We Never Consented –Covid 19 Melbourne Retrospective– Image #1

So now the word is going around in the Lamestream media that harsh lockdowns were a mistake that hurt young people and small business owners the most, as if that is some sort of revelation. The fact is, for once, you were better off on unemployment benefits, which effectively doubled overnight without the usual penalities . It was obvious that lockdowns would ultimately not hold back a virus, but only kick the can down the road, yet people were essentially imprisoned, if not in their homes, at least in their suburbs.

They were not allowed to work, go to school or socialise.

Anti lockdown protesters were smeared as “faar- riight ” conspiracy nuts and nanna killers. But they were right: Lockdowns were extreme government overreach and did nothing useful. Never forget those brave souls that took to the streets risking fines and being beaten by the pigs. September 2020 was only the beginning of this sad period in history.

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