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Ship Of Fools

It has now been a good two years since the Rona first hit our shores , bringing with it the implementation of various measures to help Australia avoid some of the scary health outcomes and accompanying death rates seen in most other countries.

It is time now to take stock and see what these “Pandemic measures” actually acchieved. There is a long answer and a short answer.

The short answer is : Absolutely Nothing.

Studying today’s worldometer statistics it becomes obvious, that Australia’s now surging death rate is on par with most other western countries.

How can this be?

Initially the death rate in most countries was a lot higher than the 0.1 % we are seeing now (About 1%), but once herd immunity was reached in places like the USA this dropped dramatically. Basically, the virus picked the low hanging fruit first, the sick and the elderly in nursing homes.

Another worying trend was that at some stage anybody who died from any cause was classified as a corona death, in fact, relatives were paid hush money, if they allowed Nanna’s death at 96 to be classified as a covid death, even though she had 3 co-morbidities.

So what about the lockdowns, social distancing, mask mandates and enforced vaccines?

We can safely conclude that none of these enforced measures made very much difference. At least not in any quantifyable positive way.

Masks don’t work, lockdowns kick the can down the road and vaccine mandates are ridiculous, when a virus has a 99.98 % survival rate. Add to this the fact that the “vaccines” offer only very short term protection and carry huge health risks compared with standard vaccines.

The only positve thing resulting from the vaccines was the fact that governments felt safe to end the lockdowns, which resulted in mass infection and resulting herd immunity.

The slightly milder “Omicron” did the rest.

But we could have had that in the first place, if there were no lockdowns in the first place.

A prominent pagan youtuber has called the vaccine the “transubstantiation of the sacred needlecraft” , and that is mostly what it was, if you believed in it, you were absolved of your sins.

Others call it the Kool Aid.

Many people did not believe or want to drink the Kool Aid, so they were forced “for their own good”.

For what use? Deaths from all causes have increased dramatically, birth rates have plummeted everywhere. There are staff shortages everywhere, where are all the workers? Australia relies on overseas workers for some industries, but European countries are having the same problems : staff shortages everywhere, airports in chaos due to a lack of baggage handlers.

Some people blame the needlecraft directly , others the mental and emotional toll of the lockdowns as well as increased anxiety and mental health problems due to the fear porn spread by politicians and the media for almost two years.

What we had was a politcal response to a a medical problem and it wasn’t even entirely political. Giant international corporations are the only ones who profited from the pandemic and most career politicians are just beholden to them these days.

As for medical solutions, there were and are plenty of effective early treatments, but we were forbidden to access them, as there was no money in them for the global cabals.

Now they are already trying to bring back the masks and encuoraging endless boosters, will it ever stop?

This only ends when we say no more. Get off the ship of fools while you can.

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