writing with chalk markers on glass windows. This chalk washes and wipes off with no lasting effects. No defamation has occurred.

Here at occupy Melbourne we can confirm that the use of chalk on surfaces DOES NOT cause any damage and is in no way a health and safety issue for paramedics or other motorists.

It appears to be a common strategy for these so called liberal governments to try crack down on “non-controllable” mediums such as the internet and to harass those who are unable to afford multi-million dollar commercial advertising campaigns.

Chalk has always been used to convey political messages. It is cheap, non-destructive and is accessible by almost anyone.

If you have ever driven a vehicle, then you know it can be  exhausting, especially in high density traffic like in Melbourne. On top of simply having to drive from one call out to another, paramedics primary role is to save lives and that requires a clear mind.

Paramedics also have to deal with rising social anxieties, drug overdose waves and violence should not be their priorities in an ideal world and the state has done little to ensure that other issues are dealt with to take pressure of emergency services.

Victoria’s paramedics are the best trained yet lowest paid and under staffed in Australia and it is absurd that the only choice they have is to use their vehicles to call out for help.

It is intolerable that paramedics are forced to campaign for their own basic rights on top of their work.
Unfortunately Napthine knows if he ever has a heart attack, paramedics will be there to try save him, he knows this but because he is what he is, he is happy to just take them for a ride.

It is government strategy to starve funding to government services in order to weaken them for privatisation.

As Victorians we must assist  ambo’s with their struggle. Because you never know when you will need them.

Support your paramedics:

Contact Denis Napthines office and tell them what you think:
Denis Napthine MP

phone (03) 9651 5000

fax (03) 9651 5054

Please spread the word that our emergency services are under attack by the government.

“Jam Echelon Day” 1999 – NSA and the Echelon Network.

Typical setup seen around the word in participating countries. The satellite dishes view are protected by the spheres so the positions of satellites can be determined and to protect secret technologies from being seen

Typical setup seen around the word in participating countries.
The satellite dishes (or other) are protected by the spheres so the positions of satellites can’t be determined and to keep secret hardware.

In the wake of the latest information leaked by an NSA employee blowing the whistle on the governments global spying program named PRISM, the Obama administration is scrambling to find ways to deal with the outbreak of information which proves that everyone has had their communications including phone calls, sms, social media posts and messages intercepted and duplicated for decades without warrant or even reason.

Here’s a look back in time.

The echelon system was alleged to have been started in the late 1940s to intercept radio communications around the world. A base near Alice Springs called Pine Gap is on land leased by the U.S government for a period of 100 years as a “joint defence facility”. Governments claim the base is primarily used as a  satellite ground station. The base has mostly U.S NSA and CIA personnel employed there  with very few Australians. It has also been referred to as a critical part of the “global war on terrorism”.

Pine Gap Sign

Pine Gap Sign

It’s a highly secretive base and many reports suggest that the base is used as part of a global communications intercept network. There has been much controversy surrounding the Pine Gap base including the death of an Australian Prime Minister,  Harold Holt who was against the base.

In 1999 “netizens” “trolled” the NSAs echelon network  by deliberately inserting trigger words into emails, phone calls, faxes, pagers, ect.

Check out some of this information, it might help you formulate campaigns to raise awareness about the destruction of privacy and the shift in attitudes on mass surveillance  .
No doubt their technology and access to data has increased though  the NSA conducting business with major telecommunications companies and using other departments like the state department to create direct working relationships with social networking mediums.
Jam Echelon Day Article
Echelon links

If the netizens campaign was effective or not is still unknown, but some  suggest that the programmers at the NSA would just create an algorithms to filter out “obvious” spamming of keywords.It could be done in different ways:

  • Algorithms to determine the context of the keyword is used in.
  •  Ignoring plain text packets.
  • Marking individuals (with their numbers & accounts) and  as “trolls” from existing intelligence databases or association with a particular information source like a social networking group.
  • Ignoring repeated keywords from same source over a duration.
  • Other options could be created in real time by programmers..

Anything could be possible with super geeks, an unlimited budget and access to the latest technologies being developed.

Either way the “jam echelon” campaign spread awareness about privacy and the power of these kinds of systems.

Unfortunately much of this campaign disappeared after 9/11 as people made the choice (under fear and duress) to hand over all trust to government with the full knowledge the government was to seeking to legitimise mass surveillance in order to stop “terrorism”.
The commercial media reassured that everything was being done to protect people from attacks referring to intercepted “chatter”.
The “reality t.v” show “Big Brother” introduced the idea of living openly under surveillance, a world wide following of the show was sure to have changed a few attitudes, after all if “I’m not doing anything wrong” then “why care”.

It is possible to conduct  market research, political polling, forecasting of  changes in political/social attitudes, mapping how information is propagated ect with intercepted data in real time and from storage archives . This would give the agency and others who have access to the data an “unbelievable advantage” over any government, citizen, corporation or other.

While there is much focus on promoting such a system to prevent terrorist attacks, it appears there is a huge interest in finding data about intellectual property such as ideas for inventions and other trade secrets.

An EU Parliamentary report into the wests signals intelligence system in June of 2001 showed that the system being used to steal commercial secrets within the EU.  Report:

2002 How the NSA made deals with AT&T to split fiber cables and duplicate signals into their own network :

What will Obama do now that everyone knows?

More on Echelon from whistle blowing site cryptome:


Echelon was my baby

60 minutes transcript  about echelon

Public Example of Use.

Public Example of Use.

Anti War Protest

Anti War Protest

Melbourne Shark March 2013.


Via Fin Free Melbourne.

After the success of our last rally, it is time to step up again and be a voice for sharks.

Here we are in 2013.
Status of sharks in our oceans; DISMAL, DECIMATED, and in DESPERATE need of our help

Melbourne is the shark fin soup capital of Australia and we are ashamed of this. Are you?

Demand for SHARK FIN SOUP and FLAKE are the primary reasons for over exploitation of sharks.
At last count there was over 50 restaurants in Melbourne serving shark fin soup, hundreds of fish and chip shops serving FLAKE (shark) and countless pharmacies and health food stores selling cartilage and squalene (Shark Liver Extract).

The demand for these products is destroying global shark populations and most shark populations have been decimated by as much as 90%. This is completely unsustainable. The ecological consequences will be catastrophic.

The most comprehensive, up to date report of shark populations world wide was released early this year and announced a mortality estimate of 63 to 273 MILLION sharks per year.

Sharks have survived 5 mass extinctions and we are about to wipe them out. We are about to make one of the most ancient and indestructible creatures on earth EXTINCT.


Fin Free Melbourne invites all of you to come and be involved in a peaceful and educational outreach. We will hopefully be getting media attention and the event will be filmed so please come and show your support.

Be a voice for the sharks.
Help spread the fin free word to passers by.
Get creative; WE NEED TO MAKE AN IMPACT. We need:
Shark Costumes.
ANYTHING that shows love and support for our sharks and says NO to shark fin soup, flake and supplements!!!!

FB Event:

Protest art , people and some puppy dogs from March Against Monsanto.

Missing since 2008

Missing since 2008

Please help find it.

Gippsland free store activist arrested and charged.

945396_171509893010536_1466103978_nThis morning in Sale Victoria the “Gippsland free store” was again shut down  after  complaint by a bank branch.

Victoria police scrambled to the bank where a free shop activist was alleged to have been writing on the footpath with chalk and handing out political campaign flyers.

“Screw the banks “


“Free Bradley Manning”

The free store activist was then taken to a police station and locked in a room, he was eventually charged with

“Writing on a structure”

The activist has stated he did not write on anything vertical and it was an unlawful arrest.

Writing political messages on the footpath with chalk is not destructive in anyway, it is not illegal and has always been  a valid form of political expression.  Australia’s behavior in relation to treatment of political activists and human rights in general has sent alarm bells ringing among civil liberties groups globally this federal election year.

Being able to express your political opinion is more important than ever before, even with social networking gimmicks such as facebook it is getting harder counter the dominance of the global media machine and corrupted governments.

Regardless of our ideals, its a human right to express them even with chalk on a footpath.

The first Gippsland free store:

More info at Gippsland free store.




Gippsland Free Store shut down by bankers and local authorities

The first Gippsland “free store” was shut down today after a suspected complaint by a bank branch.
Police & council officers demanded  to see papers for the “free store”.

“What makes this a political event. Can you show me any papers”

The police  then pressured the participants into leaving.

The free store emerged out of the global occupy protest movement against banks, current trading system & status quo.

It’s a protest tactic, a system and a cultural idea which is non- confrontational and open.
Most free stores are run by local activists wanting to continue raising awareness about the trading systems and other related issues . It has had a overwhelmingly positive response by people wanting to re-engage with others in their own communities.
The Gippsland free shop will be back next week!
If you want to check it out or get involved visit:

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