occupymelbourne.net is about activism. This is where we chose to show what we have done, and our ideas and hopes for the future.

Jail the banksters, no bank bailouts, no bank depositor haircuts.

Fiat currency is a scam that must be stopped

End corporate corruption of politics

No special legal privilege reserved for those with wealth and/or power

End the corporate engineered wars for profit

Have reasoned debates about our future on this world

How we can live better

A kind of world we want to live in

Remember this? Because we can’t forget.

This site is dedicated to those who suffered, those who endured hardships and duress, those who gave up their time and resources, those who truly believed that a chance of freedom from oppression, tyranny and corruption was worth it.

Those who did it, not for any personal gain, but for the chance of a better world for everyone, not a better world for just a few.

Lastly; this is dedicated to those who are still coming to terms with their experiences as a result of their involvement.

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