30 000 Protest Pandemic Bill

The usual spin and misrepresentation from the mainstream media about the protest in Melbourne yesterday, where 30 000 turned up to peacefully demonstrate against the Draconian Pandemic Bill. “Preaching human rights as those among them behaved like animals” “Unvaccinated cohort shrinking by the day”was the verdict by Channel 9. “1000 protesters” was the spin by Sky News. The channel 7 clip was muted , so no idea what bullshit they claimed.

Half my family has been vaccinated, the other half hasn’t, but we are not divided over a medical treatment like so many appear to be, there are bigger issues at stake here. If this bill passes you will have no rights, vaccinated or not. I dare say a good number of the protesters were themselves vaccinated.

In the city shops are empty, cafes and restaurants are mostly empty. It may be different in the suburbs, but it looks like people do not want to show their papers to be given the privilege to shop. The ice cream shop (Spring Street Grocer) next to the Imperial pub near Parliament made a killing serving thousands of protesters who brought their kids and dogs to this family friendly event, which appeared to be happy and peaceful with smiles all around, despite the seriousness of the matter.

March down Swanston and Bourke Streets towards Parliament of Victoria
A few Trump flags. Maybe he would like the job once we sacked Dan?

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